Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2020/21 NFL Season Journey Video!

Tom Brady Fans

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    A recap of Tom Brady & The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl run!
    A lot of footage from plenty of different places so I do recommended keeping an eye on your volume. I tried to level it as much as possible but some videos were very soft compared to others. I hope you can still enjoy! What a year!

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    1. Benny Ramirez

      I can't stand Shannon, can anyone tell me why he hated the cowboys and tom Brady. Thanks

    2. Federico Canducci


    3. thomas cianciola

      For a serious bet on Tom Brady I bought 200k shares of LTNC the company has entered into a joint beverage start up with TB12 Sports. It is a High performance energy drink using Hydrogen gas infused water. This is going to put an end to the toxic horse piss masquerading as energy drinks. science based Tech (H) water, GOAT water, is the Truth.

    4. 149sown

      “Here’s Brady saying, “Here’s looking at you kid!” Classic Casablanca

    5. Ericc •

      they're will be haters, they're will be doubters and they're will be you proving them wrong.

    6. Mary Delbonis

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    8. J L

      Shannon Sharp is so dumb. I don't think I have ever seen an ex player get so many things wrong with the sport they played.

    9. biriani khabo

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    10. Keep the Light On

      How can you possibly pick James Winston before Tom Brady? clowns

    11. Aye Mayne

      22:25 reminds me of the two point conversation in superbowl 51 to tie the game. Brady to Amendola

    12. Cuong Nguyen

      That baaaad man 🤣🤣🤣

    13. Valerie Ortiz

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    14. Michael McGuire

      max is the max blow hard

    15. Stringfever 01

      HaHaHaHa! The talking heads are just laughable! 9 total points! All the hype amounts to nothing! Skip is KING!

    16. Stringfever 01

      M@homes is the MOsT over rated Hype pet ever created by the talking head losers! Brady humiliated Patrick and the heads! Mahomes ZERO TDs! It was embarrassing! Brady and the Bucs will repeat next year! Kellerman is a moron!

    17. Thomas Grimes

      I don't like the stripes on the pants leg I think it should change for 2021

    18. Ronald Fernandez

      Skip is the Nostradamus of NFL predection is almost perfect 👍

    19. Anthony Mellado

      Skip is a football prophet!

    20. Brandon Hsia

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    21. Jacks Fabiola

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    22. Poker Joker

      Skip was wrong about winning the Division. That’s what the Saints win every time However, the Bucs won the Conference and Super Bowl!😂

    23. Danny

      Not about ability my ass. You make some idiotic statements sometimes.

    24. Neil MacKenzie

      Young quarter back , give him 1/2 a billion , watch his head swell . Players won't go the extra mile for him , out of the league due to concussion issues in two years

    25. Ramiz Gundkalli

      Wow. Thank you for putting this together. Amazing.

    26. Weso Gee

      U should do a video just doing undisputed takes on Tom Brady each week of the season put together

    27. Rob Vz

      Bucs are the CHAMPIONS!!!

    28. Ty Alexander

      Whoever pays theis fool's should ask for a refund

    29. Tom Brady#12 Greatest QB Ever

      Skip BAYLESS is the Goat of this business his line of work. Of coarse skip was spot on cuz he a BRADY LOVER LIKE US. WE ALLLLLL KNOW WHO THE GOAT IS AND BRADYS A GAME CHANGER HE A UNICORN GOAT

    30. Tom Brady#12 Greatest QB Ever

      Nick WRONG. WHO WON SUPERBOWL 55. BAHAHAHA. You dumb ass

    31. dash Lamb

      The only thing bigger than Shannon Sharp's mouth is his ignorance. Shit talkin' know it all. Shameful loser who should get the fuck off the air.

    32. CYA

      all the Bucs had to do was tweak their DEFENSE

    33. OKG2000

      wow this was the video i always wanted but never knew it existed

    34. Ryan Uzumaki

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    35. d law

      Thx! I just love this video!! Open mouth insert foot Shannon!

    36. brandon ruggiero

      nick wright is the type of guy to sit when he pees

    37. Buck Rogers

      WE know Shannon is not all that smart, but they need some one to oppose Skip to show how smart Skip actually is. Shannon does everything based on hate!

    38. Ty Shiroma

      Stop asking Kellerman his stupid and dumb opinion on Brady as a competitor! Playoffs and SB are wveryday occurance to him. Pressure? On Tom Brady? What pressure? He thrives on the Big Show! Goat son!

    39. Jiggi James

      And now we f....ing know: "...And then came Brady..!!! " :) All said

    40. Kuni eberhart

      Skip is GOAT

    41. Eric

      It's like watching the 2016 election results!

    42. Richard Arceo

      The irony of all this is that a majority of these blow hards went with their emotions. Im a Vikings fan so I was not emotionally invested. The AFC game was a huge red flag for me. The Browns had that game to win, it was theirs they just couldnt seal the deal. Mahomes was knocked out of the game and pressured a lot. The Chiefs squeaked by a team they really should have blown out. But the pattern of getting behind early and then coming back started to become almost normal for the Chiefs. Mahomes is a superb QB. The best in the league right now. But it is a team sport. The Chiefs OL was beat up. They had basically 3rd stringers in there. Tampa was now healthy compared to the first time they met. After Hill went crazy in the first quarter, Tampa regrouped and came back hard. You just got the sense that if they do meet again it will be different. Then it happens and now the Chiefs are weak in the most important positions OL. No OL in the NFL and it usually guarantees a long season for that team. (aka Kirk Cousins, Matt. Stafford etc..) So boom Tampas Defense goes off. Mahomes is running around for his life. Tampas offense now has the GOAT steering the ship and this ship is loaded with talent. ( Gronk,Godwin,Evans,Brown etc..) throw in Rojo and Fournette who were mostly under the radar but run very good. Then ignored guys like Scotty Miller and Brae show up and play very good---Icing on the cake?-- Tampas at home---.It was a recipe for a good old fashioned beat down. The Chiefs ran into a team as good as they were. They needed to be at 100%. When the Bucs on the road won against the Saints and Packers that alone should have been another red flag that the Bucs were legit and ready. But emotions and favorites can cloud your judgement. I thought these guys and gals were supposed to be more objective. Then a again im a Vikings fan im nuts......

    43. Anthony Hutchins

      Belichick benefited from coaching the two GOATs... He was a defensive genius because he had LT and he's the best coach because he had Brady and that's a fact

    44. Jojo Kuki

      Aged like a good Italian wine

    45. Anthony Hutchins

      You know what the saddest part of this is? These idiots will say the same exact shit next year...

    46. jason sims

      I wonder if the reason mahomes played so bad was because he was still feeling the concussion. He played like he had no clue what he was doing.

    47. John Blackhead

      Man, some of these sportscasters know nothing about football. Are they supposed to be wrong 85% of the time? Brady hating dipshits.

    48. wayne dubel


    49. john wonder

      So Molly out picked the so called "experts" ?

    50. TheRealTampaDude

      Skip Bayless with the RECEIPTS!

    51. Winifred Hawkins

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    52. smokin truker

      It's about time these so called wanna be talk show hosts are shown for what they really are. skip was the only one who knew what was going on in Reality

    53. TheButcherkevin

      He's a winner. X

    54. TheButcherkevin

      Kellerman sniffing out his bigotry and bile x

    55. Jim Ps

      every time the say GOAT they say it with a '?'

    56. Greg H

      Teddy Bridgewater? Not sure that strengthens the argument.

    57. Bongbong De La Cerna

      Shannon has no credibility... pure hate for TB12... Jealousy or pure hate is definitely in Shannon's....

    58. Juan Hernandez

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    59. Miguel

      Sage Steele was spot on for the SB prediction

    60. wes penn

      @Maxkellerman, stick to boxing! You don't know shit about football!

    61. eyeslight23

      YOU GUYS ARE FOOLS.............

    62. Kush4u2

      Nice job on vid

    63. crispy

      Never underestimate a champion.

    64. Bobby Chanhphengratsamy

      Max kellerman looks like an idiot

    65. Keith Moore

      Great freaking video!!!!!Well put together!!!

    66. renzo Kendrick


    67. Egon Schiele

      Flip flop Colin jumping out the Brady wagon just before the big game

    68. great ness

      Shannon is a activist not a sport talk I don't respect him

    69. Joan Melnick

      Can't see this enough. Love hearing these jokers hating on Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yet, eating crow now.

    70. MaSsan Bot#439

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    71. Reason over Dogma

      The pandemic made me realize how toxic and how bloviated nonsense these hot takes shows really are

    72. Big Z

      O.J Howard has been gone so long I forgot just how good he was and despite his loss we still went all the way and won... can't wait to see him back next year!

    73. Marcos Figueroa

      so much hate....very salty indeed skip

    74. Austin Lundy

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    75. Bigbodyrover

      Feels so good to see all these "experts" get roasted by the bucs

    76. Trev Mac

      Amazing that Brady's first half was the greatest first half in Super bowl history by any QB statistically perfect) and at age (almost 44)

    77. Williams Stephens

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    78. James Chavis

      I hate max Kellerman he’s such a dumbass 😂😂

    79. Moralin Esca

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    80. Alejandrox2020

      Beautiful when a plan comes to fruition and all the dumbasses eat the dust.

    81. Bruce Ellis

      There sure are a lot of dumb a*ses on these sports talk shows. Along with a few geniuses, very few. Thank you Skip!!! In the parlance of the 60's. That video was DYNAMITE! Many thanks to those who produced it.

    82. G Money

      The Bucs front 5 dont get talked about enough. Fearless Brady is the definition of a leader. No better offensive minded QB ever. TB12 Has a fire burning in him that I'm not sure will ever go out. The man is a winner from high school that nobody wanted. Like Brady told craft from jump. I'm the best decision you ever made. TB12. GOAT Debate is over.

    83. John Neilson

      America's Quarterback

    84. David Baez

      Saints have the better team honestly, unfortunately for them, Sean Peyton is not a post season coach

      1. Trev Mac

        In your mind they have a better team *LMAO*

      2. Justin Husmann

        Lel must be a joke xD best receiver in the league equals 0 catches....only one example. 😂

    85. Matt Beyer

      Max does not know anything. Seriously. Most times a team loses to a team reg season they beat them in playoffs. Ask anyone that's ever played football or actual knows

    86. Matt Beyer

      It's like these people dont get it. Football is an any given down sport. An any given day sport. It's not who is the best it's about who plays the best. I've been part of one of the worst teams and won in ot by field goal vs one of the best.

    87. Derek Trudelle

      Well, now we no-doubt know who don't know shit - everyone not named Skip.

    88. Sandy Gan

      Brady to Honey Badger: Hey, you got any hand sanitizer?

    89. Sandy Gan

      Acho...geez...wrong much?

    90. Phu Le

      All the so called haters analysts eat your own f##king words. Brady is your DADDY...

    91. Daniel Blue

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    92. Mellow NES Superstar

      Bill proved that he was a great coach, but definitely NOT the best coach after the 2020 season. Guy made HORRIBLE choices. If I was a N.E. fan I would be furious AND hurt. No Tom. No Gronk. Then they go get a SB with Tampa!?! Eww.

    93. Robert Randolph


    94. Mike Jones

      Love this bro good job

    95. Norman Dauphin

      Nick, I love how every time you open your mouth, you show how little you know about football. You might want to try dodge ball, maybe you could call something right for a change.

    96. Neil MacKenzie

      Is Maxine Waters Shannon in drag ????

    97. Jason Thai

      FK Max whatever he say about Tom Brady...he always wrongs


      Great great great Job. The working must have put in to get this done. Thanks a lot

    99. Mark Krok


    100. HarleyQuinKills

      Nick Wrong was wrong all year f him and the chiefs. Especially with mahomes and his squeaky voice.