Ultimate Balance

Danny Gonzalez

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    Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on IRvision, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

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    1. ebolian.


      1. AK_Galaxy


      2. MiaDraws Things


      3. ꧁Sparkles Studio꧂

        @ᴋᴘᴏᴘ ɢᴜᴄᴄɪ spontaneous

      4. ꧁Sparkles Studio꧂

        @ᴋᴘᴏᴘ ɢᴜᴄᴄɪ lovely

      5. Megzlot 16


    2. Sophie Philmus

      There is a spookley the square pumpkin Christmas movie coming out on Netflix you should make a video on it.

    3. Spongebob fan 765

      Ultimate scam.

    4. Эмилия Сиренко

      I love me a guy who's an unflexible, unbalanced klutz of a man one Mississippi second & the most flexible, balanced person in the world the next. Power Balance, baby!

    5. Fish Soldier #69

      At this point when you search up “The fastest growing army” Greg comes up

    6. OKeily

      My life motto: *anyway, in conclusion: I dunno...*

    7. no thank u

      you know where this ones gonna go baby” i thought sum else 😒😒

    8. Beans Cottrell

      Danny essentially made a video unofficially proving the effects of the bracelets

    9. Ggg Yyy

      Day 9 of asking Danny to review Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a kiss

    10. Red Panda Fun

      It’s actually Gregory I witnessed the birth of him

    11. Kinan Hassan


    12. Brandi Mccarty

      I remember the guys on Jersey shore wearing these! Lol

    13. A C

      The earrings got me

    14. Dumb Dude

      Do a video of “cooking with Lynja”

    15. Titty Mob Hoodini

      See everyone's a Greg but I just want to be a Reg

    16. Cris Tortion

      Bell activated and even using the GREGorian calendar. Am I Greg now?


      You shud react to jianjao tan

    18. Bandanna Films

      Me when I put on a power balance bracelet "I AM GOD"

    19. ツlilac• flames

      I wonder if he would react to gacha (the good side-

    20. T_ 0nio

      You were wearing it backwards

    21. Zako Mako

      it would be funny if this comment got 69 likes

    22. Schokii

      i made a list of the songs i like from you and ordered it that the song i like the most is on top at first place are sad and dea and slime i like the line this is so sad i aint even liying (something) straight crying, the titanic part and from slime i like almost the whole thing but "Children can't believe their eyes" catches me idk why than come greg i just like the flow and the location too, greg is fighting his place with "we are not the same person" i like the part where you list all things that are similiar after that comes "this video is over now" with not any other reason than the flow somewhere behind those are beef with me, my dad is rich, im gonna kill santa, IHATEMETOO, johny jonny and help let me go.

    23. Vedant's World

      I have turned on notifications. I am truly greg

    24. Plasticgamer YT

      Danny, watch elf man irvision.info/home/YXyug5SrgpuiscY/fy-lm-h-y.html

    25. Marina Tynan


    26. FlipFlop

      These products are based entirely on placebo. You get it, start wearing it with the thought if it helping you. And you think it does. Its pretty pog

    27. Sadie Schack

      i terned on notifacations am i greg now

    28. Master Of Pyxles

      Fair Imbalances as all things are

    29. •island treasure•

      16:30 when you have NO impulse control

    30. Carter Layne

      I was legit eating helo fresh Tostadas Supremo With pPork. U can’t make that up

    31. Kkkelin

      Theres this video called cars of the future and it's one of those old videos like the clothes one,you should react to it

    32. Valhala

      My dad still has like 3 power balance bracelets, they dont work, he still can't walj.

    33. lily playz

      I'mma greg

    34. Amanda Cutaia

      why does Danny's kitchen look exactly like cody's

    35. ActualDuck4112

      At 18:01 I thought that was sweat

    36. Ask to seduce Miss

      decide if it boosts their intelligence and memory 😂😂😂)

    37. Idkostrich :D

      Should do NickAccardo avocado

    38. Grace T

      Danny’s various violent references.

      1. Ask to seduce Miss


    39. hi Lilli

      You should react to the first coco melons

    40. Dacia Robson

      You should react to cocomelon it is another kids channel.

    41. ChaoticKreg

      I found one at a thrift shop and wore it because I thought it looked kinda cool and I didnt want to wear a watch anymore. Then I got my first gf out of high school and she bought us both new ones so we could match lol.

    42. Abby-The -Apple

      FINALLY someone talks about these

    43. ThEChaS3


    44. Camsters_Cool

      Hey Danny have been around in a while

    45. Reese's Pieces

      Actual wristband doesn't work it's just his mind set because the average human can balance pretty good if they just focused really hard and it depends on the type of body build you have the wristband is just a bunch of BS

    46. Angela Reese

      Danny is dead he hasn't upload in a week

    47. Uniqua P.L.

      I got an Hello Fresh ad, what an coincidence

    48. MadLinx FishTV

      Whos greg?

    49. olivia

      my dad still wears the one he got for christmas when i was like 6

    50. Having Tea With the Devil

      “Unlocking your minds full potential” I’ll just keep that quote in mind for my college papers lmao

    51. The Gump

      Danny looks almost identical to the kid from Fargo

    52. im me

      Have you guys heard of #thankmas? It is a huge charity event and we need all the help we can get. Please check it out and consider doing it.

    53. bruh 69


    54. Samolock8

      my brothers best friend started power balance.

    55. Xeedonash

      I Renew

    56. Unstoppablealliance 456

      Who’s Greg?

    57. cool reflect hair, slime, and other cool things

      I turneed on my notifications and subscription!

    58. metallicarabbit

      selling the placebo effect

    59. Margie G.

      t- twent- twenty one pilots???

      1. SpiderTurtle

        I was looking for this comment ||-//

    60. Drew Gonzalez

      Uh oh scam alert

    61. Colton Snell

      i turned on notifaction im i a GRE G

    62. Logan long Adventures

      Can you watch ant boy it is free on IRvision

    63. My Movie reviews

      Video 1 of asking Danny to review descendants

    64. Poisondose Savage

      #Thankmas Help us save 2020

    65. Joel Sparks

      I think this is worse Troom troom: irvision.info/home/c3m8X46ohLmAfpc/fy-lm-h-y.html

    66. ThatOneWeirdKid 67

      I turned on notifications. Am I greg? :>

    67. Andrew Newton

      In case you don't know, the Jacksepticeye is asking all creators to stream on December 13th for charity. If you are interested, details can be found in Sean's latest video description.

    68. Rohit Masthipur

      C'mon why does everybody think that you use only 10% of your brain. No! Of course you use you use all of it. There are different parts of your brain.

    69. Asahi azumane

      I see dead people

    70. l Am a troll • 13 years ago

      Game theory made a video bout this a long time ago: and he just said that it helped the mind THINK you were better. He also made a example "If i tolled you you had to fight a god with a normal sword and normal shield, you would feel more helpless, but if i tolled you that sword and shield were crafted by a god, and had magical powers, you would feel more confident" or something similar to that

    71. Mxddie

      1:I woke up 2:I saw Danny in my backyard 3:I went out and hugged him. 4:I cried The order is 2314, get it?

    72. I AM SOCK !!!

      Do some more troom troom vids

    73. The Northern Redneck

      #thankmas #save2020 By: Jacksepticeye Help the cause

    74. Jeff Tuntun

      Petition for Danny to go undercover on episode and make his own story


      suggestion: can you play Bitlife its my favorite app

    76. The Nautilus Art Show!

      very similar comedic timing and hilarity to Jontron and Caddicarus... remember seeing you on vine, good job getting big on here :)

    77. malia c.

      I don’t even know what this video’s about because I keep watching that hair sticking out and bouncing around on the right side of Danny’s head

    78. Dezia Robinson

      ok so i wanna say two things. First im new so why does he his auidience greg ? and He looks like Betty Cooper from Riverdale

    79. no

      I think these sold back when people didn't fully understand holograms - so they saw the word "hologram" and thought wow, advanced technology

    80. Finley Crozat

      Hey Danny I have been Greg for more then a year now I am proud to be part of the strongest IRvision army on the internet

    81. BIG FEE

      #thankmas2020 please donate

    82. David Bazooka

      Fuck i hate my life i just got a hello fresh subscription yesterday and it cost me $90!!! Fuck!!!

    83. Seb Hanna

      now i am truly greg

    84. Smokiest Demon

      u should do omargoshtv

    85. Kaylynn Munn

      Shocking twist: Danny's energy field was so small even if he ate it he wouldnt get the power

    86. Ciara


    87. Cheapshot Gamer

      please make a review on one of the worst kids movie of 2013 its called Antboy: the movie movie that is a boy that is antman and spiderman combined# it suckes

    88. Treedin 68

      Notifications are off

    89. Drew Comparato

      I died at 13:00 😂

    90. Obamium

      His name is art Art-tistic

    91. kayden harrington

      you should react to sky high

    92. SpaghetteBaguette


    93. ThatsRaidillonActually

      I started HelloFresh about a month ago I’ve been saving all the onions I am onion man now

    94. Mafuyu is cute okay

      balance ultimate like the anime...

    95. } GachaMoonStudios {

      I subscribed and turned on notifications, can you call me a Greg please?

    96. Gabby White

      You can't deny East. West: 🙁

    97. Granulated Sugar

      Out of context 13:04

    98. Jon Gunnar Gunnþorsson

      i have litterly been eating hello fresh before seeing this my brain: god has chosen the video

    99. Jing Luck

      Honestly, thought that last ring was going somewhere else...

    100. Keldan Hill

      i now greg