The Blind Leading the Blind (August 2020) | FailArmy


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    It's hard to succeed when you can't see where you're going! These fails are all perfect examples of that! Enjoy!
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    1. The Factophilic

      Failarmy is returning with original and great clips again. ❤

      1. Steamer the Shiba

        Original my ass at 0:14 that was Brandon Bowers one of the greatest vine stars in my opinion

      2. Adam Gray

        Yeah. I had not seen these clips before. Not bad at all!

      3. FailArmy


      4. Владимир Круглов

        Someone's making Failarmy great again!

    2. Bradley Rideout

      Try putting a piece of tape on your cats head. It's the funniest thing ever

    3. Seth C

      'The Blind Leading the Blind'' Looks to me that Zack has 20/20 vision

    4. Geekman333

      Idiots that throw cheese on their cats should be fired into the fucken sun.

    5. Jake Williamson

      That rubix cube guy might of cheated, that cloth was loose and he could probably see just a small bit under it.

    6. Cj Bishop

      Вот это прикол

    7. Fun and Cute

      So funny 😂I can't say anything

    8. fernandezf80

      2:55 That video was on purpose... Como on.. The guy almost dove into the fountain

    9. Solange Mercado

      0:12 "hi i'm sorry i didn't see u there, i was busy blocking out the haters" Jsjjajjs what a legend... PERIOD

    10. dana purcell

      3:00 Set up. Not real

    11. Peter Miller

      I saw maybe only ONE recycled clip. Amazing!!!!

    12. Jumnoplayz Channel

      Stop Stealing People's Videos!!

    13. TheVovozela

      Zack, Zack pay attention Zack: what do you think I'm doin?

    14. Braxton'sWay

      Having Brandon bowen in the thumbnail was the best decision they could've made

    15. Ali Casta

      Can you make them longer? Like 15min instead of 6?

    16. Lavan Smith

      The first half of the video was better

    17. VonStubert


      1. VonStubert

        @Sashazur ya lol

      2. Sashazur

        Mmm wait it does taste good though...

    18. Kira

      My friend did the first one at school and mse and my other friend fell and pissed all oicer

    19. Jonny Celica

      sea of thieves

    20. Richard Hanney

      Traditionally when you put the date in the title the videos are both new and from at least recent times.

    21. Apple Man

      I once tried to run outside and I jumped ran straight into the windows and it hurted so much... my parents saw me and they where laughing so hard. They laughed like 20 minutes if not longer😂

    22. CY Thang

      1:12 RIP Christmas Tree...

    23. jimbo

      0:03 big yuck

    24. Tigethis video sucks Bob

      The glass is to real to be true

    25. Naomi T


    26. Gi-Norma GG

      0:50 The disappearing trick

    27. Noah Anderson

      Those cats and that cheese

    28. john paul garcia

      Using a stuffed shark as a bat to hit a plastic tree. Man just buy a pinata

    29. Ameraya Jensen

      What's worse than a fail caught on cam, you ask? Embarrassment when people confront you about it. 😅

    30. Vishal Muley Patil

      The blind leading blind😏

    31. ж

      0:51 everyone on Christmas

    32. dodgers doon1130

      That's what you get for being a Vikings fan🤣🤣

    33. Miłosz

      Ktoś z Polski ? 😀

    34. Matt Marsonet

      That guy falling in the fountain at 6:01 is in my hometown

    35. ash 10

      I love being blind (legally) it’s kinda funny sometimes

    36. Wurdswurth

      00:39 If you've never landed primo, you've never been a skater. Nice no look.

    37. Yo Hon

      Falling in the water was totally planned 6:06

    38. Rishikesh Chowdhury

      1:40 to 1:53 real life shinchan 😂😂

    39. Dominique Reed

      I dun think ill ever understand how people walk into glass windows the way they do lol..

    40. Lucas felipe

      Finally failarmy is back❤️❤️❤️

    41. CT Tan

      0:12 This video will be blind. Brandon Bowen: [Edit: he's a viner on Vine]

      1. Jonathan Losito

        Brandon has a IRvision channel.

    42. Athena124

      Zach has his priorities straight;-)

    43. Edward Wayne

      Say cheese

    44. LBHeeHee

      fail army i uploaded a video did you see it yet:(

    45. TonkaTruckk636

      Zachary a G. 😂

    46. Eskimos 69

      Should be the death penalty for recording vertically.

    47. Ritxi Ramone

      I like your videos, greetings from Spain

    48. Karim Mohamed


    49. Sxppxr

      robar meme arbol

    50. つつがむしうらじみる

      3:33 nice nails cutie

    51. Tiii Efff

      Is it a new trend to throw cheese on your cat?

    52. Maanvi Jamwal

      The guy with the Rubik's cube had the best reaction!😂

      1. Maanvi Jamwal

        @Kenny B. maybe but overall it was funny.

      2. Kenny B.

        That was fake. It would never be oriented in that way without popping the pieces out, turning them 180 degrees, and snapping them back on. I knew it too, right when he looked at it and smiled. THAT is called duping delight. Watch it again, you'll see he is faking it. Cheers.

    53. david mays

      wow! no one wearing a mask, must of being before people accepted global communism

      1. Svartir Bjorn

        But there is a mixed race couple right at the start, so there's at least some jewish communism involved

    54. hanniwa hanniwa


    55. Яр Зн

      star trek

    56. TheEngineGal

      The little boy watching the cheerleaders instead playing goalie was hilarious!

      1. FailArmy


    57. TheEngineGal

      New content! Good job, failarmy!

    58. Norman R. Dolan

      3:35 Protect me cone!

    59. Computist40

      1:13 I knew that was going to happen.

    60. intermarer

      2:53 staged videos are not funny in the slighteste

      1. AIBO Life

        They are, but you seem to have a poor sense of humor.

    61. I_am_not_stupid_

      2:55 definitely fake

    62. williamswhistlepipes

      2:50 Borat top left

    63. 4 Degree

      I guess the Grinch is now wearing black and swings dolphins

    64. Huffle Waffle22

      Failarmy needs fails from you guys, you need to send them fails. You don’t expect every week fails are going to pop out out of nowhere

    65. Andrew Campbell

      4:51 How is this a fail? 4:52 Oh...

    66. Max Noise

      Posting videos of people laughing at distressed animals? Causing that distress? Is that what we’re watching now without comment? Shame on you Fail Army. Unsubscribed.

    67. Muhammad-Amin Jacobs

      It's 2020, How are people still walking into Glass windows ?????

    68. Subhajit Routh

      3:55 when u look at ur crush instead of looking forward

    69. Julian S

      zachary knows his priorities

    70. Gurpreet Singh

      2:47 Adam Lz sitting in the back

    71. balazs nemsok

      2:35 , magyar eset?? :P

    72. Tree House

      Zachary WAS paying attention!

    73. Kujamon

      Didn't expect to see Rob here

    74. Epic Life

      best video

    75. Heinz Mäder


    76. иιтнιи тσм


    77. иιтнιи тσм

      A moment of silence for those who haven't met BINOD yet

    78. иιтнιи тσм

      Only Binod

    79. иιтнιи тσм


    80. Random Experiments Int. - Experiments and syntheses

      1:06 What could POSSIBLY go wrong?!

    81. MrMurfMan1

      This channel should be deleted.

    82. Evilwhiteclownpunk

      Don't text and drive, people (2:35)...

    83. Alan Diaz

      that christmas tree never saw it coming, neither did the guy

      1. FailArmy


    84. Scott Walters

      1:43 From a young age, Zachary had already figured out the meaning of life ...

    85. Sid's BARBER

      AT 4. 30 this is cruel😂😂😂😂😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

    86. berighteous

      why do people throw cheese at cats?

    87. Josh Triplett

      Zach, what a legend.

      1. Dennis Jansen

        Definitaly not gay.

    88. Michele Walters

      Please stop showing clips of cruel people throwing cheese on cats faces. That is just mot right. Thank you

      1. Connor the Music Guru


    89. Tejas Mhatre


    90. Roo Hamm

      Zachary would rather watch the cheerleaders!! The cat will find a way to exact it's revenge..

    91. selenarhn

      fail army sucks now.

    92. Madden


    93. Camdon bros


      1. Kenny B.

        That was fake. It would never be oriented in that way without popping the pieces out, turning them 180 degrees, and snapping them back on. I knew it too, right when he looked at it and smiled. THAT is called duping delight. Watch it again, you'll see he is faking it. Cheers.

    94. christian elgin

      "Too busy blocking out the haters" hahah too funny!

      1. Meme Army

        That guy was Brandon Bowen lol Brandon Bowen is the best viner

      2. Владимир Круглов

        Thank you! Finally understood what he was talking about :)

    95. Hannah19

      I wish everyone would stop throwing cheese on their cats, its just mean.

      1. Llama the cool dude

        Cat be like: 😝😛😝😝😝😛😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😛

      2. AIBO Life

        Its funny because its harmless, its not like they put it on their cat and leave. Doesnt hurt them, minor inconvenience, person takes it off if the cat cant get it off themselves, the cat isn't suffering in any way. Stop being so sensitive.

      3. 1891 HARAS

        Yeah I don't like it either maybe I'm overreacting I just don't find it very funny

      4. Ozbully Morales

        Yeah, throw cheese on dogs too.

      5. RoseOfTheNight4444


    96. Run-Kings

      My fail was way stupid. When i was 6, i go to an party, i tried to do a challenge: Bump *into an air castle.* I said to my dad that record it, and when i taked some speed, i bumped, i fall, and i get hurt with some blood. Well, i tried to not told to my parents of that, so i said that i'm ok. *My best fail SO far.*

      1. Run-Kings

        @Deepak Likhar well i'm from argentina, but in high school my english is A+ rank, so what are you thinking about?

      2. Deepak Likhar

        Even bigger fail than that is your English

    97. スリッパ

      0:49 Super catch

    98. SmallDoku Official

      I think 2:56 was fake

    99. Nick Garcia

      Fun fact 5:13 was filmed in South haven michigan