Spooky Times are Here: Fails of the Week (October 2020)


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    It's time for The Fails of the Week! This week we have one very easily scared friend, a backflip gone wrong, and more! Happy #FailFriday
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    1. Sophia Martinez

      1:04 that’s just gross 🤢

    2. Ben Intentional

      Anyone else here for the nut shots?

    3. Ender27

      2:56 A

    4. Ed Garcia

      That was too short

    5. Kris Husky

      Harley Davidson with a trailer. I don't see a fail

    6. Gregory Pankow

      Did the person in that last video survive?

    7. Mike Arneson

      The guy gave her a good laugh and probably a good case of salmonella!

    8. L U

      Why do they put music over the last bit? To make it more like You've Been Framed?

    9. Allissandra Taylor

      lil pump

    10. MrHansolo79

      Spooky Times

    11. Ken Forsythe

      michael buble

    12. Aaron

      Muy buen video me hizo reír 😂

    13. Peter Miller

      How is a haunted house scare a fail?

    14. Ermanno De Pieri

      5:40 that's Lake sorapiss Italy

    15. Nick Angel

      Wow, misleading title AND promoting dangerous pranks that can poison or kill someone while they’re sleeping? This channel has officially hit the floor

    16. Lucille Keogh

      What the heck with the egg In The mouth, not ok that is super dangerous

    17. Denise Thomas


    18. SADat4AM

      havent watched this channel since 2016. What is diz?

    19. Educated Psycho

      2:15 that’s exactly why you don’t stop

    20. Noah Anderson

      Was that last one in a squirrel suit? Because that looks like it seriously hurt

    21. Emma ,

      I’m french so... C’est incroyable comment les gens sont cons des fois ;-;

    22. T. K T. K

      3:25 i am maaaaad hahahah

    23. IceCreamJunkie

      Women: Why do we live longer than men? Also men: 3:16

    24. Bobby Martin

      That Harley could tow a truck if it wanted too , so much torque

    25. Terra Cranwill

      I was gagging so much of the egg 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 i was laughing at the Same time

    26. Lutzinger

      Too many videos in portrait mode

    27. Charles Levy

      she really thought it was all over at 0:35

    28. Terra Gooch

      how to make money online

    29. WiEl

      F to guy in wing suit

    30. Alpine Gypsy

      Just a copy of OWF this week

    31. Geekman333

      Dump the egg prankers.

    32. Jerry Hansen

      The egg thing is FAF

    33. Harley Mace

      Did we just watch somebody die?

    34. Harley Mace


    35. M4NGL3D 1212

      that egg prank is going to end in someone choking to death, no lie

      1. Shimmer Shine

        @the impostor Get a cup of water and inhale the water. Brooo it’s only water

      2. the impostor

        Broo it's only egg yolk

    36. Sith Hunter

      3:54 real life phasmophobia be like

    37. Matthew Parent

      change your god awful intro music.

    38. Jo The great

      Broke the tv

    39. Jo The great

      God dang 4:55

    40. Jo The great

      Thank god that person didn’t investigate the door 😅

    41. Omnigeek6

      0:42 "Haha hey guys lemme give my girlfriend salmonella as a prank this is gonna be so funny lol"

      1. Hallking78

        @TheBolondron completely untrue

      2. TheBolondron

        @Hallking78 You do in the US because of factory farm practices.

      3. Hallking78

        You don't get salmonella from eating raw eggs....

    42. Brian Lampe

      Since the advent of call phone cameras and social media, I wonder how many idiots have traded spinal damage for 15mins of internet fame.

    43. Dog Eggs

      Damn these were too spooky for me, shit my pants 2 minutes in

    44. Sports Cars

      OMG 😯😂💯

    45. Jade Ewing

      2:15 I know he’s on a slope but maybe run sideways? away from the rolling atv?😂

      1. breathe and squeeze

        He's an idiot. He went up the hill slow, then turns the bike sideways?????

    46. Freyraphy

      Yay, raw eggs, hello Salmonella. Mankind is getting more and more dumb for their fake friends on instagram

    47. IG R

      Full paisa barbad

    48. Heinz Wurst

      Was expecting Skyrim Intro at the end. Disappointed. 1/5

    49. cat

      Everyone who see this comment pray to get me out of my troubles and make me go to heaven

      1. PzychoMantis90

        Heaven isn't real.

    50. KirkHMiller

      Don’t tell me to wait for it. Twice.

    51. Noroimasu9

      The egg prank was dumb as hell.

    52. Funny Blast


    53. Druid Angel

      1:08 cool AF HONESTLY I would of got my ass BEAT lmfao

    54. random user

      3:44 Is priceless poor doggo

    55. RIXRADvidz

      Base Jumpers always think it would be a spectacular death to slap the ground and in the back of their minds they hope they do, so do I.

    56. just do it

      Fun fact : they just watch and not leave like😂😂😂

    57. Cyrus Zielinski

      Yo last clip did I just see someone die 😳

    58. Sebastian Matejko

      so 90% of this is from zap cocaine? cool, see ya.

    59. Miguel Reyes

      I hope that last one was a drone and not a gopro on some gliders head lol

    60. Tejas Mhatre

      Very Funny 😂

    61. Car Crashes - Driving fail

      I'm dealing with car crashes. You can subscribe.

    62. Nishka Bhakay

      How do people manage to make a whole fail video in a month or less??

    63. OrcYT From Xbox

      Why at 4:10 it’s a fail that’s should be on a creepy video

    64. FiiRo Walker

      Wow I like your videos 😍👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    65. What happened?!

      Shouldnt be called fail army, should be people are stupid

    66. Sam White

      Officially unsubscribing. 3 vids of people being spooked. Click bait tactics get you no followers glhf

    67. h0pesfall

      2:08 I thought my dog farted...

    68. Robert Vertacnik

      The egg girl needs help for being with a dude who would stuff a raw egg in her mouth while she's laying on the couch in her underpants while videoing it, and then posting the video on IRvision.

    69. Nekminute

      the guy at the end is dead right

    70. Chauhan Yusuf

      I have send the video but any call and message has not come in my mobile

    71. Red Leader Demon

      0:43 Are you trying to give your girlfriend salmonella??

    72. Lupe G

      It's not funny there just getting hurt.i don't understand you people

    73. Henrich Adamec

      was 14,7 mil go down...

    74. Vanessa Spears

      win the car bumped into a another car that was weird

    75. MT M

      The fact that he picks up the egg again and manages to put it in her mouth while shes awake😂😂

    76. Fearless Hero


    77. 2A Talk and Politics

      Thought it was gonna be halloween as well. Creepy house seeme fake

    78. AWS Vids

      2:18 See! The “Prometheus school of running away from things” is NOT an unrealistic thing! People do it in real life!

    79. Chihuahua Dog

      The soccer guys on the car were faking it

    80. Stephen Luke

      FailArmy, I need to ask you something.

      1. Stephen Luke

        Where is the fail I can find that’s about a race car man drinking moonshine and he accidentally drank a drink with an egg fail?

    81. Unreal59

      5:20 How stupid you have to be to let someone use a knife with her hand in front of her eyes on purpose and the other idiot to put her hand in the way of the knife handeled by a blinded person...

    82. REBUG


    83. Janne A

      quit the music bits at the end

    84. ptrinch

      2:09 sounds like my wife after a night at Taco Bell.

      1. S Fuchs


    85. johnnystir

      Nope Nope Nope Nope...LOL

    86. Brendan

      I think when you blindfold someone in a crowded room full of intoxicated people then hand them a knife,it's actually a win that nobody was injured.

    87. Totalavulsion

      I feel like I’ve seen just about every conceivable fail ever

    88. Rim Stools

      Thanks for the stupid music near the end of all the videos.

    89. Doc Skate

      @5:34 looks like parasail/skydive-death...

    90. Ster

      again with the 'egg prank' ? why would you give people this dumb idea? you realize that someone can choke or inhale the egg in their lungs and this could be lethal ?

    91. Shepherd Sam

      3:56 does he have a YT channel?

    92. Rio Rampage

      2:05... when i looking for something at night... ALWAYS

    93. Julian Cook

      bring back IRON MAN!!!


      What can go wrong with one hand on both eyes and a knife in other hand!

    95. Cardinal Night

      Fail Army are f-ckin losers. Keep showing clips of people trying to choke with eggs.

    96. Dan Render

      Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    97. Louise Young

      30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    98. yanno roelofs

      Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

    99. John Sweeney

      That bloke at the Jim was working on his third n fourth rib cartilage n the third finger on each hand.

    100. Dark Gumball

      Most of this is just sad