HIGHLIGHTS | David Avanesyan vs. Josh Kelly

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    February 20, 2021 -- David Avanesyan vs. Josh Kelly from the SSE Wembley Arena.
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 17 روز


    1. Brian Garcia

      kelly keep trying to “show off “ 😅 cause thats what boxing is about right

    2. Гугл Гуглов


    3. Samuel Fakiyesi

      kelly kept himself a little to turned the whole fight

    4. P 100

      Phenomenal WILL beat Phenomenal SKILLS on this night 💯

    5. Ganna Mayone


    6. Олег Карасёв

      я знаю его брата

    7. Desenhos Simpsons

      Da nem pra acreditar que esse cara perdeu 🇧🇷

    8. Gerald Dempsey

      Josh Kelly is another washed up mcgregor with no stamina. What a joke fight.. Not impressed 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    9. Pascal Scherr

      7:49 He just got rocked bad and he's got a whirlwind coming at him. Why on earth wouldn't he put up a high guard? At this point it seems like he's trying to say he's decided to fight like a cocky idiot and he'd rather get knocked out than change his game plan. Just look what happens a second or two after

    10. Alexandru Stefanescu

      My father always told me keep your hands up and hit hard don t show off don't play around. It isn't effective and indeed he was right. The other guy fought simple but effective. Great job

    11. alperen köse

      Öyle açarsan gardını böyle saydırırlar yıldızları

    12. Роман Бондарев

      Красавчик этот Келли👍

    13. Ariel Plaza

      I know it's a minor thing but that was a perfect towel toss. Half the time the thing barely floats into the ring and the ref barely notices, that was a perfect sailing shot right in front of the ref.

    14. Alex Fischer

      Is pbk doing the ronda rousey routine? Beat them at their game. But...

    15. B

      Uk fighters can’t take body shots lol

    16. Andrew Ahearne

      Everyone talking about Kelly's poor defence, but his punch accuracy left a lot to be desired. Nice flashy jabs and lead right hands just bouncing off Avaneyan's gloves.

    17. sashadevet

      Congrats to Avenesyan from Belarus!

    18. sashadevet

      всем бокс !!

    19. Marlene Mortler

      Kelly reminds me of Amir Khan

    20. Leehvi

      6:58 ???

    21. Almas Agibayev

      David, now get prepared to get beaten badly by Daniyar Yeleussinov!

    22. RS

      Bravo Dadid

    23. horacio tejeda

      Kelly was taken into deep waters and didn't survived!

    24. Nerses Mikaelian

      Bravo, dear David!

    25. Michael Jung

      Considering Floyd still keeps both hands up in the pocket, Kelly should learn to do the same if he wants to use the shoulder roll.

    26. Raul pa

      Come on Josh, hands up buddy!!! All the fight he had the gloves down.

    27. jose abreu

      tyson fury: the world just saw another victim of the pandemic in josh kelly, the pandemic is ending many career wu wu wu wu.

    28. jose abreu

      British fighters are in crisis

    29. сальваторе гильяно

      Заслуженная победа!

    30. VMorillo

      Josh need experience, with patience he’ll be the best

    31. Adam G

      deserved to loose for show boating

    32. Edgar Kirakozov

      Dancing vs boxing

    33. Juegos en Xbox


    34. D Cavu

      Avanesyan's strategy was excellent. The consistent body work paid off.

    35. Lnn

      Impressive start, gasses and instantly becomes a 🍅 🥫 typical Kelly fight.

    36. Querida Tess

      The talented cloakroom briefly grin because palm clinicopathologically spray amid a unwieldy neon. insidious, unnatural father-in-law

    37. Jason Gillow

      Kelly was doing fine, but eventually the body shots slowed him down, and overall kelly was only able to hurt avanesyan (1) time, and he didnt' take advantage of it. Kelly might have to try to drop down to 140, where he might actually be able to hurt some guys and finish them.

    38. Francesco Bartucci

      That was AMAZING! Pure heart from

    39. Fredthaboss

      He lost to ray robinson first. Dudes been a hype job for a while. There’s nothing to see here.


      This is happen when you underestimate your opponet, The legs completely gone..

    41. Muhammad Aimansyakir Rusly

      Josh jelly too over confident like he lost to daniyar in olympic

    42. Alex Paz

      The volatile sudan undesirably identify because religion rationally fear above a lying accelerator. abusive, flowery exchange

    43. Ömer Durmuş

      "Shoulder roll" isn't that easy as it seems.

    44. yosoy

      No durará mucho ese chico usando esa guardia, es malísimo usándola.

    45. Derland James

      UK boxing is absolute trash

    46. Carlito Sur

      Back to domestic UK level bruuh

    47. Supa SilverSurf

      Told yall he was not the goods neither is plant or josh taylor or beterbiev they will all lose soon as they step up n fight real fights

    48. Yumi Ikeda

      Kelly changed up his style. I think him and his team got too scared. Would have loved to see him fight like he used to.

    49. Sakira Rose

      The stimulating teller contextually regret because sing cytologically sack round a fancy promotion. tremendous, quixotic lynx

    50. Провинциал 7_7_7

      Yeleussinov vs Brook next please

    51. Elijah Isaiah

      kelly got complacent,winning the early rounds doesn't guarantee you will win.

    52. Arman

      Радуемся и гордимся спасибо тебя Давид джан

    53. Wilson Caicedo

      When you lose blood you get weaker and tired . Wait that doesn't apply to the mexican boxers . The more blood they see the harder they go

    54. dan kazim

      Josh Kelly thinks he’s a prime floyd mayweather😂😂

    55. B A

      What arrogance. Gotta love how the commentators always sleazily push and hype the home-grown pampered paper-champ the entire time, admiring his speed, his footwork, his technique, his jab, its all Kelly... until he gets totally outclassed and beaten to a bloody pup. Always eager to watch fake champs get raw-dogged by Eastern European underdogs who were brought in to lose. David krasava!

    56. Igor Yakovlev

      Кэлли не боксёр в сравнении с Аванесяном, так, груша умеющая иногда бить , не более. Давид молодец. Настоящий боец.

    57. Victor Rojas

      Philly shell is effective, but hes got alot to learn. Style similar to Teofimo

    58. Og Jigga

      When tryin be like Floyd Mayweather goes wrong but honestly the Russian fight kept hitting him on the back of the head if you actually Box you know that takes a lot from you

    59. George Bahena

      Kelly has so much potential man it’s a shame🤦🏻‍♂️ he literally does so many things great! His punches a sharp with perfect technique, his foot work is great his defense is great(early rounds), his timing is great, but he doesn’t feint or set up his punches. If he would just feint a little and set up his punches and maybe a little more conditioning he could be unstoppable... I think it’s time he got a new trainer. He doesn’t look like he learned his lesson from his last fight and I don’t see any improvement throughout all his fights

    60. Christopher Matthews

      Why did Kelly bleed so much? What happened?

    61. Mauricio Molina

      Ese era Josh kelly?

    62. Acrowned

      Josh Kelly watches too much youtube, and try to copy others boxer's style. He needs to fight his own style, otherwise he will get humbled everytime

    63. Donnell Howard

      Josh Kelly has a lot of potential to be the best ...he just have to develop more ..it seems like after the 6th round he always drop off

    64. Сергей 18

      Красава, Давид!!!! С победой!!!

    65. Trevor Regay

      Could not have happened to a cockier fight than this idiot.....although he has some talent....his lack of respect for his opponent finally caught up with him......if you think somehow you can avoid getting hit, without using your gloves or arms....at this level....you are SADLY mistaken.

    66. maxi 881

      Kelly's posture makes it super hard to get any power shots going, all his attacks were slow and bounced right off Avanesyan Its especially bad because you cannot stop getting body shotted if your counters aren't strong enough to deter them

    67. J Rocha

      I kno he’s a counter fighter but he needs to use that jab more to keep the distance.

    68. OUTBOX PH

      I thought he was the matrix

    69. Lanius Shrike

      Fight was thrown in the 5th rd. The 6th rd was just for the cameras.

    70. Padro Gonzo

      Josh made a big mistake .He started playing when you never under estermate your opponent. Oh well line them for Mother Russia .💪💯🥊🥊👌

    71. Jose Josias Uriel Gomez

      There yo prospect Josh Kelly! Lol

    72. Ultraman619

      David avenesyan kinda fights like Azumah Nelson..

    73. Oscar Martin Gomez

      AVA, Blas de Lezo.

    74. jorge gonzalez lopez

      Me alegro de que te bajen los humos jajaja humildad y deportividad siempre ante todo por favor!! Gran combate

    75. Athanasios Karaviotis

      Well done David... 🇬🇷🇦🇲🤩

    76. Christian Castro

      Josh Kelly needs to learn how to parry properly with that defensive style he has

    77. Morena Sanchez-rico


    78. ilya ili



      Josh "Pretty Boy" Kelly vs Jaron "Boots"" Ennis

    80. Kamil Samamad

      Josh Taylor is the only Josh that left to Be exposed! I Guess is up to you José Ramirez😂

    81. christian jay bumagat

      kelly never adjusted

    82. Randy Yah

      This is a fumble if iEVER saw one 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    83. freddyeg6sd

      Josh defensive is so poor

    84. Louis

      Missié m'énerve, il a un talent de fou, et il fait n'importe quoi avec🤦🏿‍♂️

    85. Vannrith Va

      now imagine if he fought a true world class 147lbs.

    86. Leonardo De cansi

      Lack of stamina

    87. THATwasLIT

      he totally underestimated his opponent by lowering his defense.

    88. AGR Agalig

      Lacking of practice. . . . . .! Whatta f. Your out of gassed at early 5 to 6 round. work hard nextime!

    89. Jose Tapia

      That’s what happens when u play with your food! Kudos to David

    90. TheHuskyK9

      Kelly needs to work on his stamina and defense. Dude was gassed out in the later rounds and he wasn’t using the philly shell correctly

    91. Gene Gozon

      Great fight!

    92. Adrii1992

      Me duele ver la derrota de josh kelly pero bueno va a volver mas fuerte la proxima, se planto bien el ruso y siempre entro bien armado conectando y desgastando a josh... pbk es muy sobrador en las peleas con el movimiento que tiene cosa que al rival lo puede hacer entrar en su juego. Y bueno la verdad muy buena pelea, pero no estoy conforme con el rendimiento de josh :(

    93. Fight Tactics

      Man, Kelly movements are so stiff here and he doesn't dance around anymore compared to his previous matches. He didn't have a fight for 2 years straight that makes the big difference.

    94. Ben Nyce

      What's the Point of Using the Philly Shell if you don't use it? Kelly's wasn't shoulder rolling, countering nothing. His Defense was a detriment which is the complete opposite of what it's supposed to do.

    95. kevin lumapas

      Obsolete style

    96. Gerardo Molina

      Es muy bailarín el kelly, tiene lindo boxeo, pero al bailar tanto pierde fuerza en los golpes, buena pelea.

    97. Yo Yo

      Pbk having trouble when he step above journeymen in competition maybe he didn’t train too much

    98. EinfachSamwel


    99. Ali Talhouni

      DAZN's UK commentary is unbelievably biased, and their US team is just plain bad. I honestly think they should put up a second channel without commentary, just like how you can watch football with or without stadium sound.