24 Marble Race EP. 18: Disaster Race (by Algodoo)

Crazy Marble Race

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    WARNING!!! The disaster occurred in this channel. Who will survive?
    Original Ides : davvy,S Chon,Thomzesx,Arnav 3E,Waldness Topic International
    Music (Free copyright music from IRvision Music Library)
    Stage 1:
    Harmful or Fatal by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
    Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100210
    Artist: incompetech.com/
    Stage 2: Baba - Jeremy Black
    Stage 3: Average - Patrick Patrikios
    Stage 4: Find Me Here - Patrick Patrikios
    Stage 5: Forget Me Not - Patrick Patrikios
    #marblerace #marblerun #algodoo

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      magenta yellow black

    2. Snim pro

      After this video i hate magenta

    3. Noorhafizah Ismail

      stage 4 is realy hard

    4. Bo Jack

      last time i voted for magenta to be 1st and i was correct

    5. Juan Pablo Moreira Díaz

      14:17 thats a perfect timing

    6. Dylan Yamil Porras

      and like

    7. Dylan Yamil Porras

      i already suscribe

    8. Dylan Yamil Porras

      i love marble races


      13:01 Red : Almost There 13:03 Red : Oot


      8:14 Ice Unlucky


      8:01 Yellow : I Won ( Earrape ) Yeeeeeeeeeeesssss!!!!!


      4:31 Mint : ImPro

    13. Brandon Estrada


    14. Eton Hung

      Sorry, it is not 14:19, it is 14:18.

    15. Eton Hung

      If you hate magenta, yellow and black, don’t watch these seconds. 14:19, 14:57, 14:59

    16. kagechu2005

      Magenta: **puff** That was close...

    17. Miss._.Kilzey

      I chose black

    18. Cream Marble YT

      This is the first race to all the blue shades be eliminated

    19. Agnes Steele

      Where Are The Elimanated Marbles Heading


      7:27 it falls......



    21. Cursed Man

      D I S A S T E R RACE

    22. Gabriel Hernandez

      Lime es mi color

    23. Indigo

      So what is the app called? Is it Algodoo or something? Edit: They should add the color indigo.

      1. jessie white


    24. Leo Walkingshaw


    25. Leo Walkingshaw


    26. Leo Walkingshaw

      Pls be the tornado

    27. Leo Walkingshaw


    28. Shakthi krithika Gokul raj

      Yellow:*gets hit by meteor every attempt* Yellow:*gets to be second place* Me:yayyayayyayayayayayay

      1. YGVUF554

        I voted for yellow too

    29. Amina Mojumder


    30. Mathematics with Darasimi

      Ice Kinda Sus

    31. Shota Aizawa イレイザーヘッド

      I just hope they eliminate pink very soon.

    32. sopheak chin


    33. Kent Mullen

      9:36: Pink just got robbed 🤨

      1. Kent Mullen

        Correction: It was magenta who got robbed

    34. Kent Mullen

      Cyan scared me in the first round there but they survived 🤗

      1. Antonio Reyes

        I don't believe

    35. Zoe Elyse De Jesus

      this is great i love marbles disasters i agree becuse there great marbles

    36. Ana Gonzalez

      Marbles! Tornado

    37. Anthony G

      This video is so bad

    38. Boris Tomic

      Do you animate this or do you code them some Kind of Intelligent and gravity?

    39. Yashoda McNally

      bruh that was dumb

    40. Alzio Devdan

      Ice + cream/peach + super light blue = ice cream

    41. Mike Garcia


    42. Igor Rafael Mendes Fernandes


    43. yunita anggraini

      im mint

    44. 36 Adaptive For Theluma :D

      Lavender: wham tree! Coral: HOW ABOUT THEE :) 23 Marbles: no CMR: race color --------------------------------------- Messier Race 1. Messier 49 2. Messier 87 3. Messier 69 4. The Big Boss Black Hole -------------------------------------------- Grey: oh Olive: back CMR: how The End lol Neverforget: wan't play friend NANI RIP

    45. Alexandra Herrmanns

      I say mint

    46. Abhiraj Chowdhury

      Please make red win

      1. Cream Marble YT

        Red already win here

    47. NotLoved OrSpecial

      Bruh I voted magenta no cap

    48. Allen Goel

      10:20 I don't belive it

    49. João Miguel


    50. Seymour Gale

      Right im for lavender

    51. johansmidts

      Make roblox marbels!

    52. Matthew Rodelo

      All blue team:MASON!

    53. Matthew Rodelo

      My bl.. bl.. blue team

    54. Lion LOL

      I hate the color magenta

    55. BatFence

      I chose middle row


      What website is this or whatever your using

    57. Diego B

      this was my childhood

    58. JF KidPlayer

      all collors boses ma ke KING BOSS DISASTETER BOSS

    59. _itzjennie_ _

      Cyan broke my heart

    60. Manuel Bascon

      Guys me and my siblings had a gamble my little sister was magenta and i was lime and my brother red and she won by luck!

    61. Edward Elijah Contante

      Y u maek my favorite lose :((

    62. TheRealScarf

      What i chose: Purple, Turquoise, Cream, and Magenta

      1. mono

        Cyan,ice,and mint

    63. Axel Leonel Ramírez Romero

      Igo. De. Su. Mabre

    64. Shisui Plays

      how do make marble races

    65. Mr Arty duo

      *when im votin for grey to win* COME ON LETS GO!!! DUDE CMON PLEASE!!

    66. Pump!

      This is so nostalgic.

      1. Mr Arty duo


    67. Vlad Novikov

      1st Magenta 2nd Yellow 3rd Black. Black is third of bad luck

      1. Pump!


    68. Match Henry Stickmin and pen BFB

      I wanted Yellow Red and Blue or Navy and only one did

    69. tryano

      Maroon: accidentally jumped out of the building and hits green in a sequence of events

    70. Antwaughn Gang

      10:18 lime is definitely crying

      1. Pump!


    71. David Lin


    72. Idiot Bear

      How you make this

    73. Alina Aurin

      I choosed yellow

    74. Carr Andre Amistad

      6:09 Ice: WAIT NO Magenta: *sigh* Red: hup, hup,hu- Mint: *sleeps* Magenta: 😡 Red: almost there Red: YES

    75. Jacob The Object Thingy

      magenta is not eliminated 00:13:21

    76. Schuyler Santiago

      GOOOOOO❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️🍓🍓🍓🍓🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮💕💕💕💕 REDDDDDS

    77. murat baran inal

      I chose Navy,Pink and Mint to Navy didn't make top 8 and Mint and Pink made top 8.

    78. HydesR01

      Me: Alright I'll go with Olive Olive: gets eliminated in R1 Me: Alright, how about Green Green: gets elminated in R2 Me: Fine, I'll try Lime Lime: gets eliminated R3 Me: Alright, I guess I'll go Red Red: gets eliminated R4 Me: Fine, I'll go with Pink Pink: Comes last in the final I have the worst luck


      What is the game called

    80. Alecxy

      does anyone know where you can get this game at?

    81. Max Skinner

      14:14 I like how they timed mahenta's win with the beat the drop LOL

    82. Adel Quima

      That race is not have indigo

    83. Sara the red panda

      My Colors: lavender, ice an white let see how they do!!! Round 1: white got eliminated Round 2: both ice and lavender made it!! Round 3: yea both ice and lavender got eliminated OOF

    84. Hamilton Gullon, Jr.


    85. Hamilton Gullon, Jr.


    86. Hamilton Gullon, Jr.


    87. Hamilton Gullon, Jr.

      i love blue i think blue can make it!

    88. ltt011 1

      i voted for cyan then pink

    89. ltt011 1

      Flood escape music?

    90. Voi Chen

      this is so intense

    91. Aiden Graves

      I think you forgot about the color greg ._.

    92. NASHqp


    93. murat baran inal

      Bravo! Pink and Mint you made top 8. But Navy Got Eliminated.

      1. JF KidPlayer

        ........ SHOT

    94. Bl4z1ng

      This is so satisfying

    95. din noo!

      13:11 they haate red cause he betrayed lava

    96. Doctor_LittleNeonCat - Gacha Life

      Green: is that a tornado? Mint (who I chose): AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    97. Doctor_LittleNeonCat - Gacha Life

      I chose mint

    98. NeonX Gaming

      Yes!!!! My fav colour won Gg on others tho

    99. Asian Empire Playz

      Stage 1 marbles: goo Tsunami:I will take out all of you Marbles:noooo:(