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    1. Vikkstar123

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      1. try hard potato gaming

        I thought u were the nice guy

      2. Ladarius Singleton

        This man viks built different im a new sub

      3. David Gottlieb

        ok,try this one irvision.info/home/YZ--dGujZ5mdlpM/fy-lm-h-y.html 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      4. Yasir Sha


      5. Jacob Pedersen

        Vikky I’m not subbing after the fat sidemen vid

    2. William Zhou

      Has anyone not noticed how vik randomly just carried a shaver in his pocket

    3. Domniac Corp.

      Who is handling the camera?

    4. NaNoob

      Disclaimer ; no ksi was harmed during That video

    5. Jaycee Alwx

      Jj’s redemption for being evil to Vik

    6. Alexander Vieira

      Now we're even

    7. david gish jeezz

      guy holding the camera xD

    8. yobeanboy_caleb

      Pause the video and go to 13:36

    9. Wangechi Muchiri

      This was too funny I personally need a part 2 i don't know about everyone else

    10. Andre Ferreira

      why do i feel like this is the real vik

    11. Jacob Lyons

      Great video, never commented before but Id be his assistant for a month for 90k lol xD

    12. Kuba Laszczak

      yo Vikk's playing his character pretty good but how tf is he holding that fork tho

    13. Bobby 6ly

      Reality can be whatever we want

    14. Alex McBain

      vik got millions but got holes in his socks

    15. karma sood

      This is to stop vick abuse

    16. Meme collector

      Oh how the turntables

      1. Joanna

        Vik is hunting that 7mil subs u know

    17. Gk4mylo

      He hade the power to do it

      1. Joanna

        Wondering how people takes this when watch this without knowing who they really are.

    18. Recon

      Vikks house literally looks like it's made of money

    19. Recon

      Vik sent his white servants home for a day off during this

    20. 20 20

      let's make it clear that this video made more money than what KAI stole

    21. TrikyFN

      I was the like #500k

    22. Zenorthodox

      the whole video i was crying, its too fking funny

    23. Ashish Kalgikar

      I want vik to be ksi assistant

    24. Ford Rs

      It’s scary how life will look in 50 years time with bullshit content like this!!! And so many people watching this pathetic thing you call content!!!

    25. Jaack x

      Anyone know where he got his pink hoodie?

    26. Qwerty

      Guess telling that his ur slave would have blown up twitter

    27. TBJ

      Goolld!! priceless !!

    28. Crzy gaming Gorilla

      500k like

    29. Rhys Morris

      the fact that the thumbnail looks way different to the video

    30. Dry Socks

      You can feel JJ's repressed rage in his voice lmao

    31. Kiran hk

      Wondering how people takes this when watch this without knowing who they really are.

    32. Ahmed Alfeqy

      Vik is hunting that 7mil subs u know

    33. SleeepyisHere

      does anyone know the acoustic guitar backing track name it sounds beautiful

    34. Shay

      i love the expression on his face when he got scared by the toaster

    35. Chaerin Wu

      vikk was def nicer to jj than jj was to simon lol

    36. key trim

      This man is a pro boxer but is afraid of a razor

    37. I yearn for true gender equality

      When JJ became a janitor. *DAX*

    38. ChainsawChuck

      Why would you let a snake in your house

    39. xin ming

      Working Together to Stop the Atrocities Several experts and scholars from various fields were shocked to learn the details of the 20-year genocide in China. They left their contact information to obtain more information. Some said they would incorporate the information into their curriculum, or participate in research and study. Others said they would encourage government legislators to stop the killing. A man who is the vice president of an international medical and service non-profit organization, and the director and chief investigator of a US National Training Center, went to the COHRC booth and said that he had read the information the night before. He said that he informed all the people he knew about the issue. He solemnly said, “We will soon let all the people in the United States know.” Professor Bibeau of the Department of Public Health at the University of North Carolina is preparing to offer a course in ethics. He thanked COHRC for providing detailed materials, “These research results are very timely and exactly what I need. This will become an important part of the course.” A doctor from Chicago came to the COHRC booth and thanked the staff. She received the COHRC information folder the day before, and read the summaries of the 2019 new report and the 2018 report that evening. She said that she wanted to send the information to her sister who is an organ transplant doctor in New York. They had heard of the forced live organ harvesting before but they had difficulty believing it. She said she had great respect for Falun Gong practitioners.

    40. 3abdou souf

      zane hijazi

    41. Tarek Lahmar

      and heres ur coke i didnt know what coke u wanted so i got u this (cocaine)

    42. Archie Partridge

      Vikkstar so rich but still wears socks with holes in them

    43. zCottonCobra Z

      5:35 nice 69

    44. Mystry - Gaming

      come and join my among us game im live rn

    45. v LoJack


    46. relevent

      10:31 he said “vik” not “sir”

    47. Mitchel De Vulder

      So your a real vikstar fan? Time stamp every time he said Viking and not sir

    48. Tia Lewis

      nvm jj and simon jj and vik if u want some good ss for a reddit go to 13:36

    49. M Grant

      ver dog

    50. Jordan Carbonelli

      JJ: I haven’t written anything in a while Jake Paul: Same here bro

    51. Anthony Bryant

      Logan Paul pinching the air right now

    52. Sxvior 2

      Why does JJ look like a nervous child.

    53. Kartik Mishra

      You know what

    54. Damion Finlayson

      Well done vikkstar , jj deserved it

    55. WTFStreetFightZ

      Vikk was to kind


      JJ needs to keep bullying Vick it’s hilarious.

    57. PlaylistzOnline K

      The beginning was just Vik being a teacher to KSI

    58. Clifford Kiplagat

      sub to sidemen

    59. Villain And Friends

      Petition For JJ to call Vick Massa

    60. tiger of soul's

      I didn’t know slavery was still a thing

    61. Tramaine Cooper

      U can see what Vics gonna be like when he’s a dad😂

    62. Leo Bro65

      Apologies, bulliged Turns out the Knowledge in his name is Stupidity

    63. YXNG_A5HF4Q

      Man wrote apologies instead of apologise😭😭😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    64. James on a Hill

      5:33 noice

    65. William Green

      Steal Viks plaques as a video

    66. Khaled Algaadi

      pure revenge lol

    67. Paul Davidson

      So everyone is okay with someone making a black person wait hand and foot and do everything they say.. Wow okay.. #BLM aged well..

      1. Kevin Browne

        You must be new here

    68. Syphex

      *Everyone liked this.*

    69. Oh No No

      Bully Vikk is scarier than Bully JJ

    70. Aggro exotic Clan

      The thumbnail scene it was acting like the 1800 racism all over again no cap

    71. sumit aery

      jj the funniest of the sidemen.

    72. Yassir Madih

      It’s just even more obvious JJ was a ghost writer @ksi @ricegum

    73. Necronoid 24

      vikk should have had him shave his beard

    74. Samah Yahia

      Lowkey seems pretty kinky 🤣🤣

    75. Ehab Mareey

      Is this considerd slavery?

    76. John Petrie

      that moment you realize this is a old state of the art slave video from 1852 in color

    77. Stayce Reid

      The height and muscle mass of Jj and vik is so different, Jj legit looks like he can squish Vik with his pinky.

    78. JellyBOB

      Imagine years from now when Viks grandchildren ask about JJs apologies letter

    79. Stayce Reid

      revenge is sweet haaha

    80. niduoe stre

      2020 can’t get any worse and then this video popped up on my recommendation seeying jj olatunji being a slave 😤😂

    81. Lucas WE

      VIK can you make the audio track of KSI reading his "apologies" letter public so we can help JJ make his next killer song? xD

      1. niduoe stre

        Vik would off deffo been a teacher if he didnt become a youtuber! Seems like that d**k teacher from school in this vid 😂

    82. Umer SHK

      Deep down ! I don't like it because everyone have one friend like ksi .. 😌

    83. Matthew Finch

      ik jj snaked him but watching this video was just sad lols

    84. EvilGameWizard


    85. Ivan Torres

      Everyone is gonna ignore the fact that they already have the sidemen gold plac even though they have 9.5 million subs

    86. Nines

      I love this 😂😂

    87. Dorjee Dhondup


    88. Kezza 17

      “This isn’t worth 90k” 🤢😂

    89. AshtonH Gaming

      Racism making a black man ur assistant in 2020 😂😂😂

    90. Anne T

      When he stole that 90k he was just KS After this video he’s just S Lmao man’s just Strength now

    91. Omar Saleem

      i like how vik insults the sidemen when he is one of them

    92. Anne T

      15:53 oh he is so right though. Vik doesn’t need the money, but that right there. All of this stuff money can’t buy.

    93. Anne T

      15:05 “yeah, you’re here to help, not for small talk, so stick to it” BRUV 💀💀💀💀💀

    94. Anne T

      8:06 “I’m sorry sir, I’m sorry, hshs ahshs shhsh afhsh hhfha fhahh fhhsh oh god”

    95. Cian Leahy

      Bullyed 🧐

    96. William -

      Bruh is JJ dyslexic

    97. Shorty Boy

      Vik would off deffo been a teacher if he didnt become a youtuber! Seems like that d**k teacher from school in this vid 😂

    98. Adam Ghali

      bruh i wish he cut jjs hair i would have been dying of laughter

    99. Timboyasis_269

      Entertainment 100%

    100. Joanna

      *ksi scares dax off Dax:Ight lets check his mopping record Ksi:No i dont take no l's