The Yolk's on Me: Fails of the Week


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    1. Melissa Michelle Mckinney

      That last one... that man could have choked and died.

    2. sᶣᵞᵓᶜᵕᵇᵕs

      That last one got me

    3. Jay Vette

      Bout to cholk on that yoke

    4. Ostanian Movie Company

      1:52 Okay, I'm gonna completely honest here, this clip is honestly my favorite. Even though it's meant to be a fails video. It's still super fun for me to watch a couple of mature teenagers having fun with this wooden sidewalk.

    5. Eskimos 69

      For recording vertically with a smartphone there should be the death penalty

    6. Storm Nation

      I was eating while the ear part popped up 😂 Btw i died laughing at the last one.

    7. nataniel ordoñez


    8. Biii


    9. Amadis Demitrius

      I relate to the rollerblading bush dive girl on a spiritual level.

    10. Osagie E. Guobadia

      The best absurd videos that are out there. Hilarious for it to be on IRvision's FailArmy! : )

    11. Tatiana Suhrmuller


    12. Haze Banks

      Dude that last one could easily kill someone why would you condone that..?

    13. Mike M.

      That last clip is dangerous. Someone should say something

    14. NE

      I agree with all the comments here. Egg yolk was disturbing to watch. Clip should be removed.

    15. Cardinal Night

      Is putting solids in a sleeping persons mouth potentially grievous and could quite easily kill? Not a good thing to put on FailArmy.

    16. Ella Grace Greenlee


    17. Colleen Nikstenas

      Grown men playing duck duck goose. Love it!!

    18. Unbeatable Games

      I reported them, make sure you do to! Also there acting like bots. Read a comment with a repliy from fail army. They are so fake

    19. Miller Boer

      For more information check out Max Igan, Deborah Tavares, Ole Dammegard, Joseph P Farell, Jordan Maxwell and William (Bill) Cooper on youtube.

    20. rennie rad

      Hope that poor deer got out of the pool.

    21. Sodacooled

      1:53 yeah, it’s real romanian hours

    22. MrMoses86

      thanks now my anxiety is way worse f u

    23. Ramon Ayala

      Yea the last one with the yolk is so bad , dude could have died or been hospitalized

    24. Kiel Nicholson

      Gotta love seeing all the same clips over and over again

    25. Jeremy Kitchen

      better get your man panties @ 3:25

    26. icecream bunnykitty

      0:10 👁👄👁

    27. G A

      2:50 Universe: Message transmitted 🏌🏻❌ 😂

    28. Oliwer Kob

      belly flop complication pls

    29. Дмитрий ГГГ


    30. Y K


    31. xQuizate 87

      why is 1:16 a fail?

    32. Eric

      Those guys drifting that parking lot been hitting the same lightpole since 2015

    33. crazy skull

      it's bad to say but i reported this last clip it's so dangerous and people will try to do to their friends, if that guy made an strongh aspiration with the egg there he will be death as today, because the egg will go directly to his lung and it will produce the death without any posibility to save him.

    34. Big Smoke

      Woah FailArmy started replying! :)

    35. Guinea Pig Guy

      Dude the alpacas


      that dude picking up the motorcycle is the best thing I've ever seen LMAO

      1. breathe and squeeze

        The skinny jeans were the problem.

    37. Film by Nate Lachmann

      2:47 dude kept his eye on the ball so hard it came to him

    38. Juliee Babyy

      That cardboard cut out is epic lol

    39. Reyna Leal


    40. mareir

      Screw off with that last one, that could go wrong very quickly.

    41. Mr Sweed

      I don't like the last one. I feel bad for him

    42. Fluffall

      demonitize the channel for the ear one

    43. SamZoso

      The ear cleaning clip needs to be permanently deleted from existence.

    44. TheCorrectViews

      The glass breaks, the kid doesn't even do it... and STILL runs. He just knows...

      1. TheCorrectViews

        @Helen Macklin Oh, you may be on to something there.

      2. Helen Macklin

        It was a "I'm telling mom run"

      3. Reverse Guy

        @TheCorrectViews cant be 100% sure if that person did know first aid

      4. TheCorrectViews

        @Reverse Guy He was never going to die with ppl' there with him.

      5. Reverse Guy

        You have the only comment that doesnt talk about the last clip. Thanks

    45. Andrew Bazukin

      ⭐️IF YOU ARE READING THIS let this be a sign to you that now is the time for you to start having a true relationship with our lord and savior Jesus Christ. In order to get to heaven you must FULL HEARTEDLY BELIEVE that God gave his only son Jesus to be crucified for our sins and resurrected from the dead three days later so that we may live in the kingdom of heaven for eternity. Stop living for yourself start living for Jesus, Confess your sins, and turn away from sin for good, read the Bible, Pray, Repent, Believe that Jesus is in fact god, and spread this truth. Amen. Remember god loves each and everyone of you, and so do I ❤️❤️

    46. Yah Baht

      1:06 - 1:12 sounds like Bernie & Ert. 😜 😜 😜

    47. Big Bad Brad

      Was that Woodward reservoir? ( oakdale, California)

    48. Mrodgt

      Kid at 3:00, "I told you I should've helped you. I'm telling mom."

    49. Callerway 7

      1:06 That Guy's Squeaky Voice 😂

    50. Kaisonic Productions

      Am I the only bothered by the fact that FailArmy is too lazy to either crop the vertical video submissions or release a vertical video? Over half of this video is only using about 20% of the screen space!

    51. Cybershark _309

      There are a lot of bots on this video

    52. Alfonso Orozco

      I miss those times when someone was recording a friend, the friend got a fail and the one with the camera screamed with laughter: FAILARMY! FAILARMY, HAHAHA!

    53. Karl Harris

      People, always wear gloves when you’re moving glass and protect the edges with cardboard. A friends dad got REALLY hurt in a similar accident.

    54. Matt King

      Wow-did fail army really make a video with new content?

    55. Miller Boer

      For more information check out Max Igan, Deborah Tavares, Ole Dammegard, Jordan Maxwell and William (Bill) Cooper on youtube.

    56. ?

      Esa mujer le salio bien brava 3:58

    57. Buzz Killington

      Real smart putting stuff in the mouth of someone sleeping... they could suffocate. Morons.

    58. psympson


    59. Krzysztof Mucha

      0:33 so who's gonna pay for? I already know the answer and it's not "the girls"...

    60. Paulo André


    61. heavyq

      Hey comment section, y'all made me so proud when I saw everyone posting about how that boyfriend's "hobby" was attempted murder. Thanks for fighting the good fight!

    62. Fairly Vague

      Fking idiot dropping something like that in someone’s mouth when they’re sleeping. That really could kill a person. DON’T do it!

    63. Freddie Meader

      Wtf They are so lucky the last guy didn’t fucking choke and die

    64. HighGamer

      The last clip is more dangerous than the Covid-19.

    65. Mixed Adulterated

      I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    66. Mixed Adulterated

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    67. Mixed Adulterated

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    68. Mixed Adulterated

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    69. Thommyboy

      1:03 to get slapped in the face

    70. VC シ MEGMA


    71. Terry Craft

      Eggstrreamly Dangerous pun could not be stopped. I'm sorry.

    72. Bhargav Dihora

      This one was the best so far

    73. Evan Arnold

      @ 0:38 HAHAHAHA!!

    74. Computist40

      3:35 stupid deer.

    75. be like asad

      New things finally see on video

    76. RayShell d

      When jokes and gages become life-threatening, they are no longer jokes or becomes manslaughter. Are people honestly that stupid?

    77. Jackson Loehring

      Hey dummies at fail army. DONT promote putting things is a sleeping person's mouth and killing someone. Not funny at all. Do everyone a favor and take that off the vid pls

    78. Pé

      2:02 Why is it always the last guy? 🤣

    79. Glyn Taylor

      How can the person editing this video think that last video is okay? Really there must be something wrong with you, you are insane levels of dumb

    80. Dumitrache Mihai Ionut

      bai astia aprinde lumima cand te wc ca te 🦇🦇

    81. Thomas Westray

      You, guys, keep hitting the bottom over and over again

    82. Stre Led

      3:34 Contrary to what it might imply, the deer actually managed to get out of the pool with some help For whatever reason, failarmy decided to not show the full clip

    83. Rohan Kumar

      I dont owe anyone anymore with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    84. 1984sFinest

      Good to see FailArmy supporting people doing thing to others that might kill them. Can't wait to hashtag that one on twitter.

    85. Alex Lipsitz

      Mostly stupid and sad this time.

    86. Known Phoenix

      Last one is idiotic. Why didn't they think of that person choking? All pranks should be done in all fun and shouldn't amount to hurting someone, or possibly hurting them. Imagine if he choked to death on that, then the clip wouldn't be so funny huh?

    87. Turbo

      These were quiet unfunny tbh

    88. Pompa Roy

      I quit my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    89. BlahBlahs1000

      now they are posting videos where the person isnt even in the frame. everyone is so stupid now.

    90. Daniel Paiva

      I stopped my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*



    92. Ben Rogers

      The before shot of the "my dolphin is broken" meme with Elon Musk @ 3:40

    93. Ben Rogers

      0:37 rumbled my core to watch that

      1. Helen Macklin

        Made his indicator work tho

    94. Armando Bautista

      50sec mark that’s me behind the camera!!

    95. 10k subscriber without any video challenge help me

      ""Those who reading this comment may your parents live more than 100 years with good health💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

      1. Mixed Adulterated

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    96. MAD AG

      Waiting for those May your parents live 100 years

      1. Mixed Adulterated

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    97. Chad Trickey

      Nice! Duck duck goose!

    98. sanad alshmakhy

      everyone unlike cause last one was danger

    99. Elaina P. Shepherd

      I dont owe anyone anymore because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*