How Did The NBA Let This Happen


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    1. Miguel Castanres

      Klay ain’t playing though

    2. Bjorn Ter

      The NBA needs to look for global revenue stream. It is a very popular sports all over the world, in fact the second most popular sports. It has much more potential than the NFL. just need better execution in the management

    3. M K

      2:13 im not even surprised that the nfl has more views, but giants vs cowboys on top?? Dude wtf this literally a bottom tier game...

    4. Kevin Johnson

      Haven’t watched yet but I know there’s going to be a chart

    5. Orhun Coşkun

      Can you make your videos 1080p?

    6. Diamond Eyez

      Song @ 0:21?

    7. Patrick Layman

      Steph Curry, Peyton Manning, Charles Barkley, & Phil Mickelson REACT to @MMG's Golf Swing! WATCH >

    8. Bennie Nevarez

      Does that count international views

    9. Matt Ashton

      This video is total garbage. This guy can't even bother to spend 2 seconds looking up meaningful stats. You can't mention 29 million finals viewers for MJ without mentioning that as soon as he retired the average dropped to 12 and never recovered.

    10. Peelpoteer

      nfl isnt the reason nba ratings are down lol

    11. Gabo Bonilla

      "well rested an recovered Klay" RIP

    12. T Pap

      Every time i hear the name Klay Thompson on this vid my heart hurts. 😢

    13. Tha UndaDogg

      NBA don´t pop like that anymore

    14. bojo perez

      people are soooooooooooo bored they started watching golf

    15. bojo perez

      losing revenue..................... cause of those massive stupid salaries

    16. bojo perez

      losing revenue..................... cause of those massive stupid salaries

    17. Anthony Lipetri

      “A well rested and recovered Klay Thompson.” Klay’s right leg: “Let me stop you right there.”

    18. qopoy dnon

      "A well rested and recovered Klay Thompson" Klay's Achilles: "Lemme tell you something"

    19. Jacob Dinata

      LAL: Rip Nets: ....... Knicks: hah your’e with us golden state

    20. BeAn BeAn

      Dude no one watches NBA Finals anymore cuz they don't care about Lakers winning

    21. A24Y Yumi


      1. qopoy dnon

        U gotta post more👑

    22. Kubena

      0:20 hold up was that clip from trailer park boys?

    23. Nba2k Tips and tricks

      9:40 who's 8???

    24. Nba2k Tips and tricks

      I cringed every time he mentioned Klay Thompson coming back next year

    25. Moshe

      These rating are trash cause the amount of politics involvement in basketball

    26. Jamazoid

      Wnba viewership actually grew. Think it was worth an audible mention not just the bottom of the chart.

    27. Simon McNeilly

      I don’t think it was covid....... get woke, go broke, it was in free fall before covid.

    28. Kash B

      you're underrating the mavs mate. If clippers are in the mix, mavs are definitely in the mix for a championship.

    29. mercyy

      pov: your annoyed of the klay comments

    30. Nihal Gopisetti

      We want the trapsax backkkkkkkkkkk

    31. Dustin Ring

      I can't wait for the day people stop using tv ratings to prove points.. NO1 WATCHES TV ANYMORE!!!! To compare ratings from now to the 90s is just lazy. Everybody had a TV and cable back then and internet barely existed. Only people 40+ have a mandatory TV and cable subscription in their lives today and oh ya 40+ are the NFL biggest market.

    32. ACE torres

      Retirement is very different from load management

    33. Mack

      KD + kyrie = NBA finals KD + kyrie + harden = second round exit with more bickering than a old senile couple between kyrie and harden 😂😂😂

    34. Evan Erb

      Klay Thompson tore his Achilles longer than 6 days ago

    35. AF

      How about we just call the fans in the stands “peaceful protesters”? That should get them in.

    36. Kelan Koval

      U gotta post more👑

    37. David Starnes

      Jordan didn't take time off to rest and recover. He was off to do other things or he was forced out for awhile if you believe the darker side of the story due to gambling issues.

    38. David Starnes

      Views might be saved a little if they go back to 80s/90s rules. Real defense. Not an overpaid shootout of a bunch of Nancy load management watchers. Today's basketball is shit.

      1. David Starnes

        Oh and get rid of the politics and all that noise. Play the game. Get competitive. Players need to play not kinda run things.

    39. Jake Molnar

      The 2020 NBA Finals were happening alongside NFL, MLB and NHL play for the first time ever I'm pretty sure, thx to COVID ... there's bound to be a sharp decrease there LMAO

    40. GWrench9

      Its more than just covid that is making them lose money. Stop siding with looters and rioters or lose half your audience.


      Turns out when people are told the game starts at 8 pm but they don't tip off until 830 pm and instead spend 30 minutes shoving BLM down your throat, no one really cares.

    42. Nguyen TT

      Lower viewership could have a lot to do with households cutting cable. Back when Jordon was around, cable subscriptions were higher.

    43. Dawson Gray

      Warriors are going to be terrible again in 2020 2021 season

    44. Brandon DeGraw

      Bro seriously these people need to stop making a meme out of Klay Thompson's injury. It's a cheap laugh at what could be the decline or ending of his career. You're all kinda fucked up for it tbh.

    45. itstayaa22 22

      @JxmyHighroller stop that you know damn well Jordan would of played . If it wasn’t for unforeseen circumstances . Lebron been cherry picking let’s get that straight . At least he was being honest .

    46. Khaylin Snead

      @8:03 🤕

    47. Nate38

      8:02 that aged well

    48. Nate38

      this viewership drought is because china banned nba

    49. Victor Hernandez

      "A Well Rested And Recovered Klay Thomson" Klay's Lower Back: Save This Post Until 2021.

      1. Kevin Johnson


    50. Pat Y

      The teams that have gone so long without playing are actually at a disadvantage to me. 4+ months away from competitive basketball is actually negative and leads to rust and lack of conditioning.

    51. Pat Y

      NBA got too political and with the amount of player movement fans are no longer sticking by teams

    52. Pat Y

      stop handing out 195m contracts and the nba will be just fine

    53. Mr. Clean

      I hope the NBA fails. They need to learn from their stupid mistakes. Every NBA exec has already sold their soul to the Chinese.

    54. The Brodie Dakota

      A lot of it has to do with the league getting so political. No matter what you think of it, and I won't state my views here, but many, many people stopped watching because of the politics

    55. J

      Tired of celebrities in general. I think the NBA will have less viewership this coming season. They will continue to push politics in the NBA it’s only going to get worse. Lebron also hates a certain type of race. Well all really except one.

    56. Nick Koorsen

      The viewership dropping is simply because of politics being in NBA. All the conservatives that watched the NBA no longer watched because they thought they were being shamed and disrespected. I, a conservative, still watched because Ik that it wasn’t about politics, they simply were just asking for black social justice. Unfortunately a lot of conservatives took it to hard and went to football.

    57. A D

      Achilles is no joke.

    58. MarcDog GamerRice

      Click bait title and thumbnail with kd and kyrie and james

    59. Top Ramen

      comment mfs be like "a well rested and recovered klay thompson"

    60. Skyro

      Too many ads..

    61. Big Goose

      Can’t you get fresh legs I’m 72 days ?

    62. Gunned

      forgot hockey was a sport 😂

    63. Isaiah Nix

      Yo does everyone have to comment the same thing about Klay holy crap

    64. Marcus Gable

      pretty simple... they didn't lose out b/c of scheduling... they lost out b/c of their bS nazi-liberal-brown-shirt liberal politics... and being scared of a "pandemic" with a 99% survival rate... they hopped on the nazi liberal bandwagon... and those millions and millions of middle class and upper middle class folks (of all races/ religions/ creeds) decided the NBA and it's mindless minion players do not deserve their time. They wanted to be outspoken politically... which is fine... but it cost them everything. Not this year... likely not next year... but in the near future... the NBA will be forced to slash teams and salaries... it will simply go bankrupt. And those millions and millions of folks will not care. Or.. they could have stood up together... decided to keep their politics to themselves (kind of like Jordon a/o Kobe) and there would have been slight drop-off; with greater money coming in the near future. You can't have both nazi-liberal outspoken politics and skyrocketing budgets... it's one or the other. They chose politics... therefore.. they will forever lose out on money. But those politics will cease to be relevant when literally no one is watching or buying their crap. Liberalism ruins everything... go ahead... find one example of liberalism making anything better... we will wait

    65. max cop

      Jxmy: “A well rested and a recovered Klay Thompson” Me: looking at the time he uploaded this

    66. Bonhammerstorm

      Jimmy long time subsriber. Like your channel alot. But 5 ads in a 10 min vid is way too much. You better throw in some laker girl close ups if you want people to stick around during that crap.

    67. Smøkeyy

      5:31 so y’all not gonna talk abt how the WNBA views went up and the nbas went down?💀

    68. Davy Mugire

      him "a well rested and recovered Klay Thompson" me "checks the upload date quickly"

    69. True Pain

      Idea: do a video on the trades that happened AFTER the finals Dwight: 76ers D. Schroder: Lakers Westbrick (westbrook): might leave

      1. True Pain

        What he said

      2. True Pain

        Hey u should like this

    70. Elite Sports Videos

      Im just saying you can see Giannis preparing for the next season title run on my channel.

    71. Jason Juster

      Want more money nba, stay out of politics. I will not give the another cent after following, supporting and subscribing for over 30yrs. Nba is a Greedy and evil company.

    72. kai krasowski

      these videos are made so perfectly

    73. max cop

      Sucks seeing Klay go through another injury. He is literally the kind of player that every NBA fans love. I’m sure he’ll comeback stronger than ever. Wishing a speedy recovery for our guy! 🙏🏻

    74. Murad Indris

      waited 10 minutes for him to mention harden to the nets, video finished and I had to double check the thumbnail

    75. Adam Bell

      They were all less viewed because the nba cover themselves in blm corruption advertising even Charles Barkley said blm corrupt there morals are terrible and am not watching nba until it changes

    76. Vallabh Busetty

      and because they brought in black lives natter

    77. dmoneylulz

      I wonder if the drop in viewership also accounts for businesses and restaurant that would randomly just have games playing that are closed now

    78. Pano Prosi

      Their views aren’t down cuz of COVID it’s the same reason why the Washington football team has bad ratinga

    79. ryan ÿ

      wizards video next please

    80. URaisedMy KD

      They just wanted to watch jordan instead of bron

    81. Jeremy L

      “A well rested and recovered Klay Thompson.” Klays right Leg: "And thats when I took it personally"

      1. Anthony Lipetri


    82. Quarmel White

      “How did the nba let this happen” Me: Word they violated 😩

    83. Maddox Hansen

      5:31, The WNBA Finals really went up 15% 😂😂😂

    84. No3 Lumbi

      Me: either Lakers are gonna repeat or golden state will get the win this season Klay Thompson: nah bro

    85. KINGCAM210

      The NFL crushed them yo

    86. Yianni Douris

      Jesus is king and our savior repent of sins so you can be saved

    87. Ima Dike

      Tha Finals wasnt viewed so much bc errybody hate LeBron for some reason

    88. Patrick Williams

      Bruh, it was the social justice marxist lies, nothing more nothing less. It's the only explanation that makes sense.

    89. chuchuchuchia


    90. Jullpz

      How the nba let a global pandemic happen?

    91. John_Smith Chiropractor

      Get Woke Go Broke

    92. Shachar Sharon

      Klay ;(

    93. CraftZ

      The amount of ads in youtube videos now a days is disgusting

    94. Nick Winders


    95. Mobile Sports Machine

      so aboout that klay thompson...

    96. Daniel O.

      Damn, Klay's injury hurts even if you hate the warriors 😞

    97. J P

      where's the blazers on that list?

    98. TwO ChAiNZ gANG

      Gone to political

    99. Mufcpog

      NBA might not get as many viewers as the NFL but that's just in the US. People around the world watch NBA more times than NFL. Out of 10 people, I'd say 8 or 9 people are more interested in the NBA than NFL. But I also do think that more people watch NBA on illegal streams than the NFl as well

    100. Croke835

      5:36 WNBA on the rise? 🤔😂