The 10-Year Hunt for the Lost McDonald's DS Game

Nick Robinson

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    Download the dumped eCDP Training Game here:
    McDonalds eCDP Menu Theme orchestral cover:
    Composed by Jennifer Walton:
    code1038 (aka "Coddy Trentuit")'s original video:
    Other videos referenced:
    Additional thanks:
    • Mark Robinson
    • Stefan Merki (
    • obskyr
    • sczther
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    • Coddy Trentuit
    • ItsMeMario
    • BlameItOnJorge
    • everyone else
    • and you, for sharing this video, downloading the ROM, and helping to preserve a piece of history :)
    Lovren - Contraband
    Czar Donic - Kebnekaise
    Polar Nights - Beyond the Rainbow
    Jo Wandrini - Puzzle Of Complexity
    Niklas Johansson - One Last Mission
    Thip Trong - Many Moons
    Focality - Above and Beyond
    Aaron Kenny - The New Order
    Edgar Hopp - Phoenix Rising
    Kikoru - Honesty Matters
    Hampus Naeselius - Byrr
    Dream Cave - Hydra
    Hampus Naeselius - Hold on Tight
    Hampus Naeselius - Close to the Edge
    Flat Theory - Outer Circle
    A P O L L O - Litty
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - String Quartet No. 19 In C Major, K. 465 I. Adagio Allegro
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Lacrimosa (Requiem)
    Johannes Bornlof - Salvation
    Peter Sandberg - Supine
    mosu beats - black cherry
    Jennifer Walton - McDonald's eCDP Main Menu (cover):
    Portuguese (Brazilian) subtitles by THIVENTURE; OZZY;
    Chinese (Traditional) subtitles by 超人王 KOS:

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    1. Nick Robinson

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      1. Recession TwentyTwenty

        Must be cause I'm old but from the start I knew the guy making this video is the guy that bought the bid so the surprise just wasn't that great for me other than it's amazing that there's just some things you can only get from living long enough living long enough Moral of the story you kids are smart real smart but you all should really learn to respect your elders more than you do

      2. dailyn ragasa

        @BlakeKDM what is the game rom when i click the link it has four options tile file png text and the torrent which to download

      3. valles383

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        Do a speedrun on this game no one could beat you

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    7. Mikey Pierce

      Ohh god

    8. Ivy Monique

      I don’t know why this popped up on my recommended but I’m so glad it did. This is a cinematic masterpiece

      1. Ivy Monique

        @Nick Robinson anytime. You have a way with storytelling, I subscribed halfway through the vid. Keep it up.

      2. Nick Robinson

        thanks so much!

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      i just watched a 49 minute ad

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    16. Karin Torres

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      Did you guys learnt nothing about the zeshuan sauce

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      Hey can someone help? I wanna download the ROM but idk what file to download from the archive.

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      Bro you made this really dramatic. I dig the video. When you said “was me” I laughed so hard lmao

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      Best video I’ve ever seen on IRvision! Fully watched. Informal, entertaining, evenly paced, impressive. As soon as it’s not an issue for me I will join your channel. Subbed! Thanks nick

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      This story needs to go into the 2020 A.D. time capsule. CovID... Tanking world economy... World leaders resigning... McDonald's NintendoDS game.

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      What an incredible story. This is crazy!!

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      The rarest game is not rare anymore

    41. CVS-11

      Former Japan McDonalds worker here. The icons (or badges) you seem to get at the end of each training, are the same pictures from stickers which trainee were given and stick on the nameplate as an certifiate. McD (especially in Japan) was so proud of sophisticated training and the cartridhge shows the vives they were running on at that time.

      1. Nick Robinson

        holy crap! that's fascinating, hahah. i wonder if i could find those stickers anywhere...

    42. FluffyVark

      This is by far the best video on the whole youtube man! Love it. Its such an adventure to even watch it! Geez man good job

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      1. Nick Robinson

        keep watching..!

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    73. This is Cutie Ringo Joy

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    76. Guillermo Fuentes

      Hey Nick, I remember years ago that in the gamefaqs forum, people who played Super Mario RPG for the SNES rented from blockbuster claimed to had access to an area that retail versions didn't. After many years, I've wondered whether this theory may be true or whether it's people who somehow collectively misremembered their experience playing the game. Might be worth taking a look into. Thanks!

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      bro, not to undermine you or anything, but.... cody actually worked towards geting into the game. you literally just bought it. I'm glad you didn't got to it first, because it would have been devastating TO CODY.

    82. Mellainia

      I really like the Video and the effort you put into it. Greetings from germany 😊.

    83. Galina C

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        you can actually watch the live chat replay!

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    95. xschx1

      So I would think the McDonalds DS is just as rare as the cartridge, I can't see them buying 2-3 DS but only 1 cartridge, they would be 1:1 purchased together. Depends on how many DS broke and were tossed, or if they gave the DS away and threw cartridges out thinking they were worthless after the training campaign ran it's course. Really neat though, good video

      1. Nick Robinson

        hahah, i know the exact plush you're talking about! i dug mine up recently, too, but mine is pretty damaged. (ps: if you were a Monkey Ball fan, i think you'd appreciate this video: )

      2. xschx1

        @Nick Robinson also glad I watched this because you mentioned monkey ball collectibles and made me remember buying some monkey ball promo plush from a yard sale like 15 years ago and still have it sitting in a box somewhere, apparently it's worth a lot! Also tough call on dumping the game rom...that is a hard choice considering what you paid for yours and considering there are people who may make physical fakes of it to sell, but a selfless act for the gaming community.

      3. Nick Robinson

        (and thanks for the kind words! i’m glad you enjoyed the video)

      4. Nick Robinson

        I think the reason that might not be true is because employees were probably more likely to hold onto (and sell!) the consoles than the cartridges - in part because the cartridge contain proprietary info owned by their employer, and they might be worried about getting in trouble, it being traced back to them, etc.

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