The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt - Official Trailer

The Grand Tour

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    Because Epic didn't really work. The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt.
    Launches 18 December only on Prime Video.

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    1. Anton Beukes

      Cant WAIT! My Body is Soooo ready!

    2. Alexander Shipman

      Finally something to ease off the 2020 stress

    3. Иван Олифер

      Ну, наконец-то, блять

    4. Николай Огурцов

      Да неужели мы дождемся эту серию в 2020...

    5. Слава Искра

      О Господи,это будет шедевр 😁😁


      Hâte de voir l'épisode

    7. bear v

      These guys need to do a serious off road Cape York trip.

    8. Alison Lima Music

      Hell yeah!!!!

    9. Digital Networker

      I been waiting for a new show for so long this makes me so freaking happy I love these guys me its like im traveling where they are going its awesome please do more series

    10. Johnny Plakidis


    11. riccardo !!


    12. Dominik Gardian

      Clarkson Has hot aj new bentayga

    13. SleekBlack

      Yes... Bring it on!!

    14. HJWB


    15. Aaron Raminos

      😶 Well about time. e.eq

    16. MR.REDSTONE 127!

      Finally a new episode

    17. Толяныч Толяновский

      Где и когда можно посмотреть?

    18. Abubakr Bhyat

      When this is released it will have been 1 year and 6 days since the last episode. The worlds longest wait for dramatic effect

    19. Хозяйские Будни

      Ещё немного)

    20. soinu foig


    21. c21h30o2

      Only reason I bought Amazon prime was for these three. When they leave I leave. Keep it up guys!

    22. Leo N

      They’re back!!!!

    23. aarontheobald

      That’s some funny stuff boy awesome !

    24. Ajax2295

      What happened to sea men??

    25. Bayer-Z28

      It’ll be a sad day when these chaps stop doing this. 😔

    26. Gary Flores

      These 3 need to go head to head with Tanner, Rut, and Adam. The most epic crossover.

    27. Alex Shmalex

      Its about time

    28. Steven Retro

      Can't wait :)

    29. Hammy Rakotomanana

      Next time call the club tana off road or mud gasy cars We are always ready for that kind of trip

    30. Reefos Jay

      Ummm excuse me Amazon.... where’s Seamen part 2????

    31. Matt Norton

      "6:15" Yea i've been getting paid with *p p a l c a s h . x y z* i'm making over $2715 a week with them! εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

    32. Elbaisland Elbaisland

      Absolutely n 1 🖤 Hail from 🇮🇹

    33. Szalsoon

      I cant waitng for

    34. Monkey Wench Team of Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project

      YES! FINALLY!!!

    35. Robot Wolf Productions

      Cheehoo! Welcome Back Boys! So Stoked For This!🤙🏼

    36. Karlheinz Wiedenroth

      Tank You for this present.I Love These Guys😁😁😁😁

    37. Virusnewful

      Быстрей бы!

    38. михаил михайлов


    39. guernseyal

      they should have called it "The Big Hunt" - sounds better!!

    40. USMC03-1408

      About Fucking time!!! Bring the show back!!!

    41. Duncan Sherman

      AC/DC are back and so are Jeremy, Richard and Hammond, could this year get any better? It’s awesome 😎

    42. SlashingMedal11


    43. Mike Hickman

      Omg I've been waiting forever!!! Cant wait to watch it 15 times!!!

    44. Peter Crudgington

      Better late than never!

    45. CSLFiero

      Still grander adventures await!

    46. Tommy Northwood

      This guys financially motivated hatred for Tesla makes his sus af. I dont thumbs up a DAMN thing with him in it..

    47. D D

      Thank the "baby Jesus". Was beginning to think the woke cancel culture got them.

    48. ๋Peter Jeep

      I waiting for them 😂

    49. Alexander Ponmpski

      Yesss!!! Finally!

    50. Rafael Santos

      Top gear will never be the same without these three.

    51. Kryku M.

      Yeah !

    52. SI MO

      ahhh like the good old times

    53. 97gani

      When is it online ???

    54. Ron Burgandy

      the 1.3k dislikes are BBC spam bots - can't be anything else unless Hammonds crashed cars have learnt to use the internet?

    55. Conchubhar beats

      Been waiting way too long for these still glad its coming on soon tho

    56. Akiva Nomad

      Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait!!!

    57. RHYTE


    58. Daksh Saran

      first time IRvision actually recommended an awesome thing

    59. shubham sharma

      Literally they are the only reason i renewed my prime membership.

    60. NEO

      Русские вы где?

    61. Max Kordes

      Da muss definitiv mehr kommen. Nicht nur zwei Filme im Jahr

    62. Steve Hines

      Christmas is officially confirmed with a Grand Tour special

    63. Cedgeemo

      james: idiot richard: little kid jeremy: circus ape on the run

    64. Владислав Кобяков

      Выпуск вышел?

    65. Tim Eckelmann

      Amazon Sure has taken there dear sweet time in waiting to release this!!!

    66. Totti El Shaarawy

      I spend my most time in "recording gameplay "Editing "uploading "I need my brothers and sisters please support me🙏😢🙏😢

    67. Ian Villamor

      i can never ever ever never get tired of these guys EVER we will die with them

    68. Destruction_ nzl

      Can’t wait!!! These guys are awesome

    69. Neko Gaming

      *BBC left the chat*

    70. yurik unt

      Jeremy reminds of a male version of Sarah Palin. Super smart! not.

    71. Argen 024

      Русские есть????

    72. Komulslv

      Wait didnt the show end?

    73. angel martinez

      Only thing good to come out of 2020! Thank you!

    74. Aditya Purwanto

      Think they've cocked about on all of Earth's continents in general. Only the Antarctic remains.

    75. Richard Green

      When’s this on prime?

    76. Kord S

      God bless these Three, especially Hammond who’s still alive after all those accidents.

    77. Relax Cobra

      It’s been soooo damn long and we all know the last one... they can (and will) do so much better. I’ll just leave it at that 😂

    78. Michal Kolcún

      This is the highlight we needed ❤️

    79. Starlight Squadron

      The editing in these has been disappointing so far. I loved the Top Gear specials and I know they cut hours out of those but in The Grand Tour, I can tell loads has been cut. It jumps, not very seamlessly, from scene to scene and I feel like they could have been longer. Seamen felt like the producer just kept shouting “Next!” To the editor. I still massively enjoyed it but something is missing.

    80. God

      1.3k gay people have been here unfortunately

    81. Наталья first


    82. Amy Beerhouse

      This is forza in real life

    83. Tshepo Mokotedi

      *Hammond's Voice* "You idiots"

    84. William Su

      Is the grand tour still being filmed during quarantine?

    85. DIEGhostfish

      I'm going to miss these guys.

    86. Mr Krabs

      Time to buy amazon prime again

    87. Dan Rein

      Bloody hell, at last something decent is coming out this year.

    88. Trail Adventures TV

      Where you can count on your friends to crash into you every time!

    89. raider762

      poor hammonds balls.

    90. Poke Kraze


    91. Joanna

      I'm so hyped for this :D

    92. Daniel Castañeda

      Finally!!! 😁😁😁😁

    93. Bigboi Smokeboss

      Yeeees they are back it’s been soo long. I miss these three funnny host ever in grand tour and top gear history

    94. DJRicoche

      When is the damn release date?!

    95. Paul Mackey

      I'm so glad we're finally getting something new with these lads since it's been ages the Seamon episode was added. They're more bonkers than in top gear but I still love them. 💀🤘🦄❤️🖤💜

      1. Joanna

        FINALLY ❗️❗️❗️

    96. Evolution is evident extinction is inevitable

      You spelt hunt wrong

    97. Dave1035

      coming out the same time as cyberpunk 2077

    98. Sajjad Khan

      It full season our not

    99. Chemon Baum

      Literally can't wait

    100. allthatihave14

      I forgot about this show this a troll?