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    Gen 3 Hemi mods that make power. Does the Gen 3 Hemi respond to normal modifications? How much power does nitrous oxide add? How about a cam swap? We installed a nitrous system from Nitrous Express, then followed that up with the installation of an HRT cam from Comp Cams.

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    1. Kaylin Johnson

      what is cheaper to build hemi coyote or LS?

      1. Kaylin Johnson

        @Richard Holdener cool just dont tell no one its going in a mopar

      2. Richard Holdener

        junkyard ls


      Did you use stock push rods?


        @Richard Holdener wow thanks for the reply!

      2. Richard Holdener


    3. LULU J R Laulom

      Nice Video.. What plug gap and heat range on the plugs did you run with the nitrous setup?

      1. LULU J R Laulom

        @Richard Holdener awesome. thanks again

      2. Richard Holdener

        GAP WA .020-HEAT RANGE 8

    4. Carlos Fernandez

      Did you replace anything else besides the cam and springs?

      1. Richard Holdener

        like what?

    5. LULU J R Laulom

      outstanding video. Thanks

    6. p valley

      I have a 1986 dodge ram d150 what engine do I have been sitting since 2011 or longer does it still work?

    7. Mitch Connor

      I have a Gen 2 Charger

    8. JEEP Wk5.7

      I have one of these intakes for sale. good shape, just swapped it out for the srt8

    9. Ron Hackney

      Why test the nitros on all of these test? On every test you add 100-125 HP kit and it adds 100-125 HP, nothing is learned. I don’t understand.

      1. Richard Holdener

        why run on nitrous on a motor? said no car guy ever!

    10. craigslue

      Where is this exhaust manifold, 1 5/8" vs 1 7/8 headers video? Can't find it anywhere.

    11. Robert Correa

      Richard thanks for a great video on , Gen 3 hemi . but I was wondering is there any possibility that you could show us how to install step by step nitrous on a Gen 3 hemi engine . I know there are other people out there that just afraid to take that first step. I'm just say keep up the great video Robert

    12. j domres

      Why can’t someone Dyno a 6.4 hemi motor out of a truck to actually see the numbers . I can’t find anything anywhere on this motor . We know there underrated by far . Please someone do it lol . Thanks man

      1. j domres

        @Richard Holdener ya it’s awesome. I watched them all . I’m doing a 5.7 hemi swap into my 88 fox body and it’s very helpful for the performance aspect .

      2. Richard Holdener

        I posted a new 5.7L hemi

    13. John Behneman

      WOW!!! The Hemi likes the same upgrades as the LS. Both are great performers for any hot rod. Thanks for sharing.

    14. Shaun P

      Say goodbye to the lifters in third gen junk hemi worst thing dodge did !!

    15. craigslue

      Probably not piston parts but valve seats!

    16. Bryan B

      I'd say lets pitch in and get Richard a wireless mic setup... helps cut down on the shop echo echo echo...lol

      1. Richard Holdener

        he has that

    17. 72RR446

      Why did you bring in the N2O late?

    18. Nate Devilin

      I’m having my 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 rebuilt and they are installing the Stage 2 HRT Comp Cam Master kit. Been in the shop for a month and a half. Ready to see if it puts down power like your engine. It also has Accel coils and Flowmasters. Took a month to find lifters. I ended up going with Mahle non-MDS lifters. Melling lifters are impossible to find and I didn’t want the stock Mopar lifters so I guess I’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck.

    19. Bad Donkey

      Getting slapped with that clip everytime you said nitros was the most annoying thing ever

    20. Homero Aguilar

      Excuse me someone knows how to fix the hemi tic?

    21. 407ForRent

      Do a vid on the Throttlebody conversion

    22. 407ForRent

      Richard make a 2nd channel so we can sub to that also

    23. 407ForRent

      What years are Gen 3?

    24. Tim Westwood

      And what was the degrees on the valve angle job done on the heads

      1. Richard Holdener

        not sure that was done-maybe lapping

    25. Tim Westwood

      What aftermarket pistons and rods would you recommend Richard

      1. B. Double-R Big Red Ram

        @Tim Westwood ...Mahle, Diamond, JE, Wiseco, Lunati...there's quite a few aftermarket companies that make good, high quality pistons for the Gen3 Hemi engines... as far as connecting rods: K1, Molnar Technologies, Scat, Manley, and others

      2. Richard Holdener

        Wiseco and K1 have good stuff-lots of good stuff out there

    26. Mopar Enthusiast

      Gents, Is there any better cam for 5.7 VVT than a 392 cam? I'm having 392 cam in My '13 Challenger RT, but is there something that can give even +50HP on top? Currently i should be hitting around 450-470hp at the crank. All support mods that i could find, LTs, 392 intake with MSD window switch, valve springs, tune.

    27. Valentin Keef

      What can is it

    28. Lonnie Hamilton

      What was the Duration and lift on.the Cam?🔥

      1. B. Double-R Big Red Ram

        @Lonnie Hamilton Comp Cams Stage 2 HRT cam specs: 220°/230° @ .050" duration... .596"/.582" lift

    29. Brendon Barnum

      What were the specs on that cam?

    30. Alexander Hernandez

      What stage cam was the HRT

    31. Mopar Enthusiast

      I like Your materials, please keep doing such a good and detailed work.

    32. john stewart

      Cam specs?

      1. john stewart

        @Richard Holdener no i looked them up stage 2 cam, love your videos you are doing a great job , ps did you win the silver state challenge in a blown mustang?

      2. Richard Holdener

        weren't they given in the video

    33. Ragingbull340

      More Hemi, more Hemi, more Hemi, more Hemi, more Hemi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    34. Joe Robertson

      Magnum, 300c....

    35. Tommy TwoGun

      I noticed on the nitrous test the torque curve was different with the intake tube on versus when it wasn't. You can see the difference before it's activated. Curious to see how the n/a dyno runs would have been if that intake tube was left on.

    36. Jon S.

      What’s the part number for the valve springs? Thanks

    37. Jean Gros-Louis

      what s the spec of that hrt cam

      1. Harold Lewis

        Stage 2 Comp Cams. 220/230.

    38. julio briseno

      Hi nice videos . I'm building 5.7 gen 3 hemi eagle heads going stock charger intake what stock can I use instead of 5.7 cam I know the 6.4 cam won't fit any suggestions thanks in advance .

      1. Richard Holdener

        not sure on that

    39. port nut

      Love the vids but stage 2, 3.5 etc means nothing? Here they are guys Dodge 5.7L and 6.1L HEMI (2003+) 1900-6700 79 Hydraulic Roller Hydraulic Roller HRT 2 Yes Billet Steel WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm P65Warnings.ca.gov 273 279 220 230 0.596 0.582 113

    40. V8pwr

      What was timing with the cam?

    41. B Murray

      Loving the Mopar stuff man. I love anything engine regardless but nice to see something different.

    42. Joe Phillips

      What stage cam is this?

    43. Kirk Georgatos

      Your videos are awesome! Thanks

    44. Kirk Georgatos

      Love to see you compare the lt4 hellcat engine and a gt 500 .

    45. Greg

      Wow, this is great content. No-one is doing this in depth of Hemi stuff on youtube.

    46. 231mac

      Wow, I expected much better N/A numbers...

    47. Lacy Gilmore

      I've heard alot about 6.4 intake and injector swap on a 5.7 does well

    48. Christine Revell

      What kind of timing did you run n/a with the cam upgrade?

      1. B. Double-R Big Red Ram

        @Christine Revell ...early 5.7 Hemi engines ('03 - '08) don't have VVT...the 2009 & newer 5.7's have VVT

      2. Christine Revell

        @Richard Holdener without vvt?

      3. Richard Holdener


    49. 98dodge360v8

      I really wish the aftermarket would embrace the hemi like they did the LS. The hemi is a hell of a motor and responds really well to mods, maybe even a little better than the LS.

      1. Homefront

        I LOVE my 5.7. even after it overheated, dropped seats an friggin imploded! replaced with low mile SRT 6.1 shortblock, reworked heads and its great in my Aspen. my suggestion if you have a pre 2009 Hemi spend the $80 and replace the radiator. Mine burst on the fwy overheated and boom no motor

      2. 98dodge360v8

        @hozeyy I think its because gm supports modifications much more than chrysler. If it wasnt for renegade engineers most of the best things mopar did, including the hellcat, wouldnt exist. Seems to be an uphill struggle between engineers and bean counters within chrysler for anything cool.

      3. hozeyy

        If that was true a ton of shops would do it. Idk where you live but in my area there’s only a couple of shops that know hemis


      What’s the part number on the cam you used ?

    51. Tyler J

      Do u have any thing on the 80s 5.9 360.stock with long header and cam.how much hp do u gain.

    52. James Kidd

      Extremely informative and outstanding!!! These are the kind of videos I like to see. This answers alot of my questions about what will work on a 5.7 Hemi and what the results wil be. Thank you for making these video's.....😎

    53. Steven Canfield

      why no specs or p/n on the HRT cam? I'd like to buy it for my 3 Hemis

    54. Paul Anderson

      What number was the comp cam

    55. Paul Anderson

      Excellent video about a Mopar engine thank you

    56. Carlton

      Did you ever do the Edlebrock heads/intake video?

    57. mike melina

      What would it take to swap the hemi For the 4.7 l that's in my '06 Dakota right now?

    58. SubLim3 Scat

      Any chance on doing a 6.4 hemi

    59. gary smith

      Did you use the comp cam Hrt 1 2 or 3 in this test?

      1. Harold Lewis

        Stage 2. He answered it in someone else's comment.

    60. Hunter Herzog

      Anyone wonder how this man is not the highest subbed engine dyno test channel/ engine info channel

    61. Harry Mananus

      Aren’t those chunks of valve seat that dropped into the cylinder and ended up in the intake?

    62. Rob Barnts

      Would like to see a 6.4 hemi with these same basic upgrades. I’ve read that the 6.4 cam is hard to beat and the hrt cams don’t add much.

    63. millakilla

      Was this the stage 1 hrt?

      1. Harold Lewis

        Stage 2.

    64. DWB Motorsports

      Was this just the stage 1 HRT cam?

      1. V8pwr

        Stage 2 hrt comp cam

    65. daniele cedrati

      Hi! I’m going to install a 5.7 into my tj with manual gear box... I need torque between 800 to 4000 rpm, do you guess me to install a vvt or non vvt? Could you tell me which cam I should install? Or other mods, obviously if it is necessary ... just because I’ going to rebuilt the engine, and I would like to adapt it to off-road and towing, and I have no need to reach high power .. only a lot of torque! I bought your book, but all dyno never start before 2500-3000 rpm! Many thank!

    66. Bryan Neighbours

      Can you show this motor with eagle heads and the cam? I just performed this modification and I am curious what you find with this upgrade. I posted the video if you are interested in seeing what it looks like.

    67. jedidethfreak

      The deathknell for the modern Hemi is those shitty-ass non-Hellcat lifters.

    68. TheSiren 1974

      Man they look cool!!

    69. JEEP Wk5.7

      Can u put 6.1 or 6.4 heads on stroker 5.7

      1. Brian Meyer

        @JEEP Wk5.7 from what I remember I shimmied the gasket with another layer from an old 5.7 gasket. Took the rivets out of each gasket and made my own thickness.

      2. JEEP Wk5.7

        Brian Meyer what did u do for the compression difference? Also my cam is a hhp/bes

      3. Brian Meyer

        @JEEP Wk5.7 I got out of the hemi world just as the 6.4 stuff was coming out. I wanted to let you know the the 6.1 will work no issue. I ran HHP/BES 6.1 heads on a 5.7 SBE with a huge cam.

      4. JEEP Wk5.7

        Brian Meyer well I’m not at stock bore anymore but should be the same right? 6.1 don’t tilt valves like 6.4 right? I’m at a bore big enough to clear 6.4 valves I just don’t know if compression or valve angle would be an issue

      5. Brian Meyer

        6.1s work on stock bore 5.7 for sure

    70. Zak Fuji

      Are these crank HP?

      1. B. Double-R Big Red Ram

        @B Murray ...lol

      2. B Murray

        Well it ain't wheel HP lol

    71. Jake Valent

      What's that orange timing cover? What's the part # on those coil packs?

    72. Silentbobz28

      The 09 and later "eagle" heads 5.7 will make even more power than your results here. Easily @30hp.

      1. V8pwr

        I just ordered this cam for my 6.1 srt i hope atleast 30hp+ lol

    73. SMOBY44

      Curious about the comment about the piston parts ending up in the intake. What am I missing? I've seen plenty end up in the pan, but not the intake.

    74. Big3Fan

      Great video !

    75. Ben Weeks

      You need to explain how you modified the throttle body.

    76. Adam atkins

      Cam shaft part number??

    77. MRMOPARMAN0426

      Loving the gen3 hemi content richard!

    78. Travis Alford

      I wonder if you could twin turbo a 6.0ls with the cheap eBay got-45 turbos? I want to try it.

    79. Derek Turnbull

      Hell yeah MOPAR!!!!!

    80. David Davis

      How TF does piston chunks make it past the valves and into the freaking intake manifold?

    81. Brandon Walker

      Why didnt he put the go juice to it when he swapped in the cam??? Or hell show a pull with ported heads..

    82. David Ruff

      Cant wait for more hemi stuff

    83. Donald Liverance

      We need a Hemi play list lol

      1. Donald Liverance

        @Richard Holdener thank you

      2. Richard Holdener

        my bad-stage 2 HRT

      3. Richard Holdener


      4. Donald Liverance

        And maybe the numbers on that cam

    84. Alan M

      Anyone know if it was the stage 2 or 3 cam used?

      1. Richard Holdener

        Stage 2-I rushed a little too much obviously

    85. Nick

      Not only piston parts, when these engines get hot they drop valve seats. Chrysler would not pay the dealership to install the new engine unless a new intake manifold was used. Both GM and Chrysler have TSB's addressing catastrophic failure and intake replacement.

      1. Richard Holdener

        yep-valve seats in the early Hemis

    86. Driving with Myles

      Can the nitrous be turned on at 3,500? Next are the 80 pound injectors the go to set up for your builds. What was the duty cycle of the injectors during the nitrous shot.

      1. Richard Holdener

        the nitrous didn't change the duty cycle-the extra fuel was supplied by through nozzle-if that is your question

    87. Otis Reading

      He is like ricky bobby he just doeant know what to do with his hands

      1. Otis Reading

        @Richard Holdener a hot chick and a fast car dude your living the American dream

      2. Richard Holdener

        I am married to a stone cold fox!

    88. Unity MotorSports Garage

      Richard.. I love your Videos keep up the great work... I'm a Die hard Ford guy but your vids on LS and Hemi engines teach me what can be done with other engine platforms... Now just find a New Ford 7.3 to Play around with!!!

      1. Unity MotorSports Garage

        @Richard Holdener I checked it out!! I Love this new engine... Can't wait to see how big it can go... I guess with a 9.6 deck height 500" could be a good possibility! Keep up the great work 👍

      2. Richard Holdener

        My buddy Evan Smith just a video on the new 7.3L-its good stuff

    89. Hoonatic Bloggs

      How are the emissions with the cam upgrade ?

      1. Brian Frost

        I doubt many people swapping cams in their hemis are putting emissions as a high priority.

      2. Richard Holdener

        no idea-we only measured hp and TQ on the engine dyno

    90. Dani d Passport Integra

      HELP!!!!! I think my integra needs a hemi

      1. Richard Holdener

        just needs VTEC and Boost

    91. drake olson

      Awesome video as always!!!!

    92. Noah Ericson

      Like seeing the 5.7 stuff. Do everything you do to an LS and do it to a 5.7. Ls's flood IRvision, I want to see more hemi stuff.

      1. Elijah Jackson

        millakilla how you get the engine for cheap? Where you get it and how many miles did it have on it ?

      2. Saw Greater

        Ls is so popular because it’s cheap. Just happens to be a good motor also. Come on now.

      3. millakilla

        @Noah Ericson the biggest difference In price i found is in the cams and valve springs. I was able to find everything else pretty cheap. A few more weeks have passed though since my last comment and I have to say my hemi is coming along. Should be about 520hp at the crank so I'm hoping for about 450 at the wheels..not bad for a budget hemi build. 340 stock+60 (comp hst stage 1 cam)+35 (long tubes, no cats, magnaflows)+36(custom tune)+25(intake), +15 (ported heads), +5 (hellcat throttle body) total cost for all this including the engine is about $3000

      4. My 2 Cents

        I’ve always wanted to build my Ram up but yeah, there ain’t nothing decent priced for a gen 3 Hemi.

      5. Noah Ericson

        @millakilla I had that same thought before I started building mine. Then someone pointed out the reason LS parts are cheaper is because china makes alot of them. Quality LS parts and Hemi parts are the same price. Plus the Hemi has better flowing heads. Since I've started building mine I dont regret it.

    93. Tuffram

      What I find interesting is this engine is rated at 335HP and 375 Ft Lbs. of torque in factory stock trim will all the front engine components. What I find interesting it it only made 367HP without any of the front engine components and you used LT headers and an better that factory optimized tune.

      1. Travis Black

        I’m thinking the exact same thing. “285hp” LM7’s dyno at like 355hp, yet a “345hp” gen 3 hemi puts out like 370-380?

      2. Tuffram

        @Richard Holdener Thanks for the reply Richard. yeah I was kind of thinking the same considering what the LS based engines do on the dyno when you run them from a stock HP number to what you get baseline off the dyno. This engine is defiantly down on HP.

      3. Richard Holdener

        this one seemed down slightly from others I have run-usually closer to 380 hp

    94. AJ Bertelson

      Glad to see this. Sucks that there is no room under the lx/ld hood for a hairdryer.

    95. B Mason

      Which HRT cam was it? Comp offers several. Did I miss something?

      1. B Mason

        @Richard Holdener ahh, superficially, very similar specs to one of my 6.4 custom grind cams. Always fun to see the engine dyno numbers on these engines.

      2. Richard Holdener

        it was stage 2-I missed putting that in the video-my mistake

    96. Jason Powell

      I would love to see a vid of one fogger vs spraybar vs dual fogger vs direct port results with same recommended ho settings. I will guess there will be a torque difference. I also think you have a vid talking about air fuel overall vs per cylinder. I think some people don't understand the power or reliability there leaving on the table with a single fogger. To each is own. But that's a video I want to see.

      1. Richard Holdener

        I have nitrous distribution in an LS coming up

    97. Seth Gibbs

      The factory intake isn't as good as what people think they are for the price everyone wants for them.

    98. Seth Gibbs

      I am currently working on a 5.7 for a 89 d150 swap and want to do work to it so please do more hemi videos

    99. Hal 1000

      Subscribed. Give thanks ti Uncle tony. He brought me here

      1. Richard Holdener

        Uncle T is good people! Welcome aboard

    100. Ian Carnel

      Talk about the Elephant in the room . please. Talk about that elephant all.day.long