Kylie Jenner: My Mom Does My Makeup

Kylie Jenner

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    Watch my mom do my makeup.
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    1. Shaedon Sorbo

      She did really good ! Super pretty

    2. Shadi Alaha

      anytime their mom is in it they do like 240p LOL! shit quality so we dont see anything



    4. Natasha MUA

      Love how softly spoken kris got when she was applying the makeup she is mom goals

    5. k

      ik theyre self centered or overrated but i still love them theyre iconic lol

    6. Hayley Jaded Vlogs

      Y’all are precious. Love that Mamma and take good cate of her. She works so hard for her family and loves her babies so much.

    7. Austin Bryce

      Random voice does that hurt? Hmmm are those new cheeks still tender??

    8. Gabriela Henri

      Did she just blow on her face? Hahahha love it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ lovie is such a dream grandma

    9. Some One

      720p really now ?

    10. beanie baby

      You guy's had me cracking up omg

    11. Maya Santos

      is it juts me or can we not see how many people liked and disliked the video?

    12. Sarah A.

      never have I ever wore that amount of makeup in my whole life.

    13. Marina Aguirre

      This was so therapeutic to watch great vibes so sweet 🥰😍

    14. Evie Steadman

      List your the Kardashians from favorite to least favourite!!

    15. LYRIC LAYE

      Kris’s laugh is everything 😂😅

    16. Stephanie M

      Barely 10 minutes, get that coin lol

    17. Alicia Shook

      I freaking love kris she is so hilarious 😂 I love her I swear

    18. moon.eelxnac


    19. Kim Mbingo

      If you read this, and you have a IRvision channel, please comment down below. Please subscribe to mine too, about to upload my first video. Let's grow each other 😍🤸

    20. Bailey Hall

      I love you Kylie and Kris Jenner

    21. Anastacia Salas

      I absolutely NEED to hang out with you guys for a day we’d be bestiessss

    22. -Brownie-

      I was wondering if you could subscribe to me, it’s ok if not❤️🥺👁👄👁🥺❤️Please It’s ok I’m just a normal really big fan that hope that u see this and I have watched the whole kardashians season

    23. m0usy25

      This is hilarious 😂 I laughed the entire video. Your mom is so funny.

    24. Ervina Erchy

      This is soooo funny 😆 😂😂😂

    25. Kids Superheroes

    26. Jeissy margareth Diaz blanco

      En español porfavor

    27. Debbie Deb

      Facial expressions from them both is what had me!🥴😂❤

    28. Jessica Marie


    29. Abhinisha Thakur

      Kris Jenner❤️❤️

    30. MB MB

      I love their bonding

    31. Remin Faria

      Really so amazed to see the final look...💐...lovely bonding between mom nd daughter..inspiring 🥰🥰.

    32. mikin lirou

      kris jenner has NEVER failed to amaze me. the way she turned 5 talentless daughters into multimillion dollar brands EACH is hugely underrated. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    33. Bucky Brown

      I'm a guy and I impersonate Kim. I don't look too bad. See me


      It's already done I guess 😂

    35. Rosie Quang

      Her mom is so nice Kris:oops sorry guys Kylie:what the fukc

      1. mikin lirou

        If feel Kris is just so terrified of Kylie 😂

    36. Raul Cabello

      At the final she look like the 2015 kylie

    37. Jhian Haven

      Kylie is a kid when she's with her mom ❤️

    38. Whit Leigh


    39. Maggie Bunn

      Wow, Kris is such a good mom. I guess that's why Kylie is 🥰

    40. Gina S

      Kris is so adorable

    41. Gaye Yakan


    42. Gaye Yakan


    43. Gaye Yakan

      Helloo guys

    44. Gaye Yakan


    45. Jillian Plays

      No one: Kris Jenner: an arteest 👩‍🎨

    46. Tajesworld Scott

      Kris made Kylie look like a simple girl because that’s how kris likes her makeup

    47. iamvalmira

      new technique 😅

    48. Ivan Monang Pandapotan Purba

      Mbak itu chanel sweaternya bukan trifting kan?? Canda nanya

    49. Carol Baker

      Why would anyone buy her over priced lip stick when we have to wear masks everywere we go.🤦

    50. Gargi Singh

      If feel Kris is just so terrified of Kylie 😂

    51. Chiara. Moon

      I just love Kris Jenner ✨🦋✨ she’s the funniest, prettiest and most talented woman

    52. Reese Ferolino

      6:03 HAHAHA I DIED- 😭

    53. نمارق الزنتوتي

      Unreally have a nice youtube chanell

    54. Rani Khan

      Kyli is actually a young girl but she hides her age under her makeup and then she looks an old girl

    55. Raceen Montique

      I love Kris so much 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️

    56. Maeve Doyle

      Hahhaha the blow in the eye!! 🤣🤣 such a mom thing to do

    57. Hayley Driscoll

      This is the best!!! 🤣🤣🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 hilarious ❤️👌🏽

    58. Elsa Reynolds

      Is it just me or does Kylie look a lot like Kendall in the mirror reflection

    59. Rachel Kee

      Kris Jenner is the REAL money maker. I don't care what anyone says, she birthed all of them, and SHE built their careers.

    60. Hailee Johnson

      Did Kris give anyone else ASMR tingles!? 😍

    61. Dees Vadivaloo

      Yep Kris does like Kylie more than the rest

    62. aya nadhm

      we want a " travis does my make up" video

    63. Wahida Mahzabin

      kris is so sweet ❤️

    64. josie orozco

      14k ppl talking to themselves in the comment section 😱 IV never seen her interact in her comments like most IRvisionrs, cuz shes not ur average IRvisionr she's already famous so y do ppl even bother 🤦🏻‍♀️

    65. roy

      Why kylie look like she need help 😂

    66. swirlhack

      Idk why but she looks much younger without makeup

    67. Lizzz B

      It’s the 80’s 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    68. krystal diamond

      Lol gave me a good laugh ❤️❤️ Kylie was adorable love the mommy and daughter bond

    69. Bridget Ramatlhako

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    70. nobody

      We want a stormi does my makeup video .

    71. Viih Alves

      Alguém do Brasil ? Que não entende nada mais esta assistindo

    72. Куралай Абдилданова

      Мне кажется или половину коментарий они удаляют..

    73. Isaac Lopez

      kylie seems like a really sweet blair waldorf

    74. Rosyela

      Theyre so cute!

    75. Totinichi Love

      Relax!!!! it just makeup not surgery🙄🙄🙄🙄

    76. Sonia Reyna

      Omg this was too funny 😂 love you girls!!

    77. LeVaughn K

      I feel like Kylie wanted to get that booger for her LMAO.

    78. Magaly Fausto

      I wish I had that realitionship with my mom

    79. anyways chile

      yall can say whatever yall want about the kardashians/jenner but kris jenner literally set all of CHILDREN GRANDCHILDREN FUTURE CHILDREN OF THEIR CLAN FOR LIFE

    80. nuclear war

      Make up🤣🤣🤣 in tones of makeup

    81. CLAYTÁI 99

      This make her look so adorable

    82. Luna Michell Gutierrez

      I love you You're Kylie Your aré insporatecion😍😍

    83. Susie Meza

      Mommy-daughter, goals!! 🥰❤️❤️

    84. Gabriella

      “You have a tiny little booger” “on the left side?” “Mhmm are you gonna keep it there? “ 😂😂😂😂😂

    85. Kittysuit Saves the Princess

      >literally a "self made billionaire" >cant upload in 1080p LOL

    86. Isabella Gonzalez

      Good results

    87. Hanna Bo

      Kylie screeching inside lol

    88. KhemRaj ParaJuli

      Kylie can't stop her laughing

    89. KhemRaj ParaJuli


    90. Rachel Olson

      So cute

    91. Adelaide Bertolina

      Love how Kris is just complementing everything about Kylie 🥰 They have such a cute relationship

    92. Jennifer Ahluwalia

      Kris is special yesss❤❤❤

    93. Melanie Gayle

      this is really satisfying... their voices

    94. Karimy Cornejo

      Kris is giving me Bob Ross vibes 😂🎨

    95. Nicole Salazar

      Do more videos togetherrr

    96. grace klemme

      kris putting bronzer on the chin and the eyes kylie- what are you doing mom it’s on my eye and my chin kris-it’s my new technique that i’m trying today 🤣

    97. Hayley Hayes

      I love the fake botox cheeks lol

    98. Mrs Ulloa


    99. Ayra Farzanaa

      Kylie be like watch her mom with her phone every step she do AHAHHAHA

    100. Mrs Ulloa

      Loving this mom and daughter makeup video. Cherish Mama Kris, she is so loving and giving to her children . I wish my mom was still here to have fun with her like this ❤️