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    In Episode 73 of Carter's Life Carter Sharer and Lizzy Capri go get a new car for Carter Sharer. They drive up from Malibu California to buy it and once it gets back to the Team RAR house, Carter sharer gives us a tour and test drive of his dream car. CARZY then go on a romantic joy ride in the new whip. Ep 73 of carter life ends with Carter Sharer giving Bailey Payne a sneak peak at his new car before he does a complete remodel of it. If you enjoyed this episode of carter life comment #CARZY #RAR
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      Homer h 2

    2. tajahrie hall

      You should get a hummer ev

    3. Emily Hahn

      Hum bug

    4. Porter Seibert

      I want to see him drive it threw like sand dunes or in the dessert like he does with Carl and Jinger

    5. Titanic MINECRAFT

      Dogs in his car :0😶😶😶😶😶😷🥴🙃👍🙏

    6. Jonathan Kalasito


    7. Jonathan Kalasito


    8. Jonathan Kalasito


    9. Jonathan Kalasito


    10. Cesar 5k10k


    11. Katie Frank

      You have so many cars Your garage I wish I had that many cars

    12. gaming kyle boy


    13. Pia Korkmaz

      You got 7 cars

    14. Winston Dinh

      You should do another car view because u got new cars u put in u boat too

    15. Rohaan the gamer fun time

      I love you carter sharer

    16. Mr. NoBody

      Carter it sounds like it's missfiring and i think it's the second piston from the right because if you listen closely to the vid aurio you can ear from the mid bay that it fires a little late so i think it's missfiring in the second piston from the right of the engine

    17. G baby Dorothy

      Carter has so much cars

    18. Rickardo Anderson

      You should get a buggati carter

    19. Emma Kelly

      C it says #carzy

    20. Shawnpaul Norton

      Did u find the ps5 steller

    21. Shawnpaul Norton

      For your next video u should do a 24 hours in the hummbug

    22. Kenny Williams


    23. Kenny Williams


    24. Kelly Fraser

      Why dont u get a tesla

    25. lilly plays

      Its sad that you have a 1mil car collection and you can't even give the community a bit of money

    26. katie berry

      why do you live in a diffent house

    27. SochiBTW


    28. shamaine giddings

      carter has to open a car shop

    29. Steamed Buns Invasion

      I’m late for the video

    30. Jon Vorpahl

      That’s my favorite color to haha

    31. Danny Fowler

      you need a golf cart

    32. Brent's toy review bubut

      Wow ilove your cars carter and i will hit like button

    33. Abby Zinke

      Lizzy’s outfit is so cute

    34. zenun :p

      who else’s saw the trash bag at the back of the cars at 3:18

    35. FF Tamil Pasanga

      Move to old team rar dream team house for last to leave dream team house for 7 days

    36. Ayden Helmstetter

      You should make a last to leave open vehicles lik I'm you think he should to

    37. Mr. Fish

      Did you sell your Lambo Carter because I saw the video that you sold your Lambo vid it was in the showroom

    38. point2gamer

      Stop show off

    39. Grayson Clark

      you should do last to leave it wins 1000$

    40. Lawrence Tanyi Besong

      #CRAZY 😎😎💖💖

    41. Saleena Ahmed


    42. Alvaro Coleto Mejiias

      Can you do last to leave hummer, dumbuggi, humbag


      Carter pls heart it

    44. Dallas Colson

      You are the best

    45. Kevin McClenning

      Every time carter buys a car it doesn’t run great or at all 😂

    46. Hayden 2020

      Get a Tesla

    47. lil skuurt

      Drop a like if you think Carter should not have left Stephen

    48. Abby

      Do you guys still like each other

    49. Hank Lank

      Hi 👋 👋

    50. Hank Lank


    51. aka Lamborghini

      Did you get a dodge charger rt hellcat

    52. 48 Groups

      Cool color my fav color is Yellow

    53. Roblox Master 1

      Buying a new car when I just bought a limo like 1 month ago LOLOL


      Old time hummer

    55. Roger Magarey

      Did carter sale the lamborghini aventador

    56. Austin Noneofyourbusiness

      I hope its the van

    57. Henry Fuentes

      carter your dating lizzy and dont lie to me

    58. Jessica Sharone

      what type is it

    59. Javisk12

      2030: Carter share now has 500 cars and a new mansion

    60. Sophia Gross

      It has a Volkswagen steering wheel 😂 it’s a mix of everything

    61. Pedro Serna

      What happed to the hummer h1

    62. Matthew Barrett

      You are inspirational i love you so much carter

    63. Matthew Barrett


    64. ligit bob


    65. zeeshan Bholim

      Move to another house

    66. Ozan Isik

      Please do last to leave hummers and please do everyone spends 24 hrs in a hummer

    67. Rafeel's world of fun

      Carter you should buy a costume robot from costomdynamics

    68. Joel Hontanosas

      U should buy a tesla roadster for only 200,000..... Its sad bc ur super car is all gone tesla roadster is fast and electric and fancy!!!!!!

    69. Hamayoon Ham


    70. Alije Serifoska

      Dum bug os da hamer

    71. Crazy Gaming With Hamdan

      Do you have a tesla model x and the black lamborghini

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      Which car should carter get next I think he should get a Bugatti Ferrari or a mini copper

    73. Fatima Shakil

      I hink you have 9 cars now

    74. Nick Nathaniel Salvador

      Did Carter tell liz his cute?!?!?


      It's a Volkswagen

    76. Kaileigh Osbourn

      I new it was this car if you just go to the hid n seek vid with drones you can see it ( but they probably made this vid first then put it out after)

    77. Zaid ali khan

      i know ur location >;)

      1. Zaid ali khan

        and whats that oat ovr thr huh

    78. Josiah Cruz

      Race that vs the dum buggy

    79. Charlie Claxton

      My one question is why do you always buy broken cars

    80. Jojo El Bey

      Love your channel

    81. Jatin Patel

      He's basically a mini MrBeast

    82. VL

      Another Car! How do you Park?

    83. Kyla Kisil

      Hi Carter I love your videos they are amazing!! I have a question can you do a video of last to leave your roof ??? Please it is my birthday tomorrow

    84. Emma England

      Did anyone else see the paper bag flying around? SAVE THE TURTLES!!

    85. Vakaris Dobrovolskas

      Well that is electric hummer

    86. Kevin Rojas

      Cárter is going to end up with a car dialership at his house

    87. Ryder Spracklen


    88. Ryder Spracklen


    89. Ryder Spracklen


    90. Ryder Spracklen


    91. Ryder Spracklen


    92. Ryder Spracklen


    93. Ryder Spracklen


    94. Ryder Spracklen


    95. Ryder Spracklen


    96. Ryder Spracklen


    97. Ryder Spracklen


    98. Ryder Spracklen


    99. Ryder Spracklen


    100. Ryder Spracklen