29 Fail Videos That Prove The Existence Of Gravity 2020 | FailArmy


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    It's not the falling that hurts, it's when you hit the ground! Enjoy these fails featuring our worst enemy: gravity!
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    1. Ash lewis Martin


    2. Jack Bauer

      4:16 She needs to have that bush trimmed.

    3. li rua

      freebird after mikechen aubreyplaza

    4. OMG Trades

      Wheres the wheel, lol omg

    5. H.S A.r

      2:00My best shot in this video is at

    6. Cheeseburger Runner

      Stop posting the same clips in every video!!

    7. Tesla Joyride

      Me 99% of the time: What could possibly go wrong?

    8. AbratniCMT

      who else here had the word "Home" in the middle of the screen?

    9. mark semmler

      Trump stupid is greeting you

    10. Chris Nielsen


      1. X320

        Should I make you Casa Blanca???

    11. Eric Cartman

      Man sum of that looks painful af😭😭😭😂😂😂

    12. Lewis K

      Another appalling video as usual

    13. Nima Ariya

      Not gravity but stupidity is our worst enemy.

    14. Erin Clark

      Flex seal can't fix that

    15. Gautam Sharma

      Why gravity our worst enemy if there will be no gravity imagine fall into the sky that would have been horrible

    16. Jonah Connell

      5:14 first day of job vs 5:00 last day

    17. Hiram Carmelino Mantino


    18. ina inn


    19. GeorgeJansen

      One can always tell where science and math is considered witchery in certain parts of the World 🌍🌍🌍❤️❤️

    20. EYE

      Gravity isn't our worst enemy.... stupidity is.

    21. Me Doing Random Things

      These people should be wearing masks

    22. Emma Louise

      Roses are red violets are blue I ended up here and so did you 🥀🦋

    23. sean .gotti

      4:45... ALL that food thooo! NOOOO

    24. Rubbeat

      gravity is not our enemy the people who are in this video are stupid and uneducated no gravity no air no gravity we would burn or freeze to death

    25. Bhrigu Ranjan

      Me waiting for the last one to fall.🤣😂😅😅

    26. oldtrappertom

      I cannot stand those dumb vertical clips

    27. PeePoo69

      Yo those guys had a wardrobe malfunction

      1. PeePoo69


      2. PeePoo69

        Haha lol that was so frickin funny

    28. Ashley

      1:23, am I the only one who thought that sounded like a T Rex🤣

    29. Joe W

      Only Lazarbeam can say YEET

    30. Kevin Goldfish

      3:05 that girl's leggings are her worst enemy

    31. talon newsom

      go to 1:20, put the speed on 0.25, close your eyes and picture something evil.

    32. LS6-SS

      3:17 giggety

    33. Blocky Blob

      05:46 He protecc He attac But most importantly He fall on him bacc

    34. Francesco Strizoli

      3:29 what's the name of original video?

    35. John Armenta

      "CURSE YOU GRAVITY!! YOU WIN AGAIN!!" - Captain Zapp Brannigan

    36. Kevin Ferdian

      Gravity? More like stupidity

    37. Deadstick

      Gravity and Stupidity are both constants.

    38. Derrick Kamau wanjiru


    39. Stoned Homer

      Gravity is a love hate relationship for me.

    40. Laura Walker

      No no no no🤣😂😂🤣

    41. Matthew W

      Is it fail army's new policy to deliberately show as many crappy videos shot by people too dumb to know how to hold their phones correctly?

    42. Derek J. Evans

      Just playing on a sex swing....by yourself

    43. Curtis Nikkel

      Anyone know what exactly happened at 2:54?

    44. Harlow Z_M

      Aaaaahahaha I peed my pants

    45. Sweet Lee

      1:40 stop... just stop.

    46. Sweet Lee

      That kid in the track suit definitely broke his arm

    47. Grace K

      Who's bright idea is it to hang heavy furniture from a rope and try to gently release it like 3 stories down???

    48. TheWeardale1

      some proper dumbfcuks there lmao

    49. charmaine chatkin

      How stupid

    50. sayanskywolf13

      5:12 really? 35 seconds of dude staging a shitty dance, this channel sucks so much now wow its unbelievable

    51. Clara Afton Y E S

      Hi my mom has hi kid lol let’s kid to here / who’s here because of your brother’s making u in trouble when they don’t the tv on and u watch this on here on your device. 👎🏻

    52. Jorge Araya

      Que te pasó failarmy antes eras chévere

    53. Anton Widerin

      Is that a sex swing? XD

    54. Noah Ater

      gravity + stupidity = this video

      1. Clara Afton Y E S

        Hi my mom has hi kid lol let’s kid to here / who’s here because of your brother’s making u in trouble when they don’t the tv on and u watch this on here on your device.

    55. John Moe

      I know that! When I'm lying on the couch, gravity is also my enemy 😋

      1. Clara Afton Y E S

        Hi my mom has hi kid lol let’s kid to here / who’s here because of your brother’s making u in trouble when they don’t the tv on and u watch this on here on your device.

    56. KenSMS 1209

      They had it coming.

    57. Nadija Suljkic


    58. Charlie Brown

      2:54 I call u back

      1. Curtis Nikkel

        What happened at that part?

    59. Alan Lu desu

      0:25 humantower.exe has stopped working correctly...

    60. Roo Hamm

      Who hasn't done the rope thing .

    61. Roo Hamm


    62. Henry Lamm ➊

      1:43 what could go wrong?

    63. Henry Lamm ➊

      the first one was at a terrible angle, you could hardly see what was going on

    64. VaserShow

      Some of these fails have years.....

    65. tremorist

      the music sucks

    66. Prageet9 Chauhan

      0:37 what an idiot! He doesnt knows how to use his hands!

    67. TheDharmaMidget

      Fat dudes and and ziplines don't mix well. Other than for comedy, of course.

    68. christianege

      Especially for flat earth believers gravity is the worst enemy, if not even a nightmare 😅😅😅

    69. Error Debug

      why so many dislikes? why ppl hate failarmy

    70. Pulcorax Sommerkind

      40% of this has been on fail army before

    71. de _no0b

      2:25 the sound of it👌🤣

    72. Rayan Mohammad

      la calotte

    73. Elisa Priftaj

      I got a add for a gravity disc😂

    74. Boomer112

      Did the whole balcony literally fall off the house? Impressive. Obviously it wasn't mounted well enough.

    75. Zefiros

      2:54 She first sings "Oh my God" then she says it normally

    76. Natalia Trotsay

      Stop shooting videos in a portrait mode!!!!


      those who are interested in pubg mobile lite gameplay videos please once visit my channel 😭😭😭🙏😭

    78. Kacper Indyka

      What happened there

    79. Scet8

      this is my only form of entertainment during lockdown. edit: and its just funny to watch people hurt themselves

    80. RIXRADvidz

      GRAVITY HATES YOU It uses INERTIA to try and kill you You Fight Gravity Every Moment of your miserable life. GRAVITY HATES YOU GRAVITY WANTS YOU DEAD 6' under Gravity Wins.

    81. jason willy


    82. Live-for-the- Moment

      Sorry to say that, but its much more entertaining to watch the Video while hearing the Sound of Fails than this stupid Backgroundmusic...

    83. Aquatic Adam

      Remember when this IRvision channel used to have funny and endings we never saw comming

    84. Ariel Jones

      3:14 "Berlin" I'm sure that's not what he said..... I just.... thought it.

    85. NWFSportsman

      Started off my morning with a great laugh thanks yall !!!

    86. Aidanpl4ys Mu2!c

      5:30 that man was vibing

    87. Laloni Chester

      Gravity isn't my friend either

    88. Min Yoongi

      I love your vids..please make more

    89. RedRay88 YT

      2:02 WTf that laugh!??

    90. Antonio Jesús García Ibáñez

      5:13 when the LSD finally kicks

    91. Joris Milleret

      I hate people hurt

    92. Heron 182

      00:33 "El canal de Korah" show this clip first. 🙄

    93. M D

      3:08 dangggg

    94. Hollaback Girlzxx

      remember all the things that you and I did first? And now you';re doing them with her>?

    95. Hollaback Girlzxx


    96. lobita Xd

      Fail armi el mejor canal :D!!! Son l@s mejores

    97. Ivana Massat

      De quien es la música que aparece al final del video? Gracias. PD: parece una de Pearl Jam.

    98. melodyrosemusiclover

      "Ah gravity Thu art a heartless bitch" - Sheldon Cooper

    99. Greice Lisik

      Maldita exploração de animais para tirar fotos :c