Skateboard Fail Redemption | You Break It, We Buy It


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    Welcome to our new show, You Break It, We Buy It. Each week we will give back to our awesome fans by paying to replace broken items from one of two fails. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on who should win! The people have spoken! Watch to see who won along with a heartfelt message from the winner.
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    1. Adam Walker

      WTF is this shit?

    2. Drake Valiance

      feels fake and scripted.

    3. Drago Musevini

      This is exactly why I have been saying it is this channel that is failing not the videos themselves.

    4. Mr. Stampfer

      your videos get boring and worse...

    5. TceGelo

      I destroyed my parents garage door cuz I was putting things on the railing and it was caught on video. Can you pay for it ,•_•,?

    6. Doom And Gloom

      the f is this s

    7. Derek Bowbrick

      I failed in this army of comments to find a lot of likes. That is a big no from me, but open to new ideas so try something else.

    8. sleep maestro

      Epic fail!!!!!!!!

    9. ToP FuN VideoS

      explain to me why I was watching this?

    10. John-william Frans

      I like the video, something different.

    11. N S

      You're channel is trash these days. Unsubscribed.

    12. Fun and Cute

      Keep on your work, that's cool!

    13. neorider69ing

      you whats a fail.... yelling me to click like and subscribe which will not make me click like and suscribe.......NOPE

    14. Gushers

      I don’t want to be mean but I thought I was the only one who thought this idea of failarmy Is trash I think we should just stick to fail comps

    15. steve wiz

      Uploading the same video a second time when the first didn't even do well is still going to do just as bad. Not sure if you knew this. Oh, and the first was uploaded a week ago. I know because its... still... up?

    16. Aliona Sacali

      fail army became trash army ( no 1 cares about comentaries..

    17. Stre Led

      Those censored "NSFW" clips you've shown aren't even NSFW In fact, I remember to have seen them in compilations some years ago...

    18. Jesse Franco

      It's really funny can you make things that are extra funny like shaving your eyebrows

    19. Đeath Vader

      I may never visit IRvision again. This video created such a void in my soul that my psychiatrist said I may never recover. My first step is tol communicate with someone that admits to enjoying this dumpster vhs tape of a video, and try tok find one thing in common with them

    20. nebula674

      Why do you have your earpods in?

    21. 1995___mads

      i feel so bad for failarmy with all these comments! appreciate the attempt, you seem like great people!! and youre handling the comments wonderfully!

    22. Jacob Mago

      Nice. F to his dingdong tho

    23. Scott B

      This segment is the equivalent of an imitation Vans slip-on only seen in Walmart. Do better.

    24. johnnyreality

      You guys should see what happened to failblog and learn something.

    25. Grey OfPTA


    26. Mr. Valve

      I have no idea what else to say, other than FailArmy trying to create a new series and failing miserably. I never knew FailArmy would fail.

    27. Corvus Dominus

      I’m sure I can find funnier fails by taking a walk outside my than watching this.

    28. Keith Debs

      I’ll be unsubscribing if you post many more videos like this

    29. Ariel Ludueña

      0:22 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

    30. Domopenguin

      Unsub because of this, honestly such bad content. Are literally milking the heck with satire comments.

    31. Андрей Сергеевич

      WFT?! I don't want to see this speaking head! I don't want hear comments and reactions. I. WANT. FAILS.

    32. Soon BBY

      Bro I’m just trying to see the clips, take the commentary out smh

    33. Nik

      How i unseen this?

    34. Johan Bengtsson

      whoa this is shit

    35. david_kampeon

      This man is a fail inside a fail video.

    36. dfbiker

      I just want to watch fails and not people talking. Don’t like. Sorry

    37. M 4!

      This not make me laugh

    38. Forky-Gaming

      So lets work this out 14.6m subscribers.......and someone says "we are not making enough money from the channel" I know lets do patreon even if its just a dollar from each thats $14.6m dollar and we refund the damages from a video each week which in all honesty the person already has done plus most fails are fake and setup.......Please get rid of the greedy person who thought this idea up and go back to just video compilations which this channel got so popular for....before subscribers bail this now greedy channel

    39. Leonidas Poledouris

      actually I take back what I said about being sorry. This is still terrible and the fact that you continued with it after getting ratiod so hard last time is the real fail here

    40. Jimmy Rustler

      Nobody cares who you are, people are subbed for fails. Cringe.

    41. cheeser109

      Fail army Please stop these videos. Your fans do not like this, read the comments. I feel embarrassed just to watch this. Just my opinion, but please listen to your comments on this one. Oh my this one was rough :-/ Cheers.

    42. Jarkor W



      Me, I subscribed to FailArmy to see people fall, no guys talking...

    44. Lxrsy

      Just give us fails none of this bullshit pls.

    45. Xavi

      That's so bad, just delete it.

    46. iFzS

      What is this shit.. unsubbing can’t believe they hired these guys stick to the original and I might come back

    47. futte2303 #shquad

      Get those EarPods out. It look stupid

    48. Amir Al-katib

      Just stop.

    49. death by beaver

      The hell is this crap

    50. Joseph Hardenbrook

      No NO NOOO!!!!

    51. Juank Mañunga


    52. Zach Crawford

      Failarmy can't find anymore fails so they just went ahead and made one themselves.

    53. HighTower

      I bet this guy waited for year's only to get a new oven.

    54. rockoorbe2002

      Considering that these are "fails" that people do because they're idiots, why give them money to "redeem" themselves. Not only that, this feels like you're ripping off Tosh.O

    55. Chimp Assassin

      Stop making these

    56. marvin martin

      These are far to long for a redemption. You could shorten them and have a few

    57. luis didier villanueva martinez

      just reed the comments

    58. Johnny Perez

      What in the Nickelodeon bullshit is this?

    59. BoneS_1972

      Ear buds in ear with out listening to music just look stupid

    60. KX El Modisto De Consolas Retro

      Soy ese comentario en español que viene a decirles que este formato no es agradable, le quita lo divertido a los fails.

    61. Janie Jones

      No thanks. Too much talking with you guys, boring.

    62. Jixsoh

      This is terrible.

    63. R Gjr

      -Plus-=not a positive

    64. Player 2

      I enjoyed this segment, but Maybe attach it to the end of a fail video or double upload one day tho?

    65. Brian Daniels

      I wanted to hear his girlfriend tear him a new one again, but in greater depth. The last one was cut off.

    66. Christian

      Appreciate the effort, but this aint it chief

    67. Iam Saito

      CringeArmy 💩💩

    68. Mikes strikes

      This is probably the oldest channel I ever subbed to but this sucks

      1. FailArmy

        Thanks for subbing for so long Mike and we appreciate the feedback!

    69. Neutral MsT

      Fail. Yes. Failing format. Please listen, I really liked the usual content, but this.. is just too awkward for me.

    70. Daniel Ayriyan

      Getting famous off of comments day 2 so i can live the dream of being a IRvisionr. After beating cancer im living life to the fullest

    71. comatr0n

      u still dont get it ...

    72. Kim&Jake 4Ever


    73. Severin DUPUCHE

      Fails of the week: Good Top fails of the year: Good Tales of the Fail: Okay (and kinda interesting) Whatever this is: Terrible

      1. FailArmy

        Lololol ok ok cool

    74. cerberuz123


    75. Cloxboy

      Has changing the formula ever worked for you? No. Take a hint. No one wants extra bullshit, they just want new fails. Entertainment for us, easy money for you, we all win! This should be your channel tag "No commentary, no music, no bullshit, just fails." Stick to that and you will succeed.

    76. viveeet

      pls stop this shit

    77. Chris - Trail name: Thumper

      Un-sub'd. This new format is dumb. Read comments and check the number of down thumbs, that should tell you something.

    78. JoJo max

      Oh my goodness you guys, what on earth were you thinking?.. I'm not trying to be mean, but this new format is dreadful.😕

    79. b0niK1337

      One more of these and I'm unsubscribing

    80. Jinzo9988

      My thoughts on who should win? Who are these people? Why do I care about who should win? Not one single person watching these fail compilations has enough time in a 5-second fail clip to build up enough care for the people in them to want to see them get their broken object replaced.

    81. Evilwhiteclownpunk

      I don't think that was his real girlfriend... probably a paid actress...

      1. Evilwhiteclownpunk

        @othername1000 Ok boomer...

      2. othername1000

        Not sure what you're referring to. They wouldn't shut up, most people probably left before they got to that point.

    82. Brody Farris


    83. Lego lunatic

      What is this you break it we buy it b******* I want fail videos not we're going to buy these people some new shitt if it's a break at Levi a video it gets thumbs down and skip go back to fails it is what you're good at

    84. Rigged Reality

      Wth has happened to this channel. Damn shame.

    85. Martinp123

      This is really bad. I appreciate trying to diversify but this is terrible.

      1. FailArmy

        Thanks for the feedback Martin!

    86. ZOMIX


    87. Dolph


    88. papirus lapua

      no guys, no, please, don't do it. No, no, nooooooooo!

    89. TERRAXX l

      No sir, i do not like this.

    90. Emil B

      The format on this video its not good! 😒 I will see Fails. No people who talk and talk. 😵

    91. Luis Alvarado

      Fail army doing a fail ha!, seriously dudes the video is bad and the yelling is cringe af, just stick to the format that we are used to, you can tell by the dislikes that there are many people who thinks this as well, we love your content the way it has been for the past years, I cant even put on words the face I did while watching this video

      1. FailArmy

        Thanks for the honest feedback Luis! We’re definitely listening 👂

    92. Eweetje

      . 👇 👉 👎 👈 👆

    93. Nelson Sousa

      If you upload one more stupid video like this i'm out, unsubbing.

    94. Abel Lancieri

      La verdad que no me gusta ver un vídeo ,que lo único que hacen es no parar de hablar y no se aprecia nada...

    95. Gary Lang jr

      More videos less these guys

    96. Neon Porpoise

      I think this is a great idea, it's got a good message behind it and all. But the way they put it out there just didn't work out for it. I would say; go back to the drawing board with this idea, and just attempt to make it more interesting.

    97. Scott

      This show sucks

    98. Ferreira Neto

      A Fail, FailArmy.

      1. FailArmy

        Dammit, thanks for watching anyway!

    99. Eric McCann

      Unsubscribed. Trash.

    100. Shleedledee

      Wow, so much hate for an attempt at branching out in content LOL. It wasn't that bad, guys, keep it up XD