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    1. Doctor Skipwith

      2:34 I thought it was silly until I saw the GT4 livery. ):

    2. cohen Murray

      I fly RBC planes and drive cars and all of these pain me.

    3. the gamer

      That last one was not a fail it was a win!

    4. Ranger

      what most of you dont understand is that the big airplanes like that f-16 at 4:26 is like $10,000-$15,000

    5. Ball Buster

      Hate to see anyone's creation crash

    6. revenevan11

      Wow I'm not usually a fan of "fail" videos but (probably because I occasionally watch some model/diy RC airplane vids) this one got recommended to me, and I was NOT disappointed at all! Some beautiful planes in here, and at least they make beautiful (although expensive 😬) crashes.

    7. ToP FuN VideoS


    8. _ Commandoxvr _

      RC plane: about to hit camera man Advertisement: pop up at the *LAST* second before impact

    9. Mike Day

      Failing is not so bad compared to what these morons are doing.

    10. Tofsrud Cubing 2007

      1:00. I couldn’t stop laughing. All I heard was, bing

    11. Shaun A

      4:23 Merica coming in ya'all! 5:35 fuc!@#$ humans.

    12. NightlyGames

      should have called this video CaseyNeistating it

    13. R Marsh

      this whole video is just DELET

    14. RMS Titanic

      *Xmaxx go brrrrr*

    15. Alex of the way

      That bird attacking the model dude in the cockpit like it thought the little man would make a tasty morsel 😂

    16. JoeVK

      R/C aircraft is a good way to throw away money.

    17. UserNameLee

      This video is pure comedy.

    18. SoMeThInG jUsT GoNe WrOnG ,YeAh It DiD.

      3:55 dude that guy's laugh

    19. Mr. MiXxa

      Great video...👍👍👍

    20. Aleksey Goloviznin

      Slow replay that’s what I needed

    21. Nate Films

      7:18 imagine losing ur drone and almost loosing ur phone at the same time

    22. Brian Garland

      The clip with the hawk shows that despite how far we have come technologically, we are no match for nature as Mother Earth is still the gold standard.

      1. fredener1

        There are hawks especially trained to take down drones, actually ^^

    23. The Monopoly Guy

      A fucking remote controlled jet.

    24. Superweinerschnitzel

      I am a bit new at rc flying. Getting better and about To move up in difficulty. I'm pretty sure that anyone who flies rc cringes every time they hear the sound of their vehicle of choice at impact. I know because I crash.....a lot.

    25. Nest

      4:11 - o kurwa xddddddddd

    26. Channel name

      1:30 Airplane: ain’t nobody evah gon’ catch me Airhogs Helicopter: ima bout to end this wholes mans caree...

      1. fredener1

        It's an A6M "Zero" - they weren't known for their durability

    27. Channel name

      0:23 was that a turkey

    28. signorpippistrello

      Wow! That Zero disintegrated just like the real thing!

    29. Max power

      You gotta be pretty stupid...or so rich being stupid don't matter in this case, to think that flying a drone from an offshore Yacht is a good idea. Seriously.

    30. zombockerman

      Guy at 3:15 was amazing

    31. Movie Trailers

      1:12 that guy had but then the tiny helicopter had to hit him Mayday Mayday we going down

    32. Brandon Speelman

      Dude... the ad placement on this video... like a millisecond from a plane hitting the cameraman for example wtf lol.

    33. Occultator M

      4:06 Best Commercial timing ever.

    34. Guardsman Seth Lee

      As an RC Pilot, I feel this video in my bones.

    35. Zbigniew Korzeniowski

      747 is the best :)

    36. isis jung

      5:20 Brasil ne meu gado

    37. dnyce63

      4:23 is the best one.

    38. Magnus Ericsson

      Like for Smokeman!

    39. bmry RC AND MTB

      6:35: leaked footage of a BO2 player on yacht launching their first dragon fire drone

    40. cgtt908

      I love seeing these stupid p.o.s. toys break, and the more expensive the better.

    41. Limit Bass Fishing

      Nothing better than watching rich douche bags break their expensive toys.

    42. b212hp

      Those Osprey are fearless! My avatar was taken while I was dipping out of a pond just north of Winterhaven, Florida, and I was getting attacked by a pair of them off and on all day.

    43. Bassin-n-Splashin

      0:52 😂😂😂 my life


      4:15 best words I have ever heard on a fail comp

    45. Dat Legend

      I love how the doggo lost to the helicopter in round one but didn’t give up and took the dub in round two

    46. jimmy fortrue

      7:20 Team Falcon extraction.

    47. Alex RC

      Love RC fail

    48. le nomade solitaire

      Some dogs will jump a chance to wreck up some expensive shit like this but as soon as it's actual go time, they're suddenly not about that life!😂😭

    49. knineknights

      Studies show that their is less chance of dying in an rc crash than being killed in a shark attack.

    50. Ezra The Human

      Seems like, unless your rc plane is made of fecking adamantium, it's an expensive accident waiting to happen.

    51. Sagnik Banerjee

      1:32 Pearl Harbor PTSD flashbacks

    52. KremeStation

      4:26 I can’t. I’m dead.

    53. Juan Guzman

      0:25 was that a Turkey

    54. Around the House with Carlos and Vicky

      Nice catch at the end.

    55. Whatevenhappenshere

      If no one else is gonna say it, I guess I will. FailArmy is going to shit

    56. Feder Giard

      4:26 touch down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    57. Baldi

      7:29 bird killed pilot f pilot

    58. Sheldon Che

      0:24 marylander anyone

    59. Константин Турецкий

      Ну и на хер такие игрушки? Пустая трата денег и времени. Есть игрушки не убиваемые, не утопляемые. А такие 💩

    60. SoFlo125

      0:44 that’s a nice ass house and table. Must be a nice family

    61. Kid with a camera 123

      I recorded the one at 21 seconds

    62. Alan Black

      I snorted tea out my nostrils at the bloke diving out of the way at 4:27. A real laugh out loud moment!!

    63. Anthony Z

      At 4:06 the airplane was coming, and then I got an ad with airplanes in it.

    64. J Roc

      These fails look expensive.

    65. Laura Sanchez

      4:23 LMAO

    66. Laura Sanchez

      0:22 Damn he ATE that plane LMAOOOO

    67. BAD BILLY

      1:30 - freaking upside-down helicopters arent good for anyone.

    68. ZeshXD

      3:52 covid laugh

    69. luccamurtoon

      4:04 the ad started right before the plane hits the camera

    70. KISSTORY2020

      At 4:25 my man did the matrix he nailed a epic dolpth dive to dodge a jet going the speed of light🤣

      1. godsavecanada


    71. ckvideo

      0:29 I had that thing as a kid lol back in the 2010 era

    72. Francisco Fonseca

      5:46 was actually a great idea but poorly executed

    73. Jim Hayes

      Well...what shall we do for the rest of the day?

    74. Willow Scott

      I love how people just throw the rc plane like it’s going to magically fly.. put some wheels on it

      1. James Chamberlin


    75. john doe

      Helicopter survived but not the plain

    76. Maik Unterieser

      Little idiots

    77. Callum McDazza

      4:05 went to a KFC ad. Talk about a cliff hanger!!

    78. Mike Collins

      The final nail in Nascars coffin, nothing but crashes and no one died 😎

    79. Gary Evans

      I don’t think spectators are safe at these events. I would want a shotgun! 😂

    80. hunterboy 61705

      And to make it worse that Japanese zero was balsa

    81. Webby Toes

      Lol awesome!

    82. BestMovie Productions

      As a serious rc pilot myself most of these videos hurt my soul because people are doing dumb shit with really nice and expensive gear.. its quite painful to watch...

      1. James Chamberlin


    83. The Egabdf

      0:20-0:25 How to become a turkey101

    84. Marshall Fischer

      How do you get hit by your own rc vehicle that YOU are controlling?

    85. Zachary Shields

      4:27 is the greatest dive of all time

    86. Miranda Roberts

      This is why we can't have nice things.

    87. mr_squidwid

      3:59 I think the camera man was trying to start his motor

    88. Alex Gavin

      most of these videos are older then time itself

    89. Wirawan Olefors

      The cool thing is that the the rc planes actually crash like real planes the wing get cut off crash. SO COOL😮😮🤘

    90. LuckyPyjamasTV

      7:27 just imagine this in a real life

      1. Marcos Mendoza

        That was awesome.

    91. Master Yoda

      5:48 I mean, it's like playin' with fire

    92. Master Yoda

      4:50 idk but i thought this one will hit a tower

    93. Sir.cleanfpv

      3:53 please help this dude, I think he is choking

    94. Quint 1836

      4:26 The way that guy hit the ground killed me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    95. Commander Kruge

      Hurrhurrhurr, me dad was in the local Red Cross back in the 70s, and sometimes in the summer they drove to a nearby airfield with their ambulance where all the model flyers hung out. They would watch and, from time to time, play around with their CB radio to find the right frequency and then crash the odd plane by overpowering it's users remote. :D

    96. Jane Sigabaro


    97. Hellonwheels999

      3:55 is just dumb.

    98. Lux Ferre

      Who else has read the thumbnail as "Remote controlled Chads"?

    99. Pedro Luiz Ibiapina Da Dilva

      6:28 hijacked????

    100. Tejas Mhatre

      Awesome 😂😂😂