I Bought the Cheapest Side by Side on the Planet

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    1. ambread allan

      Seat belts taken out or cut out to be utilised as a tow rope when it broke down.international code of breaking down👀

    2. yng OMAr

      put the tires back onnnnnnn

    3. ethon 60

      Nah bud there's cheaper side by sides

    4. Tom Stutz

      Ill tell ya, when those rzrs go bad they go BAD. Bought one brand new, put 2k miles on it and it was JUNK. And thats not for lack of taking care of it, changed all the fluids including transfer cases and all that, greased all the joints, i mean everything and kept it clean as can be. Just fell apart on me. There was a blown head gasket, the exhaust rotted out, the a- arm bushings and rod were worn thru (with the grease!) The tie rod ends were about gone, wheel bearings loose, shocks squeaked, everything just blown it was awful.

    5. Ty

      LS swap

    6. Brian

      Haha that dig on whistling was great!

    7. vf12497439

      Not sure about your neck of the woods but out here in methaphatamia land... no title, its stolen.

    8. Dzimka Bujiashvili

      0:19 I laughed so hard at this ))))))))))))

    9. Martin Roa

      Dang I wish I had a motorcycle period.. I hope one day god willing he will bless me with an opportunity to get one.. one day...🙏😔

    10. Alex Cail

      Are the front tracks super towed in at the front? they look broken in one clip.

    11. BrokeBack Morton Racing

      The coolest thing you could do with Brad, is crate him up and ship him off to my place; awesome

    12. PPP SSS

      Some pool noodles would be a good solution to stop the roof from rattling rather than cardboard

    13. Jeff English

      “Road” hard...rode lol.

    14. Michael Lembeck

      You made my day! funny as shit dude... very good humor.. Loved it?

      1. Bikes and Beards

        Thank you glad you liked it

    15. Acute Dispute

      I just got my 2021 RZR 1000 XP turbo and got 600$ in tickets first day

    16. Kody Kinsella

      cant find it anywhere, could you tell me how long is the rzr with tracks tip to tip.

    17. S K

      @7:46 he's packing heat

    18. Ed Gasket

      You seem like a genuine guy. Awesome content!

    19. Racer X

      Dang you should have called it "done it"

    20. lenny ross

      Solid front and rear axle swap

    21. Anthony Shanklin

      Lol like my old atv and utvs

    22. Kenan Walker

      Amen! I love your videos and the Bible verse every video. God bless you and your team! 🙏🏻

    23. Andrew Smith

      Take it deep in water it has snorkels

      1. Bikes and Beards

        That’s the plan

    24. Daniel Smith

      I call b******* on 1200 bucks

    25. Jordan Hilman

      Is the RZR's speedo not affected by the addition of the traks?

    26. Creative Outlet

      That verse got me.. instant sub 😂

    27. Nathan Trowbridge


    28. Nathan Trowbridge


      1. Bikes and Beards

        Which song

    29. boxed fenders

      so snow. you "need" snow for a lot of the tracks on the market to lube the slides

    30. Bubba Kushington

      Craig is the only realist out there.

    31. TheLifeofEricL

      11:15 pretty much the ONLY thing those tracks are good for

    32. TheLifeofEricL

      5:27 @whistlindiesel they’re calling you out 🤣

    33. Amy Brock

      Do you want to sell it

    34. Chris Watson

      You took it to a cornfield and not offroading in mud and dirt?

    35. tommy martin

      Great deal for for that guy. Since it came from Copart for basically nothing

    36. Chris Ogley

      fix the alignment and gain 15 hp budz!

    37. Joshua Howard

      I like Brad

    38. bubba chambers

      Come down to Georgia and try it out on the red clay lol

    39. Xx_loner_xX

      Go under the water

    40. James Brooks


    41. Joe

      Sell it and make a lot of money. You could get 10k plus for it now. Great videos. You guys make me laugh and remind me of all the fun I had when I was younger.

    42. hockeyboi2121

      Bikes before wifes am I right

    43. synseer 84

      12 × 100 (🦌) really? ......... good deal.

    44. Hunter the redneck

      Just so yall now side by sides don't have titles because then you don't half to pay sales tax and other stuff it is considered like a tractor

    45. dj traBBiz Ramage

      There is no planets... .we live on a flat but multi textured plane....... created by God.. space is the antichrist ...... Do not give it your faith... Trust God....not man... Man!!!

    46. Giovanni Tch

      Update ‘ youtuber incarcerated for receiving stolen property’ 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Giovanni Tch

        @Bikes and Beards love your videos man, i only wish you upload more! 🔥💪🏼

      2. Bikes and Beards


    47. SoulFly

      that was NOT going 50 lmaooooo. did you recalibrate even?

    48. Darin Traver

      I’m new to the channel and it seems like you do awesome stuff that I wish I was doing .. I was takin by surprise when a bible verse came on the screen .. I think it’s great you have a religion but I’m not sure that sharing it with your viewers is a good idea ...it might scare away viewers with different religions ??? Why not just leave that out ... nobody wants to be that guy preaching his religion on people ... It won’t stop me from being subscribed and watching I think your great !!!

    49. noisepuppet

      And now a reading from the book of DOIN' IT

    50. SmoothbassmanStudios

      Ha! The Park City Pile!! Check your axles, sounded like ya broke one.

    51. Content

      so it definitely wasn't the cheapest...

    52. KnightHawk

      Brakes, Rode *

    53. Tim's flippin Tractors

      Huge fan! I watch all the time! Wishing I lived closer or had a way to get a bike cause mine just recently broke down and it's beyond my budget to repair :( it over heated and now lost power and won't run right. Was hoping to have it on the road it was my very first bike. 1982 kawasaki custom kz305 video of it on my channel

    54. BMF Pressure Washing

      Brad! Can it run underwater?

    55. Cook Fest

      The thirsty planet hepatosplenomegaly occur because weeder eventually scrape for a bloody dress. knowledgeable, womanly badge

    56. DreamingTree1027

      Proceed with renaming the channel Bikes, Beards and Doin’ It

    57. AppleServerZ


    58. Dylan Frye

      Can you do a review on a BMS Beast 1000?! I have been looking into one but there are almost no videos on it besides the ones from the factory and one guy showing it just on sand.

    59. john colon

      Lol 😆 I'm dead 💀 🤣 😂 😭 😆 whistling diesel

    60. thishereaveragelife

      15" sub woofer

    61. Farm Fishin


    62. Austin Vincent

      Your energy is chaotic and I'm all for it.

    63. Paul Kenney

      When you flip it in water you don’t want to be strapped in just want out and above water

    64. Scubaunited

      Doin It with B-Rad!!!

    65. Soren #1

      It’s not bush lite its sweet tea

    66. Soren #1

      It was problem his lol

    67. Ben Santistevan

      What you should do is send it to me lol. I will take good care of her...no I am serious

    68. Sgt. Kong

      I kinda think that Brad should be called Holley 🤷‍♂️. Y'all should "not sink it" ... Use those snorkels. Polar plunge style. I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU!!!

    69. Yariel Del Orbe

      can you do it in rocks

      1. Bikes and Beards

        We are about to find out soon

    70. Vernon Tucker

      Wana sell then tires

    71. DJ Lansing

      2:31 *brakes Great mechanic can't English for shït

    72. Matthew Cooper

      We have a sxs with tracks and the speedo says 50 when the things really only goes 15-20 because they are geared down.

      1. Matthew Cooper

        If you get a GPS speed tracker it will give you the true speed.

      2. Bikes and Beards

        Oh dang maybe I was wrong

    73. Chap C

      The first awesome thing you should do is RENAME IT. LOL. (Mostly just a comment for the IRvision troll algorithms.

    74. Brennin Rowe

      When he said r z r I thought it was a special edition rzr or something

    75. James C. Letts

      Tbf if you put a sticker saying Doin It on your vehicle, it will immediately be able to conquer anything on Earth.

      1. Bikes and Beards

        That’s true

    76. Chuy Villanueva

      Put a turbo 😂😂

    77. CaptainJackMoto

      Buy the venom x22r it’s awesome for its price

    78. Max Jordan

      How much do you want for the wheels

    79. Max Jordan

      It has snorkels so it’s probably been sunk 10 times

    80. Sometimer J

      turbo it, or motor swap it

    81. Pat B-oogle

      I hope you now realize that 53mph was not the real top speed. The spindles on the tracks are smaller diameter than the original tires so the speedometer is no longer correct and reading faster than reality. You have to use a GPS to get your real speed. The reason why people take the seat belts out is if they are not there than you cannot get a ticket for not wearing them, well that goes true from most states. I personally use the seatbelts in my UTV but some figure do you use a seat belt on an ATV? Keep the videos coming!

    82. Bb King

      It was a trade not a purchase , big difference

    83. Matthew riggs

      Btw utv stands for utility transport vehicle

    84. ryanteter

      Me and buddies watched this together and then hugged it out. Everything awesome is in this video. D D D D D DOIN’ IT

    85. Theodore Nelson

      Name it Bad JuJu!!!!

    86. Theodore Nelson

      For tracks you guys should check out Camso. while you’re at it, check out my brother from another mother insta page @colt801 I have some fun videos on my page as well. @theo_the_carpenter

    87. Theodore Nelson

      For the lid rattle, take some sticky backed Velcro and pry the tin up enough to slip it in there. That or a sticky backed rubber pad every foot or so.

    88. Chris Johnson

      My guy had the swishers 😂

    89. Willy Olvera

      LS swap it

    90. Aitch

      10:14 You spelt 'Doin' wrong...lmao

    91. Coach M.

      Name it little Timmy! It's perfect :)

    92. Kentucky BassinYT

      He definitely drove it on the road a lot as well to explain the shocks tires and ball joints

    93. Fu Google

      Did you check the VIN to see if it was stolen? Buying titled vehicles without a title does NOT absolve guilt for possession of stolen property.

    94. Kiritimati Swan

      LMFAO, "53?" dude that speedo is calibrated for tires, no way thats accurate

      1. Michael Haddix

        It's not accurate. I have a Can Am X3 Turbo R with tracks and they come with a module you have to install to make the speedometer read accurate. I purchased a Speedohealer and calibrated it in lieu of using the module. The module limits your top speed to about 28 mph with tracks for safety reasons. With the speedohealer installed it bypasses the speed limiter and I can hit 48 mph on tracks.

    95. Thomas Mcway

      I am just checking you base the top speed of the Gauge but since the tires are different it would be inaccurate

    96. None none

      sand test please

    97. Jimmy in Mexico

      Take it to go see Whistlin Diesel. You owe that much to him for using his face in the vidja. Or Outlaw.

    98. Dave Hoover

      Funny as always great work

    99. jheckert1

      No offense, but you could have done all the terrain with tires and probably 2WD. I run 32" intimidators on my X3 and they go anywhere...cool video and find though, i sold a fully functional 2014 for $1000, sometimes you can get good deals out there from folks who just want to help out another rider...

    100. James Griffin

      I was gonna give this channel a chance untill he called an outlaw 2 a tractor tire.