She rates my magic tricks! 😂 #shorts

Dan Rhodes

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    1. Gaming Amino

      She is so blonde😍

    2. Samaksh Sadh

      What is the song name that you used in your last video

    3. sahasra

      I do not like him in this one

    4. StoneKibbles 818

      The comment is 2020 and make 2021

    5. king-xavier

      Last one is the best lol

    6. Jinณรงค์ CGGจําเมือง

      Piping along hi keep it team

    7. j m c seoni malwa

      This girl is so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️

    8. Despot Tesic

      Get out from my house 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I died

    9. Madinatul Munawaroh

      Come on ... Dan Rhodes try magic again like this handcuffs Come on ... Try this magic practice Dan Rhodes 😊😁

    10. 19-ee-020 Kiran

      Your are copies another style

    11. SubtomeIllsubtoyou IPrOMISE

      How he can float the card is cause theres magnet inside the card and the ring he wears has magnet on it he wears it everytime he makes the card float

    12. Emma Felton


    13. muhammad alif farkhan

      Lawak get out my house

    14. master daru


    15. Serpentツツ

      Get Out Of My House

    16. Koen Muijt

      Standing outside: 0 OUT OF TEN

    17. Keano Caballero valdez

      The last is so amazing 😯😯😯😯

    18. Pietro Teixeira


    19. Pietro Teixeira


    20. O’Side Girls

      Him: get out killer

    21. Kingo

      I've given up writing comments about how cringe this contest is, just putting a dislike and go on with my day from now on

    22. Antonio So

      so funny dude 😂😂

    23. babaren jimboy

      HAHAH the last part.

    24. Deli Dahlia


    25. slayer_jonathanschau

      The last trick was 999999999999/10

    26. slayer_jonathanschau

      Yes the end

    27. •Itz notwin•


    28. Supa Will

      For the last one, 10/10

    29. Mama Bear

      Lol I thought she would hide under a desk or something but no he straight up said get out of my house😂😂😂😂😂😂

    30. Sania Alexander

      Oh Lord he kick the girl out of his house well I week

    31. Marco Aguilar

      Make a minecraft seres

    32. Pink Lemonade

      Get out of my house

    33. Yuly R.


    34. Sheikha Zehna Pabustan


    35. Wdrfbrgbg Hhby

      Hahahahahahahhahavel is disaperde

    36. Anja Schmidt

      Folgende schlecht

    37. Mr Vale


    38. rose taccad


    39. The Bedwars Bois

      Copying seandoesmagic

    40. Good Vibes entertainment


    41. Yoshi Bruh

      Wn perdón no puedo ver esta wea completa me da repelus no se porque

    42. El_SOLID

      OMG finally he shows us his girl at the basement im so exited i thought he would never show us

    43. Jimmy Henry

      Get out of my house🤣

    44. Niamh Gauld

      Out of all I think 9 out of 10

    45. Demon Dog

      Watch his thumb on the one with the sharpie

    46. liv

      He's the type of guy to wake his dad up to say good night

    47. Baba Black Sheep

      The last trick deserves 1000/10, cuz *for the first time in my life* I have seen a guy kicking out a girl off his house😂😂

    48. Deepankar Roy

      😂 like .... Really ???

    49. nothing

      SHON SHON SHON TEACH ME A MAGIC TRICK is more better I think.

    50. Captain Marvel

      It's another video on "heyyy we go".

    51. M. Ferdi


    52. bilishu aliss

      okay "get out of my house" actually got me a bit not gonna lie-

    53. Khalid Zahiri ! خالد زاهيري

      For me....I don't know how you creat these tricks.........Unbelieveable😯 I don't know About the others if the know how you do that

    54. aynur balta

      Wow oker 😰😰😮

    55. Jade Vazquez


    56. Edwin Au Yong

      IRvisionr copying another youtuber style. Same style same script...ppl can't get anymore creative ?

      1. bilishu aliss

        I'll make you disappear, in 3.2.1, gettouta mahouse

    57. yaswanth patnaik 0390

      Dont copy from another Do with u r own ideas And also u r tricks are sooo booring Better do new ideas U r magic tricks are fuckin irritating Fake tricks getting caught by viewers easily Hope u understand

    58. Arnoldas Liaugaudas

      The last one trick was the best! 10/10! 👍👍👍

    59. Divyansh Tiwari

      He is copying sean

    60. Миша Шляков

      This is a staticmarker

    61. ZarKiiFreeman

      Walmart SeanDoesMagic

    62. Pikaruz44 ً

      "Hey i can make this card fly!" 4/10 😐 "Pen with ring" OMFG THIS IS SO GOOD! 8/10!!!

    63. Louie Jacinto

      Dan I like your last magic

    64. Mohamed Moemen

      Get out my house 😂😂😂😂😂

    65. SZKODNIK Games

      Can you guys take a joke at the end he wasn't being serious

    66. funny moments

      Copy from sean does magic


      Hey I saw u on britan got talent simon gave u buzzer and afterwards he took it back

    68. Charissa Dacuno

      Hahahaha the last one tho

    69. Revson Marino

      Him: Get out of my house Me: Thats not even a magic trick-

    70. Karlito Kaelle

      I'll make you disappear, in 3.2.1, gettouta mahouse

    71. Srüñ X Fanny

      I realy like your last magic trick😂

    72. Jonah Kaupu

      One two there I am going to make holy disappear 😐 get out my houes

    73. Ahmed Abbas Hashmi

      Hey, is this sean lite

    74. Динара Асамадинова


    75. dikjar hajar


    76. J0b

      Bro what is this u said to the girl get out of my house

    77. ArtByBlox

      "And finally holly, rate this magic trick as that i am going to make you disappear in 3 2 1 get outta my house" "you serious?" "yes get outta my house"

    78. nandy kats

      Hes the guy that looks friendly and amuses us with his tricks Wait he is

    79. neptune gaming 82

      Wherever, magic is just a trick of the eye, not real

    80. Angel Angel

      He is so good

    81. Ngân Phan

      Pretty Girls, so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    82. Zane Ethan Gacos

      HAHAHA it was funny in the part he said in the girl that get out of his house.😂😂😂

    83. Henplays 4324

      He should have made the ring fall on her finger

    84. Xnakisouljah

      Ayo send her my way😂😂

    85. boop

      I feel like this dude hasn’t shown his true abilities, like I bet this guy is literally insane but he is just hitting us with the basic stuff

    86. mpho Ramonoana


    87. Glitxch

      Yo yall need to stop hating on this dude. He's a good magician. I guess people don't like quote on quote "cringy" people. Only like narcissists like Charlie or Addison.

    88. Larry Earle

      Holy get out my house mate

    89. BlueJuice8 Gaming

      “Mom can we get seandoesmagic?” “Honey we have seandoesmagic at home.” seandoesmagic at home be like

      1. Mobile Games YT

        Sean and Dan know each other.

    90. Ron paul

      That and though😂😂😂😂 get out of my house😐

    91. Samantha Marnitz

      I love the last trick😂

    92. Bryce Da kid

      When he said “✨GeT OUtTa MEh HOuSe✨” idk why I started cracking up 🤣

      1. aola wili

        hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    93. Matai Sakiman


      1. Matai Sakiman

        @aola wili agreed

      2. aola wili

        dan is nice like you all!

    94. Felipe Pinheiro de Albuquerque

      0:35 MAKE YOU DISSAPEAR! Get out my house HAHAHAHAHA

    95. Rob and Robbie

      Smart kid😂🔥😂

    96. Aiden Lil Smilve

      Get out of my house 😂😂

    97. Sonali Chaurasia


    98. Sonali Chaurasia


    99. Yadnya Advankar

      īร รђє īร ђīร งīгใғгīєก๔ 🤔