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    تاریخ انتشار پیش سال


    1. cat

      Everyone who see this comment pray to get me out of my troubles and make me go to heaven

    2. Jodia Sea

      The entire time I was like, ouch.

    3. d ́buC

      1:40 i had to press my face into my blanket so my laughing wouldnt wake the whole house


      مصر ام الدنيا 😂😂😂😂

    5. Claudia Franco

      3:08 México xd

    6. Tayary García

      2:22 poor baby

    7. Jhonn Anderson Bravo Asenjo

      The chancla arts again 4:41

    8. Gd Ninox

      The one with the flour was one of those weird Indian lol videos that aren’t actually funny

    9. Татьяна Черепанова

      Я так ждала когда гвардеец наорет на этого товарища

    10. Lil Bark

      0:33 y’all see the whip in the background?

    11. Jay Bird


    12. 331SVTCobra

      That last one was definitely a win.

    13. Andine

      india always fake

    14. AmadeusL

      The Queens Guard aren’t supposed to be tourist attractions. These guards are distinguished soldiers and are actually protecting the areas they patrol. They aren’t paid actors. They will fuck your day up if you push your luck.

    15. Shamsul Huda

      Last number is best🥶🥶🥶

    16. Letroy A

      I have a good day at work

      1. Letroy A

        I have

    17. Letroy A

      My gosh 7:81

    18. tessa nolan

      0:40 *screams in arnold schwarzenegger*

    19. The Fool

      5:13 this guys the Jackie Chan of Keep away magic

    20. Dr. Engie

      5:13 I love this guy

    21. Darren Z

      Dude, just give him his damn ice cream.

    22. Mathurin GARCIER

      5:04 killed me.

    23. Andrew Spaans

      Lamborghini in the back at 0:34

    24. Oliver Century

      Ice cream boy kept punching after the bell.

    25. Alex G

      Imagine being high and the ice cream seller doing that to you. It’d melt your brain.

    26. krewz white

      When will people learn that drones break extremely extremely easily. I don’t know why you would spend so much money to have five minutes of play and out of pocket many dollars

    27. NotSoGoodGamer18


    28. J[anna]

      2:38 I can't be the only one that got a good laugh out of that lol Also, good to see that a drone matters more than someone's remaining fingers xD

    29. Alexander Leitl

      Who saw the Lamborghini in 0:33 ?

    30. Matthew Lee

      That guys face after the Popsicle haha pure regret.

    31. โมบาย ช๊อป

      Get mrck plear*now

    32. Jakob Hintz


    33. Tabitha Johnson

      Died on the last one

    34. i _ like _oreos

      1:29 where my haikyuu fans at!!!

    35. Josh the Gran Turismo lover

      BRUH the guy at the end though he should be going places

    36. Kraterlandschaft

      "Are you okay?" - people should stop asking that.

    37. Raşit Aydemir

      5:49 ÖLÜRÜM TÜRKİYEM 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    38. Peanut_831

      1:38 Bruh 😂😭😂💀

    39. Eddie M

      Skills of the ice cream men! Nice

    40. Rajiv Sorna

      Icecream shifu master at the end

    41. Study Time with Commerce Baba Junior

      4:48 - 5:15 is the most funniest video from these.

    42. justjoeltwo

      I’m like just give me the damn ice cream! It’s probably contaminated by the time he hands it over.

    43. Reaper4367

      That ice cream vendor was brilliant!

    44. Bobby Clark

      He should have stuck the guy ! TEXAS FOR TRUMP

    45. Xx-Batman-xX 2.0

      Remember back before coronavirus when we could travel to different countries?

    46. Shanks

      You decapitated oikawa

    47. Alex Naumov

      How much germs are on those ice cream cones?

    48. Dashawn James

      Holly holm?

    49. Lets Play Gaming

      Imagine having a very bad day then you go to that turkish ice cream man 😂😂

      1. Dimitra Kupraiou

        If I was there....he will surely suffering with my payment 🤣👍i will do the same!!!!!! ahahaha

    50. Dr. Rabuffetti

      5:00 Worst brainfreeze ever 😂😂😂

    51. Андрей Артеменко

      Лайк за турка-мороженщика!

    52. 1wirey

      Ice cream guy is cool.

    53. westyk52sparky

      love the ice cream one.

    54. Grace Stalker

      2:25 I literally had to calm myself down😂😂

    55. TwIgStEr 2000


    56. - Levi -

      That Ice Cream guy is amazing

    57. Illogical Media

      Watching this makes me sad. First clip is in Italy. Second is in France, before the outbreak.

    58. Armaan Chandel

      From India they took a tiktok video 😑😑😑

    59. Hanne Catton

      That ass-wipe who laid his hand on the shoulder of that Guardsman is lucky not to have got a bayonet in the guts. It could have been mistaken as an attempted assault or attempt to steal his weapon.

    60. Noah !


    61. tashalynn29

      The claw machine one had me crying.

    62. V I B E S

      1:12 that’s what happens when you don’t let your daughter finish counting for you 😂💀

    63. Admiral General Aladeen

      3:10 when the cartel is after you and u need a disguise real quick hahaha

    64. ShowGun

      1:40 they got a little head

    65. Thunder Up

      Peep the yellow Ferrari at 0:35

    66. Junior Unruly

      it sounds like the same girl saying "r u ok" every clip lol

    67. Андрей Петров

      Чёткий турок)

    68. Tanav

      3:55 is so scripted

    69. Batwom

      Ice cream dude savage af

    70. Mathieu Blais

      That last ice cream guy... pure joyfulness.

    71. W0LF B3AT5

      As an American, I STILL feel cultured by stuff like this. People have no respect...

    72. Kristian Vandehei

      Was hoping to watch the first guy get body slammed or something.

    73. Steve Sloan

      Woah! The Fuller-Obrian Mobile!

    74. Julie Jett

      This video should have been called idiots international

    75. NintendoStar64 Productions

      I noticed the name of this video. It sounds similar to International House Of Pancakes or IHOP. Welcome to IHOF!

    76. j - schnab

      3:05 lol. Mexicans.

    77. Zuki Nakichi

      Turkish ice cream vendors do that all the time. You can look up Turkish ice cream vendors pranking customers. It’s awesome

    78. TheEveningStar92

      1:02 “that’s the easiest thi-“

    79. Carr Rexx

      2:19 The genesis of waterboarding. Thanks little fella.

    80. Carr Rexx

      :15 The Colosseum has stood for thousands of years, this clown fell in two seconds.

    81. bob smith

      3:45 How are you 25 with a toupee?!😂😂

    82. Grady

      That guy at the end was really funny.

    83. Rick Newman

      At 2:00 I could hear that guy screaming WILSON!!

    84. strigoiimortii

      5:13 this is perfect :)

    85. Hijack Maniac

      the last video made my day

    86. Joy Tuch

      I just want punch all people ask « are you okkkkkk? »

      1. Fender Tremolo

        Getting punched by you, is like a fly landing on you

    87. Scor9ionkillr

      The queens guards are not something to mess around with just because they dress differently from most soldiers they also have very strict directions and the guy who was messing around with that one could have been shot for assaulting a soldier.

    88. Rocky Dans

      Please stop the slo-mo. It ruins the clip.

    89. Derrick Santos

      01:46 was expecting see something awesome til the end but then I remembered the title of the video.

    90. Martin Halvax

      That brain freeze moment was epic. Next time try pushing your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Without hot tea nearby, that's your best option.

    91. lucenia diaz

      *Arriba españaaaaaa*

    92. Dragon Meddler

      Queen's Guard should of gone ahead and blown that idiot's head off...

    93. DraGoLinkz

      Many of these are like *karma is a b*tch* clip

    94. Auto Kill

      5:02 What happen with his head?

    95. V Pena

      Amazing ice cream man...very awesome

    96. - Creatorzoid -

      2:31 Your fired


      1:34 Oikawa are you okay? ;-;

    98. J Key

      Fat Joe got some brain freeze

    99. Nathanile Miller

      Somepeople Make me angry!

    100. Kaga Kusha

      1:38 The French reveloution