I Regret Everything (August 2020) | FailArmy


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    We all have things in our life that we regret. However some people have a lot more to regret than others. These are their stories!
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    1. Nick H

      whoever liked this video has no soul

    2. Hasoone Ali989

      I will subscribe you man you will deserve more likes and subscribers

    3. K.Lawrence Mizo

      The first one though😅😅

    4. Bendel Wolide

      French girls act, dress and move like arrogant middle aged women.

    5. MerethValera

      First video is hella fake lmao

    6. XDaDopeGamerX Gaming

      I was a huge fan of fail army but still remember the times it made is laugh lol

    7. Robloxian Gamer

      1:54 me when my mom catches me sneaking Mcdonalds into the house when she told me not to get food

    8. Andrew Tarr

      I remember when failarmy didn’t reuse clips 🤠

    9. Nitty BlahBlah

      03:06 Before it finishes and I see the outcome...Dude in the driver seat...Moron...Gets exactly what he deserves...And now continue to the inevitable...

    10. Modifyed

      The time when Hungrybox dropped the pizza... an unforgettable moment.

    11. Jon Northall

      Now I ask how do we know that these clips are not 2020 ones?

    12. Skvj Abs

      4:52. Signs of prophecy

    13. Siriusgirlm

      Have I seen this or not??? The thought of every Failarmy viewer every video...good job on the recycling, doing your part.

    14. ThatDragonHD

      Glad hungrybox made it into this. What a legend

    15. PrudentAsh4788

      Girl with blender is lucky her hand didn’t get fucking ate up by that blender

    16. naezk

      You just got fired, your girlfriend broke up with you, you are broke, your in huge debt, your landlord wants the money tomorrow, you are stressed out, and all you want is to eat and go to bed, then this happens 1:54

    17. Johnny Sullivan

      That's the universe telling you enough McDonald's fat boy

    18. Bodhi James

      Enough of the McDonald’s bag.

    19. Linda Pendleton

      Guy in the red kayak. The best, really!!!!!

    20. merci aye

      He was gonna lay on the porch and eat his McDs but they must forgot the honey sauce...

    21. Ezra The Human

      First one is bs, firstly, insulation tape isn't nearly as adhesive enough to rip out eyebrows. Secondly, nobody rips all their eyebrows out without wincing in pain, looking shocked like an idiot not knowing what happened. You'll know exactly what happened by the pain.

    22. Crash Man

      Literally subbed today, I’ve seen the same clip in 3 videos already :/

    23. vtrevlyn39

      People who eat MacDonalds are loser diabetics

    24. IABI TV

      What is the fail at 0:30 exactly?

    25. Juan Crerar

      Mc Donalds dude could have still eaten more than half of that food. SO stupid

    26. Dillon Sims

      Stop reusing clips 😒 doesn’t matter how long it’s been we still remember them. 😴😴😴😴😴😴

    27. Pietro Macarov Pierre Mac

      1:54 Lost stupid Guy... Everything was still good even the drinks...

    28. Cocomunga Productions

      That McDonald’s food was completely fine. One drink might have spilled a little.

    29. Skidrow Sega

      2.34 warrior cat ^^

    30. Mmmyy

      Lol that guy who drops the food on the porch.... shiit

    31. Backyardmech1

      1:55 for sure I would’ve had the same reaction.

    32. Jawad Valam

      I regret clicking on Fail Army videos.

    33. Matthew Jessen

      4:37 Bayblade! Let it rip!

    34. Willow Scott

      I’m just here to see how stupid this was...

    35. Dave Norton

      Lmao Hungrybox

    36. Bob Hope

      Now I remember why I stopped watching this channel. 60% of the clips are reused from older videos

    37. Lynder Herberts

      Too predictable. :o(

    38. Joe Filler


    39. mr_squidwid

      4:04 when your wallet dies inside

    40. Spartan

      4:50 they have angered the machine spirit!

    41. Justin Machado

      1:12 Reminds me of Gerard Pique

    42. Jesse Geyer

      What happened to this channel? Did the people who put actual effort into the compilations quit or something?

    43. Bobbi Conrad

      Why do people film and upload their stupidity? Are they proud to be monumentally dumb?

    44. Izzy RODZ

      First ones fake

    45. Rick Cords

      Hbox is in!!

    46. lightguy13

      Failarmy is a waste of time. Nothing new just about ever the last year

    47. Lorden Miller

      The pizza at the end was intentional

    48. go away noah

      yooooo hungrybox!

    49. Toi Toi

      Oh look, another collection of clips I've seen before.

    50. Tek The Bacon Man

      I don’t watch fail army much So I can but Can’t say some of these clips were already used

    51. muddybiker

      This channel recycles so much, Greta Thunberg would be proud.

    52. LyleStyle87

      1:54 HAHA!! *ahem*... HAHAHA HAHA!!!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    53. Darren Woods

      When the first video is fake its all down hill from there...

    54. Austin Braese

      Well lost eyebrow is better than aids So lot better than that mustang going into the garage door I bet that dads pissed at his son

    55. Diago Palau

      I love when someone fails infront of a webcam and the chat goes crazy x'D

    56. fokiee chan

      lol dolls

    57. シュガー

      You really are like Rockstar Games, reusing the same content over and over and over again, and can’t accept criticism

    58. john freeman

      2:27 father grigori hl2

    59. nmathews133

      That dude's McDonald's was totally salvageable

    60. Paintball fanatic

      Is the dude in the first vid using electrical tape? If so then that's what I need, I will never have to shave my face again!

    61. BCMTUK

      I don't get things like 0:30 Are they serious, or is it a joke? Maybe I'm not understanding what's going on, but if they're serious..... am I the only person who seems to understand that .... _if_ you shave your hair.... your.... hair... gets... er... shaved?

    62. themoos420

      the first one its fake

    63. Emerald SSBU

      Woah HBOX is on here

    64. tylor bonnetrouge

      That tiktok

    65. OkieOran Scott


    66. d ́buC

      some people fail on purpose to be on here lol

    67. Aleksander Weedman

      Unsubscribed after seeing again the same video

    68. Amy Gravel


    69. Salty Apple

      Starting the clip with an obviously fake one. Thumbs down. This channel has turned to shit...

    70. louis

      first one is fake. theres a reason the guys trying to move his face as little as possible

    71. DJ Deckard Cain

      RIP HBox.

    72. dourival icaro

      alec benjamin

    73. Fun and Cute

      OMG, poor the mommy at 1:05. this short bang is hilarious

    74. Light


    75. Fshwithani

      To prevent whatever poor bastard has to read the comment section from killing themselves, they at least tried

    76. nope!

      crap channel

    77. Angélica María

      dude at 2:01 couldve saved most of that food but let his anger get the best of him lol

    78. BelarusianYoshiEditor2020

      0:40 Wasn't that an airhorn or something? XD

    79. Обычный Чел

      1:54 -typical Iphone developer.

    80. Cairo chaney

      4:56 They’re never gonna get that thing to stop spinning aren’t they

    81. John Gate

      1:55 literally noting was ruined or spilled, a couple fries fell out that was about it, there was absolutely no reason to go ape shit and destroy everything.

    82. Jesus Salvador

      Mcdonalds guy, i felt that in my soul

    83. Failarmy's Fan!

      I remember this channel

    84. ThatGuyJeff

      Not a hate comment. You're vids are what keep me up at night. Thank you ❤️

    85. Aid B

      Man he definitely could’ve saved that mcdonalds

    86. psympson

      4:31 Problemas de niños pijos...

    87. psympson

      0:55 cómo convertirte en vasca en 3, 2, 1...

    88. D.W. Derp

      Omg if I see that damn ice drill video one more time I'm unsubscribing. Which means I'll undoubtedly be unsubscribing VERY soon.

    89. Unusual YT

      Adding same clips in all video's...😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    90. Lance Pastoor

      fucking sad

    91. Empty 09

      First clip was fake anyway ffs

    92. Saniya Owens

      Maybe you could do submissions (on twitter or something) of some of our funny clips to put in future videos?. Its kinda a used idea already so if you don't want to, I understand.. Wow, haven't been on this channel for a while now, feels nostalgic. And damn, these hate comments😩

    93. Hamza Hassan

      3:08 This is why you never let kids drive

    94. Richard Watson

      Give it up FailArmy. Your time has passed

    95. Another Person From Norfolk

      Everyone complaining about reused clips: *exist* Me, who hasn't watched this channel since 2016: *visible confusion*

    96. soinu foig

      Seriously? Seen 90% of these in the last few vids

    97. Misty Mountain

      1:31 as a kayaker I see nothing wrong here

    98. G Mck

      I regret watching this

    99. L

      Already knew that kid was gonna drive into that garage

    100. Insane_mamba

      You should do a the best fails so far video

      1. soinu foig

        FailArmy No.1: "Should we keep on reusing the same clips?" FailArmy No.2: "Sure, why not? We don't give a toss about our subscribers!!!"