Joe Rogan Talks Big Fight Between Jake Paul and Ben Askren

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    Joe Rogan and Brendan Shaub weigh in on their thoughts about the upcoming fight with IRvision sensation Jake Paul with Olympian and the former Bellator/ONE champion, Ben Askren on April 17th.
    It will be an 8-round professional boxing fight
    Askren started his career 19-0 before losing his last two and then retiring.
    Jake Paul is 2-0 and Ben Askren will be making his boxing debut.
    Who wins this fight?
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    1. Jeff Sainlar Visuals

      Joe Rogan talks about the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight>

    2. Yo_Noz

      6:00 it doesn’t make sense why does he want to fight mma fighters in boxing how about fight a boxer like tommy fury Jake Paul is such a pussy

    3. James Hendley

      Diaz get knocked out lol 😂🤦‍♂️😝

    4. cld

      Nobody's gonna talk about Jake Paul obviously using steroids...?

    5. Ivko Vukovic 2

      If jake paul is 6'1 then ksi is 6'2 because ksi is around an inch taller, and then logan paul is 6'4? No there not, jake paul is around 5'10, ksi 5'11, and logan is around 6'2, so jake paul being 6'1 is complete bull shit.

    6. paul C

      Ben probably the worst stand up fighter in mma but Jake is not world class boxer. At worst is 50/50 chance. Ben got nothing to loose if Jake lost his career's over.

    7. Gucci

      Would not knock out diaz lmao

    8. Will Jackson

      Jake ain’t 6’ 1” btw 😂

    9. Blackie Sheep

      Mma aint a brawl bitch

    10. Lindsay Sheehan

      Dude, you’ve had two fights. And none against boxers. He’s a nobody who wants to get paid.

    11. Wimpy Samurai

      Boxing is not an art, it’s a science


      I honestly don’t know why people think jake will win jakes been doing boxing training for like 2 years Ben even though he is a wrestler he still does stand up and is a actual athlete who can go 6-10 rounds no problem at one point even thought as the best in his division but I can see jake landing a hit and him going down I want jake to win even though I don’t like him but would be impressive and funny

      1. L

        the thing is he's only good at wrestling, look up "ben askren sparring" and look at it. His striking is beyond terrible

    13. James Philipson

      It is a weird match up isn’t it. Jake who doesn’t box boxers and Ben who is a wrestler and in his sport defends against strikers with wrestling. Just a pretty pointless mix cause whatever happens it doesn’t prove anything

    14. Frank Wharton-Hughes

      That hypothetical was definitely stretching Schaub’s brain to the max. The studio probably smelled like bacon

    15. Sh Sh

      Fight a pro boxer

    16. Jake Hunter

      Damn it Ben please beat this guy senseless. Imagine no ko but Ben Max Holloway's him!!

    17. Gday Osandu

      Jake is gonna sweep Asskren then Gaysi is next😂

    18. Armored Anvil

      When will Jake Paul have a real fight ?

    19. btookz

      Fight some boxers stop with the mma, nba and you tubers or guys smaller than you. Fight a real boxer

    20. gud bie

      Brenda knows very little about fighting for somebody who's been inside the cage

    21. Alexander Chamberlin

      I think Jake might win. Ben’s striking is beyond laughable. You could put gloves on someone who has never fought in any capacity and work with them for 1 week and they would be better than Ben. And I hate that I may have to live in a world where Jake gets to say he beat Ben Askren.

    22. Ricardo Roger

      If Schaub is saying all this...Askren getting KO’d in first round!

    23. Prod. Wavy Dave

      Bens trainer needs to work on bens power and snap at the end of his punch. I wouldn’t let Ben within 6ft of the heavy bag or any pads when doing combo work

    24. Ralph Moraga

      This is disgrace to all of combat sports .. I will beat the stupid out of him ..

    25. crbox`TV

      Yo this Jake Paul guy looks like he can box decent. He should do well vs. a non-professional boxer. Askren has horrible striking. Like legit awful.

    26. Matthew Williamson

      Let’s see this chump do MMA

    27. David Sabel

      Im going Jake Paul 1st round knockdown, 2nd round Knock out- dont like or dislike either, just from what I see online

    28. Rob Senters

      Don’t really know this jake Paul guy but I can tell he’s training hard and I can almost guarantee he’s going to lay Ben askren out

    29. Rob Senters

      Jake Paul’s going to smash this fool

      1. L

        Rob Senters yep

      2. Rob Senters

        @L regardless it’ll be pretty funny to watch

      3. L

        Jake Paul only calls out people who can't box and will never call out an actual boxer, which is kind of a pussy move. he's still gonna win this fight though

    30. Raph K

      God, brendan is so confident in his ignorance, it's grating.

    31. Billy Pardew

      Now that I know that there will be no wrestling askren will get his ass knocked out again I guarantee it he's no Stryker he ain't even average. A drunk in a bar without strike Ben askren

    32. D Legionnaire


    33. Drippy Pipes

      *but I’m glad you asked that* *but still*

    34. Paul Brenning

      Joe talking about jake pauls minecraft youtube channel. Super boring

    35. Ali Mujahid

      Jake Paul is just a glorified Charlie Zelenoff

    36. Jason Little

      Ben going to win I put money on it

    37. Louisiana

      Brendan, shut up

    38. Tane Te whaiora

      he really thinks he can knock out nate diaz and mcgregor

    39. Jjjj Phhh

      I think he is glad that he asked

    40. Robert Garcia

      Jake is going to knock him out we all know this 🙄

    41. Zerk

      And I felt bad for Nate because he never fought before either in boxing and had barely any practice

      1. L


    42. Zerk

      The only reason why Nate got dropped is bc he hit behind the head everyone I watch it I see it

      1. L

        no it's because he's pretty ass at boxing

    43. NatureGazer Fila

      Jake Paul was billed at 5’10.5 This 6’1 bullshit is listed by jake, he is a hair shorter than KSI and he self admitted to being 5’11

    44. Cha Po

      Jake Paul is a upgrade version of Charlie Zelenoff

    45. Dylan Moriarty

      Jake chooses a fighter that has zero striking. Okay. 😆

    46. Eric Johnson

      If this fucking guy is so tuff why dose he not do a real fight and MMA. WHICH IS A REAL FIGHT

      1. altaf ahmad

        mma isnt a real fight either in real fights you can just 6 to 12 ellbow someone if they try a takedown

    47. Christian Castro

      Joe stating that Ben MIGHT beat Robinson in a boxing match makes me think he’s high on crack.... Nate Robinson did not show ANY skill of boxing WHATSOEVER . So joe .... stop smoking that shit

    48. BBS frosty

      He is calling out ufc fighters but he doesn’t get in the cage with them

    49. Elijah Filmore

      Ben bout to get ko like Nate Robinson 2.0

    50. carlos m

      I’m with Brennan on this

    51. J Pizzle

      I see Jake beating Ben but McGregor and Diaz are two different beasts. Diaz has a chin made of Iron, you can stun the guy but he ain't knocking him out.

    52. Daniel Tellez III

      Jake Paul is a fu(king joke I would start training again just to fight him

    53. Rhys Whittaker

      Boxing is an art and MMA is a brawl? What does MMA stand for again?

    54. alien critic

      If Jake paul fights any real fighter I don't care if you're a karate fighter or muay thai boxer or mma he will get fucking dropped flat he's trash

      1. alien critic

        @altaf ahmad haha I really hope so

      2. altaf ahmad

        so you think ben askren will beat him?

    55. Shinobione

      Man if he knocks him out it’s gonna be crazy.

    56. Zero

      Did Jake Paul step over a guy that he was sparring with? Knowing full well that it was being recorded? What an absolute douchebag.

    57. Kevin Galicki

      anybody realize that Jake Paul hasn't called out an actual boxer. he's calling out UFC grapplers

      1. L

        because he's a pussy

    58. Greg Torto

      U guys r underestimating him I'm telling u I don't like the kid but he's explosive

    59. porkwop

      Jake is such an idiot. The fact he says "boxing is an art, mma is a brawl" is just silly.

    60. KidsPlayGround these guys were wearing a Ben Askren shirt in canelos fight

    61. Andress -

      5:06 wtf is Ben doing

    62. Peter Graan

      Ben wil loose

    63. Tarek Morsy

      This is a very UNIQUE matchup, i just HAD to make a breakdown video for it. Explosiveness vs Endurance, THIS FIGHT WILL END IN A K.O!!

    64. Aaron Kilby

      Ben askren may be slow but he's saying all mma guys are slow, are you joking

    65. Efrem Alex Joseph

      Jake is going to win for sure

    66. EL Maddogz

      When are jake paul and logan going to badmouth a heavier weight boxing pro contender at the top of his game instead of trying to look good against lightweight non-boxing novices? Fucking Disney pussies. Defo UFC (Ultimate fighting coward)

    67. moist apple sauce

      I'm just saying Jake is like 5 ft 11

    68. Patriot Surfer

      'Diaz gets knocked out' 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    69. Fhrh Sharo

      Lmao stfu Jake mma is more of an art than your music😂

    70. Woah

      4-4 in what?

    71. Michael Haas

      Son, If you get in the ring with Nathan Diaz, you better have a cemetary plot picked out, because thats where you;ll end up if you box Diaz.

    72. Johnny

      I'm not a Jake fan but it would be hella funny if he won. And I still remember all the Ben hype so he is the one guy I don't care for. So yeah go jake

    73. Daniel Nicholson

      let me give you the resume doesnt mean shit. Paper is useless in most situations.

    74. Zubair Desai

      Go fight a boxer and stop picking on MMA

    75. NW Arctic

      I'm sorry but Ben is not a striker. He's a Olympic wrestler and he won all his MMA fight with his wrestling, he's going to lose.

    76. Play them games

      Jake says hé will knock-out Diaz. Has hé even seen Connor vs Diaz? Careful what you say f***

    77. Eww Oppp

      “Big fight” you are a joke joe Rouen

    78. YouTube Connolly family

      Hahaha Ben is going to kill that blonde hair idiot. Ppl are sooo dumb

    79. Walter White

      Askren can’t throw a punch and has never attempted to learn how he’s a wrestler. Jake has been training with pros for 4 years.

    80. SaltyTostito

      Jake should have fought Bisping

    81. Kujo Jotaro

      Jake paul is not 6'1 lol

    82. Akuma Kingu sureiyā

      Askren will humble him I just don’t know why masvidal is helping jake when jake is dissing the MMA fighters like that makes no sense to me the MMA community should get behind Ben

    83. Zaylo Content

      Ben gonna lose

    84. steve smith

      out of all the people he claimed weren't ready, bisping was NOT one of them lol, did NOT say his name once hahaha

    85. Bryn Aarstad

      Schaub is probably a great guy but it’s hard to listen to him

    86. ARIX PLAYS

      Yo Ben is gonna go to sleep💤💤💤

    87. Grape Liquids

      Ben Askren: Jake Paul, people didn’t like you on IRvision, so you went to fighting to lose, boom roasted.

    88. Shaquille Ghans

      He said mcgregor just lost like if mcgregor won he was gonna fight him 🤡

    89. Iemand dat kan

      Jake is 5'11

    90. Cameron Carver

      Ben askren: not a stand up Dillon danis: not a stand up Nick: finally fights a stand up

    91. Monkey Movies

      Let's hope Ben can pull this off somehow.

    92. Cpt Rex 1313

      Nate and Conor will knock you out easily 😂

    93. Cpt Rex 1313

      MMA is a brawl? Bro MMA is the Art of fighting and boxing is just a game with a bunch of rules and limitations.

    94. Oh yeah Burgers for the boys

      " Yea, good question" hahaha😂

    95. Antti Helenius

      imagine Nate diaz vs paul. that is some tv i am gonna watch

    96. killa anth

      If it goes to the judges they will pick Paul cause they will keep making money off him.. So ben is gonna have to knock him out to win

    97. Goku Ninja

      jakes just fight MMA fighter because he knows they are only restricted to punching in the ring he needs to fight a real boxer

    98. SELFakaMr.MillionReasons

      I have a feeling Jake is going to fuck this guy up LOL

    99. Lewis Harris

      Finally jake fighting an actual fighter

    100. G W

      But do it for the dollar 🤑