Giving Colby Brock's Bedroom a Makeover!

Amber Scholl

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    finally. lol
    HI ANGELS! Today I am helping my darling little friend @Colby Brock redecorate his bedroom. So with your help on twitter, we bought a bunch of new home decor and gave his man cave a mini dark lord makeover! You know, give it a little extra spice... favorite :)
    3,336,000 kisses!
    Amber :)
    Colby: @Colby Brock colbybrock
    Shop my favorites from what we bought!
    boyfriend candles lol:
    moon lamp:
    forever black roses:
    silky bedspread:
    treasure chest:
    fuzzy rugs:
    less terrifying panthers LMAOOO:

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    1. Ä

      legend has it that ring is still on ambers fingers 21:23

    2. Brooklyn Bartlett - DCHS 2022

      You too need to get together y'all are adorable

    3. Rachel K.

      A collab I never thought that I would need.

    4. Mary Anne

      I hope you both end up dating

    5. Riah Callahan

      Is it just me or I feel like they flirt with each other 24/7 like..... Bruh we get it ( No hate bc I love you both )

      1. Riah Callahan

        @I’m ok sometimes I’m not Yeah... I wish... Nvm

      2. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        They have a flirty friendship which is normal

    6. Chloe Lou

      8:03 he holds ambers thighhhhhh 👀👀👀

    7. taylor mcCoy

      "when you're decorating a space that you love you always wanna include things that you really love." not me having a cereal box wall HAHHA💀🤚

    8. Paige Leonard

      Y’all would be such a cute couple.

    9. Nebulust Jas

      Well...I am shipping u two...

    10. Isabella Williams

      I love amber

    11. M!ck_K D-

      22:51 look how Colby is looking at Amber....

      1. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        I didn’t know FRIENDS can’t look at each other

    12. Unearthly Wanderings

      Hot tip: put safety pins on all four corners of the quilt and pin the corners to the inside of the cover and it stops the quilt moving and bunching up inside the cover. Ahem, moving on ......

    13. Mya Mari

      Amber wearing weight Colby brick wearing black

      1. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        *white *wearing

    14. kim

      aww i was giggling this whole vid

    15. Lps Twilight


    16. BB Meesh

      Me sitting in Billings, MT realizing where my license plate went...jk 😂

    17. Lillian Hippe

      Are we going to talk about the fluffy cuffs or are we just gonna ignore them?

    18. simid6

      Paint the walls a light or dark grey

    19. heather Willard

      If Colby doesn't have a girlfriend you should date him😘

    20. The Black

      💖彡Qᴜɪ͢͢͢ᴄᴋꜱᴇx彡'𝐒 💖foto&video x --------------------------------------------- 𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 ≔⫸ Из-за отсутствия лучшего слова, захватывает дух. Наборы яркие. Их богатый цвет и подвижный статус притягивают наблюдателя к действию. Костюмы являются декоративными, красивыми и работоспособными одновременно. Макияж выделяет костюмы, и никто никогда не замечает тот факт, что это люди, разыгрывающие части животных. Вы настолько увлечены образами всего этогоbwjnsp

    21. Idk

      The cringe is real... amber you are laughing at literally everything he says and swearing more... to... sound cool? Ugh.

      1. Idk

        @I’m ok sometimes I’m not I couldn’t care less if somebody swears it’s just awkward to watch her act different in this video. I said what I said lol

      2. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        She’s laughing because she’s having a great time. She can swear because she’s 27 and she’s ADULT.

    22. Idk

      He totally doesn’t seem like her type but I like it

      1. Idk

        @I’m ok sometimes I’m not yeah I know but they’re still flirting

      2. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        They’re just friends, not dating. You can be friends with someone who has a different style from you.

    23. Rachel Taylor

      I love how she kept Colby ring on lol

    24. Emily Felter

      the vibe that they both give off when they are around each other is so CUTE! I'm so happy they're friends but so happy that they can help each other laugh. Whatever comes out of this friendship, being a relationship or what have you, I think they'll always have these cool fun memories.

    25. Maria buruiana

      let’s gone act surprised when they come out as a couple

    26. Grace__babe

      Colby def has a crush on her

      1. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        He’s have a crush on every single girl

    27. Christina Cox

      Anyone see the fuzzy handcuffes or just me

    28. Hipslack Diplong

      They are totally together

      1. Unknown Name

        They’re just FRIENDS. Opposites genders can be just friends without the strings attached. Amber only date a guy who’s older than her and Colby is younger than her

    29. Hipslack Diplong

      Why dose he have so many gallons of cranberry juice 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

    30. Makinley Warren

      When Colby put his ring on the hand and Amber just took it and wore it was adorable and he didn’t say anything

    31. Lieca C.

      Colby's hands reminds me of corpse hands 😳🙊

    32. Hey Hey

      I feel so awkward watching this, I feel like she’s tryna be someone she’s not

    33. Amelia May

      16:37 guys come on tell me I'm not the only one seeing those fluffy black handcuffs hanging on his bed 😂

    34. Nancy Shlaymoon

      3:04 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 her: thts why im always barley dressed colby: i mean i aint mad about it” her: shut up...😭😐😐😭

    35. Daisy Contreras

      Amber likes him for sure

    36. Emma Bagley

      Tell you seen the fuzzy hand cuff on his bed🤣

    37. Tiegan Clothier

      She lost her bra half way through-

    38. El Mas Mexicano


    39. Ivana Mrkonjic

      You are soo cute tugether like😍

    40. Janae Coons

      Wowee. His smile.

    41. Leanna Brown


    42. Brooke Speicher

      Omg theirs a portal in Colby's bathroom 😯

    43. Ale Ramirez

      I just know he smells good

    44. Amberlina Lage

      their chemistry is so shocking and rlly cute and their so matching

    45. Barbie Carter

      Haha 5 months later 😄 well ive been waiting for it so im glad to finaly see the video 😇 the room looks stunning im so proud of you amber it suits colby well and the colours look so much better 🖤

    46. Audrey Underwood

      They make me feel single

      1. blacksapphire04


    47. Bailee Robbins

      not me going and buying the candle as soon as she says the name of it

    48. adrianachan

      I ship them-

    49. Jagoda B

      The handcuffs just hanging in the corner not bothered to hid 😂 16:40

    50. Leah Kangaroo

      Wait are amber and Colby dating???

      1. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        No they’re just friends, opposites genders can be just friends without the strings attached. Not every girl is Colby dating

    51. Abbie Sullivan

      I have question where did you get the Kingdom of hearts figure and frame thing in the wall I love it 😂 ♥

    52. naysa tasfia

      It was the most useless vid Like nothing happened everything is same Buying random things isn't makeover and it took month's and all was just black stuff.. I get he like them but there was no combination of different shade of different color and all just black Mattel add gold or silver maybe, shades of blue do a accent wall and this took months 😑😑 bed doesn't complement the room and nothing really gave the room a lift.. Art was great and she could use some color from those nd no accent pillow😑😑

      1. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        Relax it’s not you’re room 😂😂 She said she’s doesn’t want to change too much because it makes more like his style.

      2. naysa tasfia

        And everyone is talking about how cute they look Video wasn't about them it's about ROOM MAKEOVER which is questionable at this point

    53. I'm a weeb

      I can't count how many yes Colby said in this video.

    54. Elizabeth Sigala

      Also it’s funny on how many girls probably punching the air right now watching This 😂😭 💀

    55. Elizabeth Sigala

      Is anyone not gonna talk about the fuzzy hand cuffs that were hanging up on the bed?? 🤔😂

    56. Scott McMillan

      Where’s the big black rug from by the couch I want it so cute 🥰

    57. Priyanka Nimbalkar

      Who wants to see what happened after the XO..😉😅

    58. McKynzie Ludlow

      When Colby said toy?? That’s my pet🤣😭✋🏽💖

    59. Natalie Paige

      Why did he sweep it and not just use a vacuum lmao

    60. Brenda Caldwell

      i like it tho

    61. Brenda Caldwell

      wOW hE iS cUtE

      1. blacksapphire04

        Only reason why I watch his content

    62. Brianna Juliana

      I ship it

    63. Cairra Jones

      I ship y’all together ngl y’all are so cute together

    64. Madalyn Taylor

      They like each other I know it

    65. Patricia Aponte

      Okay but like they are so cutee

    66. Fernanda

      can they pls date already 🧎🏻‍♀️😔

    67. Fernanda


    68. yennifer monteagudo

      yea they are dating

      1. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        They’re just friends. Opposites genders can be just friends without the strings.

    69. johanna

      are they dating?

      1. johanna

        @I’m ok sometimes I’m not oml.. i aint EVER say the were datinggg. i literally asked a question. when have i ever indicated that said "oh are they dating"??never exactly so stfu cause u sound mad dumb now.

      2. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        @johanna Opposites genders can be just friends without accusing and shipping them. Not every girl is Colby dating and not every boy is Amber dating.

      3. johanna

        @I’m ok sometimes I’m not im sorry, when did i ever say they couldnt?? oh thats right... i didnt. i asked a simple ass question 😘😘 .

      4. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        They’re just friends. Opposites genders can be just friends without the strings.

    70. talks alot

      I feel like I shouldn't be watching and this feels like a private-video. Just being honest. 😬😯

    71. Tittybear The one and only

      Amber: another flex hang up your s*** Me: What about your college degree in your closest on the floor?

    72. Gacha_ Plum


    73. Makayla Renee

      I mean they would be cute together though 🥺

    74. LPS Animations

      I ship this so hard when he pushed her around in the box my heart just went 💖

    75. LPS Animations

      Are they like? Together idk they look like there dating and haven’t told us yet :)

      1. Unknown Name

        They’re just friends. Opposites genders can be just friends without the strings attached

    76. victor Guidana

      Just date already

    77. Amber Mclachlan

      Hahahahaha panther on crack 😂 "this one has seen some stuff!" 🤣

    78. abite aroundtheworld

      100% they are smashing !

      1. abite aroundtheworld

        @I’m ok sometimes I’m not there is nothing wrong with them dating I think they look good together. But it would be hard to believe they are just platonic friends when they are clearly flirting with each other.

      2. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        @abite aroundtheworld So what? They’re both grown adults and they can do whatever they want. You can’t making rumors their PERSONAL lives.

      3. abite aroundtheworld

        @Unknown Name you don't go to a guys house that late without there being something going on

      4. Unknown Name

        Please stop making rumors. It’s so gross to assuming that.

    79. Laura Cruz Singer

      They make such a cute couple🥺

    80. Kayla Cox pinkyblue610 1D

      Hi Amber my name is Kayla and I am a big fan of Colby. I just want to say that you did amazing job, i will give u 10/10.

    81. Rocinda Nielsen

      Colby gets so soft when it come to Amber🥺 it makes me so happy.

    82. Blanca Borrego

      Stop flirting with my man 🙄

      1. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        He’s not you’re man.

    83. Socially Awkward Vibes

      I love how amber literally just took off with his ring😂😂😂

    84. Sophie Chaput

      Who else ship them

    85. Jasmine Theiss

      I love this video so much the are adorable friends and so amazing I love the way his room looks like now and who else is going to look for that’s candle now😂😂

    86. Briley Vanderburgt

      Is it just me or can I see Amber and Colby dating

    87. Aimee Jane


      1. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        It’s literally their choice. Opposites genders can be just friends without the strings attached

    88. victoria robertson

      Omg they need to dateeeee

      1. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        So you want Colby to date with EVERY girl he’s just friends out with?

    89. Maggie Walker

      He's like kinda cute, I would be gigglin' too if I were her.

    90. Meemz

      They both have beautiful smiles!

    91. anineLA

      hey amber getting the PDO threads for the fox eye lift is actually pretty offensive :/ i'm usually all for people doing what they want with their bodies but it's basically like achieving a specific physical feature of a race of people that face certain struggles that you would never have to being that you are not actually one of us.... ah i really hope you can hear me out because i'm not some hater i watch you a lot and love your videos, i'm just trying to let you know how it can make some of us feel

    92. Giselle Monteiro

      27:00 of me being jealous

    93. Bridgette im writer singer model

      Ther not together

    94. Rebexcca

      We all know everything about her is plastic even her hole face

      1. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        It’s make up. And there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery, plastic surgery is doesn’t make you a bad person.

    95. Amber Davis

      my name is amber too

    96. Kamaila Williams

      Why are none of these comments abt his room

      1. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        It’s because they’re freaking out and acting like they never seen opposites genders just hanging out as friends. Everyone thinks Colby is “dating” or “hooking up” on EVERY girl and never accept the fact opposites genders can be just friends.

    97. Gouse Ali

      are they dating

      1. I’m ok sometimes I’m not

        They’re just friends. Opposites genders can be just friends without the strings

    98. Macy Buerhaus

      It looks like a black rabbit foot, not handcuffs guys haha

    99. Kaiya Maeve

      comment whatever you want lol I committed

    100. Jhoselyn Hernandez perez

      Amber and cobyyy thooo😽