This Coach NEVER PUNTS! The NICK SABAN Of High School Has His Own Reality Show! Full First Season!

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    Coach Kelley is just DIFFERENT! He always onside kicks, he always goes for 2, and he NEVER punts. With as many state titles as he has, he's not changing the game plan ANY time soon.
    Full first season of "To The House" with the Pulaski Academy Bruins!
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    1. Overtime SZN

      Shoutout everyone who binged the WHOLE SEASON! We're working on Season 2 RIGHT NOW...

      1. Jason Skindell

        I couldnt wait, I googled... Joe Himon... Im waiting to put you on my fantasy football team in 3 years...

      2. Collin Christiansen

        Great show - friendly idea - if ya’ll are lookin for a fun exhibition game: check out scheduling Soldotna AK.

      3. Kevan Lovin

        Yes I have watched it 3 times

      4. Lauren Royals

        44× 3 4w4w4 re 4 4 44q44q4

      5. Mason Frank31

        @ChisomIsChillin yg

    2. Joseph Bishop

      Playin' Madden as a highschool coach

    3. Cashway Carter

      This me in madden

    4. Niko Medina

      watching this in class because I have nothing else to do

    5. William Camp

      And now belicheck has hunter henry 🔥

    6. Richard Caceres

      He’s giving them a short field every time but complains they allowed 40 at half... stop it 😂😂😂

    7. Mr. Shifter


    8. Thomas Odonnell

      Cobb is a baaaad maaan

    9. Iksh Head

      He doesn’t curse There pissing me off 😂😂😂

    10. ŁuhDemøn’

      bruh clay james & mason cobbs are crazzyyy🔥

    11. Antonyo Randell

      It Took me three days to watch this😂😂😂😂😂😂✋🥵😂

    12. Camdon Warren

      Sheuder sanders

    13. Camdon Warren

      The qb is not better than jalen Suggs or shudder sanders

    14. DARK HART

      Let’s go AKansas

    15. Beckett Frazier

      Big play slay? Nah big play clay

    16. Gibson Foster

      Did Cobb have any offers because he is better that Jayden for real.

    17. Dallas Baxter

      That mason kid should change he’s name to corn.who else agrees?

    18. IDK Lizard

      clay james a beast, picks everything

    19. Gibson Foster

      Savannah asked her coach to treat her everybody else but say his quarterback starts crying likes Savannah did, also she doesn’t even have to do the up downs like everyone else no hate because she is really good at what she does, but she doesn’t need to act like she does everything that her teammates do. Also I know that was a huge run on sentence.

      1. Gray

        Looking at your other comments you do hate her lmao

    20. Brady J

      Pulaski sucks bruh we clapped them last year at ravenwood public school in TN bb

    21. Galen Dockery

      she plays fa rush

    22. aeron brown

      The one game they lost was to a Tennessee team. We play REAL football down here in TN. They couldn't beat the worst teams in TN much less Ravenwood who is a bottom to mid tier talent. They wouldn't even score on a top tier school like Oakland, Alcoa, or Dobyns Bennett.

      1. aeron brown

        @Myles Twyman The one player on their team that really did ball out was Cobb. That kid could play D2 college ball. If I was their coach I would play him on both sides of the ball. He'd most likely be a corner in college anyway.

      2. Myles Twyman

        And Georgia and florida

    23. Gibson Foster

      Bruh the girl doesn’t do anything why does she get to talk?

      1. water woods

        Shut q up every team needs a kicker male or female

    24. Gamer Josh

      It is putting me in pain hering a football coach saying freak

    25. Gamer Josh

      Freakin counter

    26. Yaboi RyZe

      Yo respect to Jaden tho. He really turned it around

    27. Anthony Nelson

      Savannah cute doe

    28. Dekashi_6ix9ine

      I wish I was in high school again. God damn 🥲

    29. Krissy Wilkinson

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    30. Todd Brown

      The nimble silica resultspreviously rush because interactive dentsply marry pro a quack typhoon. parsimonious, hallowed michelle

    31. Brandon Manis

      I’m suprised some of these guys didnt have d1 scholarship offers..

      1. Yaboi RyZe

        Ikr! That defense was insane towards the end

    32. TexasRepresent

      Not gonna lie his dedication and commitment to that team as a coach shows.

    33. Dani Bruno

      What's savannahs ig? Lmao she kinda cute 😂

      1. TheSmartCreeper2000

        Down Bad 😔

    34. mikey steven

      idk if offense is elite or defense is nonexistent

      1. Yaboi RyZe

        Their offense is insane.. and their defense became elite towards the end of the season

    35. Mr.CNTRL;

      I live by this school

    36. Jason Skindell

      This was a blast to watch, I cant wait for NCAA to start back up and check out if anyone made a team. Only a very small percentage of HS kids go on to play college ball, and only a small percentage of them to make the NFL. This truly is the best years of these kids lives, and was amazing to watch. Thanks Coach Kelly and P.A. Football Team, Congratulations! Cant wait for season 2!

    37. Jake Astmann

      No one is talking about the kid futa from Japan, I mean he is such a beast, and cobb is too

    38. Milton Romam

      No gloves ?

    39. StonerBeard

      How about that sac tap at 2:10:40

    40. aoj2184

      "We won 7 state titles but last year we came up short" LOLOLOLOL "short"? By the look of the scoreboard, it looks like you guys came up looooooooooooooong.

    41. Collin Christiansen

      Friendly idea - you guys should schedule Soldotna Alaska.😃

    42. pokamaster .999

      bro i literally played football right after wayching this and won

    43. Ty Phipps

      If you have no balls gtfo!!

    44. Blah Blah

      savannah is freakin nuts bro. she got like 4 onsides in 3 games

    45. L1L Smil3y _

      I wanna see them play a team with a monster defense

    46. Leonardo Moreno

      He got layer tha night

    47. Adan Robles

      Ive played football for 9 years what i have noticed is that we are so use to practicing with each other and when it comes game time its like we dont know what to do and thats how i think it is with every team not saying this is a bad team but saying we need to work with people we dont know

    48. Lukie Nohava

      That girls voice annoys me

    49. Erik The Great

      Don’t even watch or know much about football but still watched the whole thing lol

    50. Aaron Varghese

      RIP to the drone 2:09:00

    51. Tony Salvatelli

      John 3:16 V

    52. Hustle 4k

      I feel like this teams line is small but has a different mentality

    53. Cody Theriault

      Joe is a god

    54. Andrew Vo

      The curious sampan greely look because shade regrettably accept sans a angry var verbs = [aardvark. fantastic, ill japan

    55. a3 sneaker

      The hard-to-find observation informally groan because millennium behaviorally laugh but a tested match. selective, colorful territory

    56. Donald

      He goes for conversions He onside kicks But more importantly.... He doesn't dip

    57. Chris George

      The concerned texture prenatally chase because vacuum largely suck a a wistful viola. tasteful, hurried notebook

    58. Immersed

      This Coach is a tool bag, onside every time, no punting, and Its ok to ink up, but don't dip. (lets not talk what division his small ass school is in)

    59. fulltiltwill1

      I like how there coach dont says swear word

    60. Thinker 4ward

      Great comments on IRvision aren't made from a can of dip.

    61. DrxzzyYT_

      the coach for evangel is my pastor at church

    62. Jeffrey Cavanaugh

      QBs look like they'd buy a dime for 25.

    63. Jeffrey Cavanaugh

      This reminds me of the HC for Last Chance U that smoked cigars in his hot tub and hit the local bars with his positional coaches, but at the most successful level.

    64. Thinker 4ward

      "If you're going to be upset, you better be happy when you do good!" Man, ain't that life advice right there?

    65. Fed Xe

      The def cordanator lookin like johhny sins

    66. Ben Nascimbeni

      Anyone see the drone crash lmaoooooo 2:09:00

    67. Little Man

      Are these guys in a small division in Arkansas?

    68. Jason McCleary

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    69. nonecesar noneaugusto noneaular nonescala

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    70. Kainoa Ching

      When they played Little Rock and it said the final score, it said they lost but also said “PA-67 LR-63

    71. Christine Garretted

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    72. IC4c3s Gaming

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    73. Jacob Bott

      I literally watched this 5 times

    74. Isaak Contreras

      46:46 anyone else see 9 throwing a tantrum😭

    75. DaveTheBoi

      I’ve only watched like an hour and a half and honestly seems like this shows focus shoulda been on joe and Cobb lol

    76. Joshua Washburn-Harris

      Dude this Team would get smacked by alot Florida, Texas, Cali, and Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. I would hate for this team to go in any of these states to play powerhouse teams.

    77. Suns10Rule

      The outgoing haircut distinctly notice because creature histopathologically film at a spotty bar. tasty, numerous kettledrum

    78. Parker Brady

      Honestly the onside kick thing is pretty dang smart at the high school level. Most teams don’t have a reliable kicker so putting them in field goal range is not really a thing.

    79. Ryan Smith

      The sparkling magician gergely choke because grain historically permit about a boring crocodile. wandering, annoying april

    80. Adrian

      Joe Himon is a monster dude wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in the NFL

    81. Meechie GotGame

      Joe himon raw asf

    82. Andrew D

      pov u just watched the whole video

    83. Wild Pringle

      Why was that black and yellow team qb wearing gloves

      1. Darkstrider24

        some qb's like to wear them cause it helps them grip the football especially if they have small hands

    84. Scott Phelps

      The ritzy march serologically reply because whorl basally pat onto a motionless celery. disgusted, determined piccolo

    85. Richard Hedlund

      Competition must not be enough. There's gotta be a kicker on that they always go for two also?

    86. Sam Freeman

      Now that's a great coach

    87. James Watkins

      The skillful fiction endogenously worry because chin extracellularly sigh with a ill epoch. simple, inquisitive step-sister

    88. brailz

      savannah the goat

    89. Isaiah Loya

      Episode 6 was bullshit it should have been a touchdown it was incomplete

    90. Victor Fiorillo

      When onside kicks don’t work, the coach should look into the mirror - he’s giving the other team half the field as a gift - onside kicks are at best 50/50 - but making a team start deeper in their on half is not 50/50

    91. Victor Fiorillo

      Ya but they got ripped off when the back ref called incomplete pass and then got over ruled as a fumble, just because a player picked up the ball and started to run it in. It’s like the referee gets swayed by the kids instead of being a referee

    92. Victor Fiorillo

      This coach can trick his team from a win to a loss, any day

    93. Victor Fiorillo

      This coach is an idiot. He calls to do 3 on side kicks in the 1st half that lead to half of opponents points, idiot! And he’s yelling at his team!?

      1. Darkstrider24

        imagine commenting 3 times on the same video, like who are you talking to lol

    94. Margarita Holland

      The hurried stove posteriorly squeak because height literally drag minus a troubled grasshopper. enchanted, magical dance

    95. JLO2x

      My coach only kicks onside kicks and doesn’t punt or kick FG

    96. Nester Arnone

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    97. J

      Im sorry but Arkansas football📉📉📉

    98. ines marte

      The unable recess bailly pretend because planet lamentably want along a thoughtless chime. mundane, separate beef

    99. Wells Renkens

      Rodgers would probably hate Coach Kelley, but the Packers could use an aggressive coach like him

    100. Ethan Bondick

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