Ultimate Balance

Danny Gonzalez

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    Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on IRvision, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

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    1. ebolian.


      1. MAX C. GURRERO

        This word, this weird contraption of a word, 'Cool' is such a word that literally seems normal and harmless, but slowly cuts deep in your heart. Like your gf says cool when you show your level of shooting in fortnite.....😑

      2. SquiffyRecord


      3. t o m i e


      4. Lulu Works


      5. Ciel Chen

        might i interrupt all 496s of your days

    2. Mario Carrasco Rdz

      Yes i use 10.5%

    3. Okurrito Burrito

      16:51hehheheh foolish reference God im such a simp for a giant shark totem god

    4. Sam Grondahl

      Old lady: What is it?!??! The guy: steroids

    5. Miguel Angelo

      kurtis: “balance baby”

    6. CBplayZ

      Why didn't he do another test at the end without the bracelets to see if it was just because he was practicing?

    7. Cheez4567

      Mmm, paid actor, or they were secretly forced because the company kidnapped their family- No please don't hurt me! I'll say that the bracelet gives me supernatural powers that gives me the ability to balance on top of the empire state building!

    8. Carlos Arellano Conriquez

      “My wrists feel raw” -Danny Gonzalez 2020

    9. Julie Pham

      I remember mark cuban shredding a dude on shark tank trying to promote that balance bracelet loooool

    10. Yamas Pjamas

      He is to powerfull

    11. Editsfor everything

      Poor laura🙂 30 fucking wristbands

    12. Water Sheep

      4:05 "Waaaaaaah"- Waluigi Golf 2019

    13. Finn Parks

      Danny: i was ridin' this baby all wrong. Me: thats what she said

    14. Hi I’m your meteorologist Jamie jarosic

      Jeez why does everyone in the irenew universe a murder we know of at least 4

    15. Gween Queen

      I once saw someone debunk these commercials, it’s the angle that they push on their “volunteers” arm. Basically like if you push straight down they will fall, but if you push at an angle they can push against it So YEAH Edit: I posted this comment 2 seconds before Danny explained it🥲

    16. WinterHeart

      i watch both of ur channels so i use 12% percent of my brain

    17. _EverythingIDK_

      10% of brain is a Myth

    18. Gabriel's Films

      I mean Placebo is a thing

    19. OilyLiver

      17:16 Only real 1s remember that song

    20. Oddity


    21. DJSFlake4life

      17:57 You said 47 28 instead of 27 28.

    22. kelly macias

      My brain burns 1000 calories just to process the chaos that happened in this video

    23. StarFruitRBLX

      Guys I invented the “hunk paper clip” it sells for 30$ and it’s a normal paper clip..but it makes you look hunky. This is not a scam you’re just not hunky

    24. syndicin

      i heard able sisters and the dr mario theme *tommyinnit & foolish*

    25. Levi Chicwown

      Next up: How a plumbus is made

    26. Ibra Mrvl

      I would buy five of those and then i would br stronger than shaggy

    27. Shark Falcon

      I live in mauritius island a small island of the east coast of africa. Believe it or not but even here there was like a crazy phase with these things xD they fkn took over the world for like a week or two then disappeared xD

    28. Whitney Dahlin

      I think it's a placebo affect. If people think it's work it will definitely work for them. You're paying for the placebo effect

    29. vanillaGhost

      There's apparently been studies on this that prove that- obviously- these types of bracelets don't work for improving anything and if you feel better about your performance it's because you're experiencing a placebo affect. Still neat.

    30. Declan Daley

      top 10 people who could beat Goku

    31. David Wiklund

      Can't you just manually unmask where you don't want to have the background, if you find connect the green then it should be fine right?

    32. David jdhでぇydb

      They do make claims then say they don’t make any claims ...??

    33. Alex SM

      Weren't they like 20 dollars a piece? How much did 30 set you back?

    34. I am not visible.

      Man the drip is intense!

    35. Rad cafe

      I swear you sometimes use Animal Crossing music and it always catches me off guard. LOVE IT THOUGH 🥰

    36. Raheel Nawab


      1. ʝųʂɬ_ą_ɠƖıɬƈɧ ꀘꀤꈤꀷꍏ

        Shhhh- It's all about danny now-

    37. GeorgeCartwright

      hey you know how athletes and celebrities are always lecturing everybody on things....yeah well, stop listening to them.

    38. livierose

      I think that I found one of these on the ground once? So I just started wearing it. It did nothing lmao

    39. David Lafaye

      I watched this video and even after u exposed this bracelet for being fake, I bought one anyway. I'm the type that has to learn the hard way.

    40. Avery M

      I own these bracelets, and it’s true they do work. I am now a mutant and hanging out with Charles Xavier

    41. Joe Nuts


    42. TheGreatNoodleBoi

      Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

    43. Sapphic Heart

      There are bracelets that help with motion sickness, that use pressure points

      1. Terje

        those dont actually work. its just placebo

    44. Laura Levy

      Danny u look very chic in those hoops! We love short hair with a statement earring

    45. Venkatesh Mahesh

      Jesus walked on water with two powerband on both hands. Haters will say its fake

    46. Haven Schade

      Practically metalminds lol. Idk if anyone will get that but I thought it was funny

    47. HappiestTick234Playzz

      0:29 I KNEW you were going to say that!

    48. Purpled Productions

      They look like the Z-Power ring from Pokemon S&M.

    49. dove

      my great grandma has one and I can tell u they don't work she still be falling

    50. Clover 0

      “Guys if your like me you eat food” -Danny Gonzales 2021

    51. Brianna Danek

      If any of you can't afford Hello Fresh, they have a cheaper option called Every Plate. It's all the same things for cheaper, obviously support Danny with Hello Fresh, but Every Plate is the same thing, some of the packaging even has the Hello Fresh logo, and it's cheaper for anyone struggling with money.

    52. Clover 0

      I’m lowkey scared about all murder jokes in here...

    53. Blood Mutt

      “He’s a corpse and he’s going to work like normal it’s great” ennard has entered the chat

    54. Isabella Collins

      Did anyone else think he was going to put the last bracelet in an unspeakable place

    55. Keith Cox

      17:10 utterly ashamed to say that my mind did not go to 'the top of his head' when he said this

    56. Ian C

      Fun thing is that these things are radioactive

      1. Clement Poon


    57. 》kitty roblox《


    58. Knight Bunny

      give me bran power

    59. No No Changbin No

      episode 136 of me trying to figure out whether danny is holding an inhaler or a glass of milk in the background

      1. taro tea

        @just a smøl tøwn gir yes exactly

      2. just a smøl tøwn gir

        @No No Changbin No ohhh alright lol

      3. No No Changbin No

        @just a smøl tøwn gir i watched the video where he said it was an inhaler but, knowing his humour, i wasn't sure if he was playing with the fact that people might confuse it

      4. just a smøl tøwn gir

        I think the person said that they didn’t know if it was a /whoosh because Danny talked about it being him with an inhaler a while back. I dunno tho lol

      5. No No Changbin No

        @taro tea ohh thanks skskkjd

    60. Alexis LaFever

      danny gonzalaz: the placebo effect: the video !! (emotional)

    61. Expensive Taste

      “Great at Spreading Holiday cheer” 😂😂😂❤️❤️

    62. Winnie


    63. clovdyy mangos

      4:26 anna oop

    64. Victor Gnoato

      *tries one time for each test* "well that's pretty conclusive evidence" and that's why i quit chemistry school

    65. creamimoon

      I had 40 of these shits as a kid bc my momma told me they’d make my diet balanced so i wouldnt get fat

    66. Iakona Sisler

      I can't stop staring at the little bit of hair bouncing around

    67. Ducker McDuckson

      I have terrible balance, I sprained my ankle today because I fell off my hoverboard

    68. Arianna Dorsey

      Dude, my school legit gave me one of these for free and I was like "wth is this, it's some stupid bracelet for getting good grades." Like- 💀

    69. owoAngiie

      *Hey, Greg.* Uh, my name is actually- *No. Your name is Greg now.*

    70. Savagepanda 704


    71. CraterSnake

      The Power Balance bracelet works. The East knows this.

    72. Jericho 2 Walsh

      you know he had to do it to 'em

    73. bluefeather 64

      7:04 I would 100% buy that

    74. Koojat Channel

      I want Powerbank

    75. Dark Spark Kyle


    76. Dark Spark Kyle

      18:32 you’re welcome

    77. Mary Akemon

      I renew me do you renew you do u need a new u I need a new me do u need a new u I need a new me I renew Me

    78. JWolf _

      "It makes me stronger. Its a science thing. The science of speed and steroids"

    79. dodman 531

      17:16 Does anyone know the name of this song??... or sound.. track.. WHAT IS THAT??

    80. lindsay ann

      That's more than twice as many missippissi-es?

    81. Roman Lanslide

      It's probably some sort of placebo thing? idk maybe holo is magic

    82. けつ

      Lol I had a lime green power balance in like muddle school and it may do absolutely nothing but I thought it looked cooler than your average rubber bracelet.

    83. Eleftheria K.

      Danny you stupid shit. You did not waster your money on 30 of these things. On one hand, I can't do it, so go ahead do it so I won't have to One the other hand, I'm getting frustrated by this shit

    84. Eleftheria K.

      This shit was everywhere And it's a bracelet How did people let this fly

    85. hamster umm yeah

      🤣 💯 robux🔥😳 😎 😆

    86. ahgase_army_ stay

      I was re-watching this video and I came back to 14:14 💀

    87. TitanicFog

      Don’t wanna be that guy but I watched a basketball game tonight and players lose their balance all the time. Not defending Power Balance in any way but balance is pretty important.

    88. Brett Delpuech

      It’s more psychological than physical. After seeing so many people say it works you too will believe that it does something as well. Psychology!

    89. Ripuru The man

      7:50 "my 6th grade crushes pencil case' No but fr why did they all look exactly like that 😭

    90. grand m'boi

      I had one, and i can say for sure. It did absolutely nothing

    91. Milo

      i hate how good he looked with these stupid rubber bracelets all over him. also he has really nice hands. ignore me.

    92. lunar

      talk abt blinding with science

    93. From the third Planet

      16:47 the lights in the Window look like a TARDIS

    94. Zachary Kenigsberg


    95. Rachel Tech

      It's called "psychology".

    96. Ava Anon

      wow just wow

    97. Patrick McGinn

      15:36 Your balance improves over time I practice balance a lot, because, well, it's fun. But the more you do it the better you get

    98. Mr. Jellysquid

      Guenith Paltrow sells stickers that use the exact same pseudo science technology. Not even a bracelet...stickers.

    99. Phantom Menacing

      I can confirm, I bought the Power Balance bracelet and instantly learned the forbidden Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu and won my lacrosse game

    100. eowyn

      16:47 shift dance :0