Cyberpunk 2077 - Night City Wire Special: Xbox One X and Xbox Series X footage

Cyberpunk 2077

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    Check out #Cyberpunk2077 in action on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X!
    Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia on December 10th, 2020. The game will also be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when available.
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    About the game:
    Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.
    Learn more:
    Title: GR4VES
    Created by: Konrad OldMoney

    تاریخ انتشار پیش 9 روز


    1. Orange Toucan

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    3. X Gamer

      Even the fking preview is full og bugs and glitches... the guy playing the demo is moving slowly because he know the fps is trash look at the gun fight literally when he shoots the guy the fps drops tp 10 and when the grenade blow up the fps literally stoped working then came back wtf cd projekt

    4. CasuallyTechie

      December TenPFTHH

    5. Daniel Pérez Domínguez

      I love that they are moving as slow as they can over the entire footage so we don't see the disaster the frame drops will be.

    6. Lil Durk

      Finally 4k

    7. Far Apart

      1:52 music?

    8. Cloven99

      The playthrough that came out 2 years ago was really good I really want to see how they made it even better

    9. Paul Turner

      Damn people excited about this hahaha

    10. Lyon Yugerd

      7:14 GEMIDÃO.

    11. dolita windo

      At 6:20 is it just me or is that character model missing its head? Just floating hair 😂

    12. penguinspl

      I still missing old time Hollie Bennett like in this YT movie she was absolutely magnificent. That freedom of speech Hollie

    13. Rafael Pollo

      Pretty cool the way they are only showing the ps4 pro e xbox one x gameplay footage, nothing suspicious about that! I'm sure the game doens't run badly on the base consoles at all!!!

      1. dolita windo

        abdülhey burda işe başlamış

    14. 3 left feet

      Looks like shit. Probably should've uploaded in 4k

      1. Lil Durk

        It’s in 4K now

      2. Aras Bağır

        its 4k finally

      3. Serpenate

        it's in 4K now :)

    15. Batman The dark knight

      Cyberpunk 2077 could actually take over the gta series in the future if it's a amazing game

    16. Sedlom


    17. Sedlom

      00.1 SONG NAME

    18. Mad Jack Churchill

      Found a spelling error at 1:38. Time to delay again, fellas.

    19. Dave L

      I love you guys but 1080p? Really? Phhhhhhht! Does it cost you too much to broadcast higher resolution?

    20. Rene Hourian

      Can see the ray traced reflections on the ground go away ~@6:32 when it goes to the One X. Some ray traced global illumination effects do too. Wild.

    21. Seanileus2

      Series S?

    22. Commander Waffles

      Why did weapons have what looks like an outline around them?

    23. Commander Waffles

      Oh joy mumble rap.

      1. hoiy vinosa

        Oh hollie, I'll miss you now that night city wire is over

    24. Andras Szucs

      Playing an fps game with controller BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA

      1. Sivara

        Bro it’s an rpg...controller and keyboard are the same on this

    25. JiSiN3000

      The video is still in 1080p even after 1 week. Recently YT doesn't properly encode the videos... a lot of them are stuck @1080p. Saw the same problem on DF (Digital Foundry) Video uploads. 😶

    26. Noah Worden

      bruh why was this video even disliked

    27. Doge

      Can't tell the difference

    28. dainco08

      Series X. The most powerful console ever.

    29. Koray İnci

      abdülhey burda işe başlamış

    30. T4N4T0S

      I preordered on PC becuse it was way cheaper, then sold my 1070ti because I wanted to get a 3080 that lf course I have not been able to get... I truly played my fucking self.

    31. Nicolas Höll

      6:20 I spot a faceless bug, lets delay shall we?

      1. LiliumExtendedDJ2

        @Nicolas Höll Want to take bets on what will get released first? Cyberpunk 2077 or the cure for the Corona virus?

      2. Nicolas Höll

        @LiliumExtendedDJ2 I wish I was joking my friend....this little maneuver is gonna cost us 6 months.

      3. LiliumExtendedDJ2

        I thought you were joking!!! That NPC's head really is completely missing! It's just after the timestamp mentioned, within two seconds after that point.

    32. ThanosMotherF*cker

      Johnny Silverhand parece el buki

    33. Reggie Kray

      sry i missclicked minecraft video where is cyberpunk ?

    34. Javier Tamara

      I just hope CDPR won't disable raytracing on the series S as the lazy devil may cry 5 devs

    35. Matt

      So they pulled a Fallout 4. Where you select vague text options and your character says things differently than exactly what was chosen. Let's see the people who complained about this on Fallout NOT complain about this for Cyberpunk.

      1. Allenpoe17

        I'll complain about it right now. It is crap for any game to do this. If my pick is that my character says yes. They should just say yes. Bad idea for Fallout and Cyberpunk.

    36. DeathlySin

      I wanna know what song it is starting at 1:50, that is a slammer right there! Game looks amazing too, can't wait to play it!

      1. Matas

        Almost all music comes from CDPR and artists they hired. We will get to know all soundtracks in slighty more than 2 weeks.

    37. Erica Rosa

      0:00 - 0:10 song name?

      1. Matas

        Almost all music comes from CDPR and artists they hired. We will get to know all soundtracks in slighty more than 2 weeks. It is almost in today's Playstation gameplay when V is in the car with Jackie driving. Check it out.

    38. David Carter

      Its only special to take away attention from the leaks.

    39. Soul Slasher

      Oh hollie, I'll miss you now that night city wire is over

    40. Андрей Фрид

      13 fps on Xbox D:

    41. grimmjow0106

      Cyber punk, CD project read y’all are literally kings of immersion. I am blown away. I’ll be playing this on Xbox one with my jaw dropped until y’all release the next GEN con soul update for the game and then I will be upgrading to a series X to continue playing on that. No matter what .... BLOWN AWAY AS ALWAYS !

    42. abbsnn cose

      "Your little skull sponge can't possibly get it's grey cells around it." Alucard- "They took exception to that"

    43. Pixel Architecture

      Guess its R.I.P. to my Xbox one S

    44. Cloven99

      Still can't wait till it comes out

      1. Cloven99

        @abbsnn cose its city of dreams, city of gang

      2. abbsnn cose

        What's the song in the beginning ?!

    45. Amin Hakimi

      Well no one said that beautiful girl looks like Ciri but no scar

    46. spoder men

      funny how everyone is talkin about visual differences between the two versions when there is none .. the XSX Version at this point is exactly the same as the One X Version, the next gen update will follow next year.. Sry CDPR but this video is kind of bad .. why don't you give us further details and explain to people with no idea that playin on the next gen consoles @dec10 will look exactly the same like last gen?

    47. Ali

      I wish we also could see a footage from xbox series S.

    48. Frøzen

      3:00 wtf

    49. runekey

      Frame rate is a lot better on series X, clearly!

    50. Teemo1WildHunt

      5:09 Hank ! Wtf you're alive

    51. Benjamin

      Sorry, but with IRvision compression, both look bad (except for the artistic direction)... Really hard to spot the graphics differences between the two consoles

    52. Michael Porcayo

      I just wanna see the frame rate while turning fast

    53. Lucas Lima

      8:23 That cigarette in his right hand... x)

    54. R1ccArd0

      For those who asks song's name at 0:01 GR4VES by Konrad Oldmoney

    55. Tiago Martin

      and Xbox one fat? will it run smoothly?

    56. Ben Carson

      The sidewalk are completely empty 😬😬😬... I hope that gets fixed so it can feel like the city is populated.

      1. Danny Quach

        Probs a graphic option for population density. But then again, this is console and the demo was on pc

    57. Nostalgic Man

      There are so many things to explore around the map and I don’t know where to start first.

    58. Zmei Gorini4

      обычная игра, ничего сверх-уникального

    59. Kai FPV

      The release date is going to be when its done

    60. Mage _EX8

      What's the song in the beginning ?!

      1. R1ccArd0

        GR4VES by Konrad Oldmoney

    61. Darren Byrne

      Will this game run at @30 or @60 on the series X?….....

      1. andrew schmidt

        Probably 30 but then again they got witcher 3 on one x with performance mode can be 60fps

    62. Muhammad Hadi

      Why youtube 4k rendering is taking so long, I just wanna watch it and appreciate this properly!

    63. Illustrathor

      Damn, I was going to get it on PS4 (free upgrade to PS5) but since PS5 is buggy af and hard to come by, I seriously consider buying it on Series S for now and get the PS5 Version when it arrives next year...

    64. vliduu zeeb

      7:36 My mans to the left there just putting a whole pack of noodles into his back pocket, like it's nothing

    65. TheDeaconErudite

      Might just be me, but the enemies seemed pretty damn tanky. Guess even your basic street thug has a chrome plated dome.

      1. vliduu zeeb

        3:04 trailer.....

    66. david d


    67. Danny

      Trump is still president and Cyberpunk is 2 weeks away. Life is good.

    68. shkon

      So who took the blow-up doll and ream all the holes?

    69. Аркадий Паровозов

      GTA напоминает

    70. Anthony Rodriguez

      Did anyone else hear the moaning like 7 minutes into the video or was it just me?

    71. Nate Smith

      Stop resorting to shady practices. Releasing the game to certain people to get more publicity and constant delays. Just release the game when you say you will. This is an absolute joke, no company has ever done this, this much..ever. It gets you less respect and credibility.

    72. Espinoza

      1:52 anyone know the name of that music?

      1. Valerijs Kalmikovs

        Still better than nothing:) Спасибо, что напомнил про этот трэк

      2. Stas Yurchenko

        @Espinoza Yeah, because they made unreleased remix of this song, I think. But that's all I can offer to you

      3. Espinoza

        @Stas Yurchenko naw bro that’s not it

      4. Stas Yurchenko

        Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix) держи братишка

    73. Rick James

      3:26 Masala Studios lol

    74. NoVaStarGalaxay Playz

      so if I'm not mistaken the only difference is RTX and an extra 30 fps.

      1. Dairnon

        no there is actually no difference at the moment, its just a port of the current gen. The next gen stuff will come out as a patch next year.

    75. dutoiu hour


    76. Aliq Zakry

      Is it just me, or is Night City considerably emptier than before?

      1. Danny Quach

        @Aliq Zakry ye man I totally understand, im a pc player myself so dont have that much console experience but it would suck so bad if ps4 would struggle as xbox one was in the gameplay shown. Hopefully upcomin patches following release optimises the game more. Fingers crossed

      2. Aliq Zakry

        @Danny Quach That's what I'm saying, it looks so empty on consoles. I'll be playing on a PS4 and I'm kinda worried that it will feel like an empty world.

      3. Danny Quach

        Looks bit empty ye, but also gotta consider how this is console, and the demo before was on pc. But ye we'll see when it releases

    77. Obadiah Judah ISRAEL

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      1. dutoiu hour

        the detail in that!

    78. Obadiah Judah ISRAEL

      KJV | Revelation 18:16 - And saying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!

    79. Ry

      Frame rate seems to be struggling on the One X, which they cleverly mask by moving the character slowly. Can't imagine this game will run too well on the base Xbox One and PS4.

    80. Spear Hunter

      Just Read - DEATHMARK Book 1 by Michael Perinuzzi - Great Cyberpunk Novel

    81. Königstiger

      Street empty, nightclub empty, so much for immersion

    82. Wait Mate

      3:04 trailer.....

    83. Anakin Skywalker

      Why they cant add some realistic to movement and talking, they are talking like unemotional robots

      1. Puppet Master

        Because its an Rpg, same issue with The Witcher and other rpgs.

    84. Anonymous Cat

      I hope that in Luna, GFN, Stadia they put more NPCs since apparently Xbox is short of storage by putting more NPCs

    85. daftCat7

      7:54 25 fps?

    86. dappledachsund

      wait a minute, at the end she said there is a FULL next gen upgrade coming next year so maybe the version shown here is not the final version? i mean the two look very similar in this demo really only difference i saw was in reflections and maybe in real life you could see a frame rate difference but textures looked identical. did anyone else take it like that?

      1. andrew schmidt

        Well yeah at launch series x is running the Xbox one x version through backwards compatibility but probably more stable frame rate and load times

    87. Dima

      Где Киану? Что за монгол?

    88. aman singh

      Disappointed. Could have runned game on just xbox series x.

      1. Prodigy

        They would lose a lot of money if they did that

    89. Eurostar 07

      I love this game and i'll definitely play it, but is Night City also suffering from Covid? Because in this gameplay there is less NPCs than people in the streets IRL during our pandemic. It kinda worries me that the city will lack "life" and will not look like early gameplay footage from 2019 with dozens of NPCs walking around.

    90. TheDeeboy717

      Rule number 1: Always check with yo boys to see if they heard the same thing Lol

    91. feckingud

      Call of Duty grenades edition

    92. banana fish

      Everyone talking about the npc missing head, meanwhile top left 6:41

    93. Mr Nocturnal

      7:50 If you look at the gunshots he hit on the first guy with the handgun you can see how the enemy reacts to it. At first, he's holding it with both hands but once the first shot connects at the arm he kind of flinches, which is then followed up with the second shot to the leg, and at the point the NPC switches to a one-handed style and is limping. I love the detail in that!

      1. Muerto

        @Mr Nocturnal In any case, I think it looks good still.

      2. Mr Nocturnal

        @Muerto it’s not though. The game is an RPG with shooting mechanics. Guns are just one of the trees you can spec in.

      3. Muerto

        @Mr Nocturnal It kinda is mostly a shooter, but that being said I think the guns and animations look totally fine.

      4. Mr Nocturnal

        @Broose Wain It’s not a shooter so i wouldn’t expect the animations for the guns to be perfect. But even so they do not bother me.

      5. Broose Wain

        The gunplay looks so cheap tho like almost indie game level

    94. Daniel Esdau

      No Shooting scenes in the series X Version showed 😓🧐

    95. misolou fout

      7:38 Did I just saw the person in orange dress put his noodles in his back pocket 😂

    96. Math

      where is all the people on the streets?????looks empty

    97. Diamonds Do

      Need next gen updated

      1. misolou fout

        dark areas was from the game it self.

    98. Hype Steeze

      Turn volume up @ 7:09 😊

    99. crack killzz I will be streaming cyberpunk on release day

    100. FLProject

      3:05 Cristiano Ronaldo! ;D